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Why use B2B CRM?

Because to sell in B2B you have to create awareness, demand, and trust before getting the sale. And to do this on a large scale, you need a system in place.

Automatically record every call made by each team member

Automatically record every call made by each team member

✅ Automatically record every call
✅ Instantly access from anywhere
✅ Always keep track of your team's work

Capture leads in real-time

Capture leads in real-time

✅ Whether in B2B or B2C this step is common.

❌ Your lead can't wait for 24-48 hrs before the first touchpoint.

⏰ Contact the lead immediately using TeleCRM

Distribute leads

Gather data from everywhere

and view in one dashboard
🌐 Website visit
📝 Form fill
📲 Interaction in your app
📞 Calls with your team members
💬 WhatsApp/SMS/Emails
📄 Files and documents

Qualify leads based on the data

Qualify leads based on the data

Answer key questions like
❓ Is this lead relevant?
❓ Is he likely to buy?
❓ Whats the likely timeline?
✅ So that you can then engage the lead accordingly

Manage your entire sales team from a single place

Cater to fewer leads, ensure top notch quality

B2B sales means fewer leads but more time effort and attention is needed for every lead.
Or you miss the deal.
TeleCRM make sure you have the tools to give every lead the right attention.

Mark out important communications

Mark out important communications

✅ First touch-point
✅ Qualification
✅ Upcoming follow-ups

Be effective throughout the long, slow sales cycle

Be effective throughout the long, slow sales cycle

✅ Multiple follow-ups
✅ Communicating acrosss different channels
✅ With multiple members of the team
✅ over a long duration?

No worries TeleCRM has you covered. Manage everything from one place.

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Business-to-business customer relationship management software is software that helps you set up an appropriate sales process when you are selling to businesses.

B2B CRM helps you build relationships and cater to long term sales cycle for lower number well prepared leads as compared persuasive impulse buying in the case of B2C sales where you may not even need a CRM.

Just book a demo and the sales team will call you an answer any questions that you have before you can proceed with the trial!

Reasons to use Education CRM

Pre-built workflows to save time

whether it is lead distribution, tracking call durations, generating hour-by-hour reports, or checking the leaderboard. TeleCRM automates all this and many other workflows for you. You get all this the moment you sign up.

Real-time accurate monitoring of callers

The number of leads/calls, time spent on calls, deals closed and all other data are automatically tracked by TeleCRM so that as a business owner you can get all the information with just one glance.

Integrations to capture data from everywhere

In B2B sales data is everything. The more data you have the more complete a picture you will have of who the prospect is and what he needs. TeleCRM integrates and captures data from 11 different platforms!

Completely customizable fields

In B2B sales it's extremely important to customize your workspace according to your workflow. This is why TeleCRM fields are completely customizable. You can spend 10 minutes to build the workspace just like you need.