Call Reminder CRM

Use Automated Followup Scheduling and Call Reminders in CRM

So that you never miss an important call, & your prospects feel cared for and trust you.

Why Use Call Reminders?

prospect lost due to missing follow-up call

Because when you miss a follow-up call

🀷 The prospect feels you don’t care about him.
πŸ›’ For him, you become just another vendor.
There are many providers!!!

prospect converted by taking calls on time through call reminder

But when you promise to follow-up and keep that promise

It’s clear that
❌ You are NOT just a vendor selling something to this random stranger.

πŸ‘Œ You genuinely care about this person.

Guess whom will he choose among competitors offering similar features at lower price?

When many people are competing for the deal, if YOU can make the prospect feel cared for then you are going to win the race! Whether it's a 12 lakh worth car deal or 700/user/month SaaS subscription!

If You Forget the Prospects, the Prospects Forget You

Ask any successful salesperson and you will know that- 


Deals Don't Close on a Single Call.

πŸ” You have to just keep following up with the leads.
❌ If you forget the prospects, the prospects forget you.
🧠 But if you take regular and timely follow-ups they remember you!
βœ… And you become their preferred choice!

Once you become a preferred choice -

You start getting sales automatically!

Closing deals is not a 'daily fight for survival’ anymore.

prospect loses trust with no call reminder

When you miss a scheduled call

🀨 The prospect loses trust in you and your product.

😩 And it creates a bad name for your brand.

excel confusion

Your callers are themselves IRRITATED!

πŸ” Searching for and remembering whom they have to connect with!

⏰ At what time, day or year.

πŸ“ And where did they note down that information.

πŸ‘‰ As a result they end up losing good deals
It creates fear and panic in your team.

In short... You Need a Solution

And TeleCRM is here to help you...

All Upcoming Calls

With TeleCRM You can

❓Know exactly who to connect with

⏰ At what time?

πŸ‘€ And you can see and manage all your upcoming follow-ups in one place.

Call Reminder Notification in TeleCRM

Effortlessly take all your follow-ups on time

πŸ”” By getting a notification when it's time.

βš”οΈ Make timely follow-ups your secret weapon

πŸ’Ή and rise to the top!

See All Late for Calls in TeleCRM

Track all your Late follow-ups

❓ Whom are you late for call with?
❓ By how much time?
❓ How are you going to plan it?

Manage everything from a single dashboard!

Start using TeleCRM to schedule call reminders

And NEVER Miss a Single Follow-up from Today


With TeleCRM Just go to the page of any lead, and click on the 'call later' button. Then select the date and time to schedule a follow-up call. That's it your call is now scheduled and you will get a notification when it's time to take the call.

Just go to the 'upcoming' section in your 'my activities' tab and you will be able to see a list of all the upcoming calls that you have scheduled Listed in ascending first order (the nearest upcoming call is listed first)

When you realize that the objection that Lead has cannot be covered in a single call then you just have to politely state that and ask the prospect for the right time to schedule a follow-up call to discuss this further with him.

If the sale is not closed on the first call itself, then you have to call the prospect again. This call is called follow-up call. It is important because most sales don't close on first call and hence you need to take follow-up calls effectively in order to close more sales

No one can close deals in a single call.

So if you're really serious about closing deals when you need to make sure that your team takes every follow-up call on time.

Unless you have a bunch of superman working for you you need to get call reminders right on time!

TeleCRM is the simplest way to schedule follow-ups and get reminders on time!

Just book a demo and the sales team will call you an answer any questions that you have before you can proceed with the trial!

Reasons to use Call Reminders CRM

No more remembering whom to call!

Just add the call reminders to TeleCRM and forget it!
TeleCRM will remember and remind you when it's time.

Check all upcoming call reminders in one place

No more rummaging through 30 excel sheets to find those 2 really important leads whom you have to call

Team member absent?
No Problem!

Just transfer his follow-ups to another team member with a single click!

If caller misses his follow-ups manager get a WhatsApp Notification

With this, upcoming future managers will be able to get the notification every time their callers miss a follow-up call


About Our Call Reminder Feature

"TeleCRM has so many features, But the call reminder notification alone is totally worth the money"

Sameer Prasad
Cofounder, The Thirsty Crow Marketing Agency

"We just closed with another class. 
That was it!
A big corporate deal lost only because the sales-exec forgot his follow-ups schedule.

After seeing the way TeleCRM has worked for us, I am confident that at least that will never happen!"

Saurabh Bothra
Founder, Habuild Yoga