How calling campaigns in TeleCRM makes life easy for sales teams

June 8, 2022

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Here are 3 things that piss off every member of your sales team, executives and managers alike:

  1. Unnecessary manual work
  2. Enormous waste of time
  3. Avoidable mistakes like dialing the wrong number etc.

These 3 things can easily turn a potential star performer in your team into an average performer.

What if there was a one-stop solution to all the 3 problems?

The Auto-dialer based calling campaigns feature in TeleCRM intends to do just that.

What are calling campaigns in TeleCRM?

Calling campaign quite simply means – Any sales executive can see the list of leads that he has to call next in one place. So no more managing 13 different Excel sheets Or going to the manager to ask for new leads every time.

This is how telecrm calling campaign looks like |

With TeleCRM calling campaigns – as a sales executive I can see all the different lists of leads that are assigned to me. And based on the volume of the leads I can also plan my day accordingly.

How TeleCRM campaigns are different from traditional methods of telesales management:

Typically sales workflows are managed using complex Excel sheets and macros, whereas with TeleCRM you can use,

Autodialer – This means complete clarity for sales executives

Automate your calls using Autodialer |  calling campaigns

Typically sales executives use Excel sheets for managing sales operations. Which means

  • A cell is added after every call making the sheet horizontally long and messy
  • Finding a specific lead is next to impossible
  • There is no particular ordering in the Excel sheet

Comparing Excel sheets with TeleCRM:

  • The super-simple answer to the most important question – who to call next, you don’t have to think, just press the next button.
  • Call durations are automatically and accurately tracked, plus the history and timelines are automatically maintained so no additional data entry is needed from the sales executives
  • In the campaign, leads are auto-arranged such that the latest modified leads are visible on the top

Analyze call reporting data in the progress report

Analyze call reporting data in progress report. |  calling campaigns
Analyzing call reports in a single dashboard

If you are a manager and you have a team of four or five people working under you then you might have to easily spend up to two hours every day crunching multiple Excel sheets to get an overview of

  • What your team is doing.
  • Are they doing their work effectively or wasting their time
  • What are the key areas where there nagging and how to improve

TeleCRM campaigns on the other hand give you complete control. You can see the comparative progress analysis of the entire team on a single screen. Then you can modularly check the details of each team member’s work. Things like

  • What percentage of work is complete
  • Lead status-wise reports for the campaign: Interested, just curious, hot, warm, not interested
  • Call status reports: Connected, number busy, wrong number, redialed, switched off, and no answer

Plus you can also check a list of all reminders in that campaign i.e. pending, late, and taken

Steps to set up a calling campaign in TeleCRM

How to setup campaigns in TeleCRM |  calling campaigns
How to setup campaigns in TeleCRM
  • Step 1: Signup to TeleCRM if you haven’t already
  • Step 2: Invite/add your telecallers (skip, if you want to use them only for yourself)
  • Step 3: Upload your Excel sheet, map data and distribute leads to team members
  • Step 4: Create the calling campaign and now you just have to sit back and watch as the telecallers and sales executives.

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