Facebook Ad Funnel Strategy: Get up to 50% closure on your FB leads

March 13, 2023

Facebook ad Funnel strategy | Close more FB deals with TeleCRM's Facebook CRM
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What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of Facebook ads?

  1. More cost?
  2. More work?
  3. More business/growth?

If it’s not the 3rd point, then something is off!

It’s not your fault, you just don’t have a system in place to effectively convert your Facebook leads through a Facebook ad funnel strategy.

What if you can close up to 50% of your FB leads without working for 16 hour per day or losing your mind?

This is not rocket science, here is a step-by-step process to a 50% closure rate on your Facebook leads.

  1. Connect FB ads to Facebook CRM and get instant notifications for FB leads.
  2. Instantly engage every lead by sending personalized WhatsApp with one click.
  3. Use one-click dialing to call the leads. Also, get accurate duration tracking & call recording.
  4. Note call feedback and maintain history in a single timeline.
  5. Schedule follow-ups and get timely call reminders.
  6. Create pending orders for orders in the pipeline.
  7. Keep following up till you are able to close the deal or the lead says stop calling me!

8 Steps Facebook ad Funnel strategy to get 50% closure

 Facebook ad Funnel strategy
Source: Clickfunnels

1. Connect your Facebook ads to TeleCRM and get instant notification for every Facebook lead in real time!

Here are the average call durations – (for Facebook Leads)

  1. When you contact within 30 minutes of form submission – 264 seconds
  2. When you call on the next day – 56 seconds.
  3. When you call after a gap of 48-72 hrs: Less than 40 seconds

Why does this happen?

The people who look at your Facebook ad are, not actively looking for a solution.

They were just browsing on Facebook and your ad hit them in the face.

Most sales processes take Facebook leads lightly

  1. People just run ads and get leads from Facebook.
  2. The next day the sales manager comes and downloads the Excel sheet.
  3. Then he manually distributes those leads for people to start calling.
  4. By the time those leads get a call from your company, it’s already more than 24 hours, and most of the time that your people spend on the call is spent explaining which ad they are talking about because the prospect has forgotten all about the ad.

You need to start doing things differently

  1. Connect your Facebook ads with TeleCRM to capture & distribute all the leads in real time!
  2. Then your team needs to engage with each lead within seconds or minutes so that they are talking to your sales team before they have a chance to even think about forgetting your ad

2. Instantly engage every lead by sending personalized WhatsApp with one click

This is one of the most simple yet highly powerful features of TeleCRM. If you rely only on calling then it can still take up to an hour for your sales team to reach the prospect but with instant personalized WhatsApp messages, the Lead gets information about his quarry within 60 to 90 seconds. And the process is super simple!

  1. Set up your WhatsApp templates with appropriate personalization.
  2. Then whenever you receive a lead alert, open the lead and click on WhatsApp.
  3. Then just select the template and hit send. Look at the video for any doubts or confusion.

3. Use one-click dialing to call the leads.

Excel-based sales workflows are so complex and confusing that it’s easy to miss leads

What if the calling process was so simple that you just have to hit next and then hit dial to call the lead and repeat the process until you reach the end of the list?

That’s exactly what TeleCRM autodialer does

So no more:

  1. Thinking about who to call next
  2. Missing any leads

Autodialer your team members just click next and dial. until you are done with the list!

4. Also, get accurate duration tracking & call recording

When you are managing a sales team, the most difficult thing to do is to have a clear sense of

  1. Who is doing what?
  2. Are they working on the right data set or relevant leads?
  3. Are they able to do their work properly?
  4. What are the areas where they need help?

Here are some of the key data points that you can track to help you quickly get the answers to these questions

  1. How many calls were connected?
  2. What do the relevant leads who talked for a long duration have in common?
  3. What do the irrelevant leads have in common?
  4. What kind of pitching is working and what’s not working
  5. And much more…

Simple features of accurate call duration tracking and call recording can help you find the key insights and make major improvements to your overall system!

5. Note call feedback and maintain history in a single timeline.

One of the biggest problems with Excel sheets for telesales is the way the feedback is managed for follow-up calls. It’s impossible to file figure out how many follow-up calls happened particularly by looking at the sheet.

On the other hand, what is the call history along with call feedback for any single lead is stored separately in a simple, clearly visible, and understandable manner. Here’s what the timeline looks like in TeleCRM.

6. Schedule follow-ups and get timely call reminders.

1 simple rule of sales is – unless you are selling an extremely low ticket-size product nobody is going to buy on the first call itself! You will have to schedule and take timely follow-ups.

Without a system for proper scheduling and reminders, it can be impossible. But with the intuitive follow-up scheduling and reminders system, you can be sure to take every follow-up call on time without putting any additional pressure on your brain!

7. Create pending orders for orders in the pipeline.

One of the simplest workflows that can give the highest returns is – to consistently follow up with the prospects who have received pro forma invoices and quotations. without the right and accessible filters, it can take a lot of time just to find these leads.

8. Keep following up till you are able to close the deal or the lead says stop calling me!

The follow-up scheduling and reminders feature is not just so that you can create a one-time follow-up reminder but the core idea is to keep following up until the deal is closed and since it’s not an Excel sheet you can easily add as many follow-ups as you want one after the other without any limitations on the number of follow-ups or horizontal scrolling of the excel sheet. Plus in the follow-ups, you can mention the agenda of the call as well! So you actually have to remember absolutely nothing! Everything is put in the system and you can simply forget until it’s time to actually call the lead when you check the details and make the call!

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You can’t just expect the leads to close themselves, you have to have a step-by-step system in place to take the leads to the various stages of the user journey all the way from submitting the inquiry on your ad or website to the closing of the deal! This article covers the step-by-step process and gives the steps that you can use to achieve 50% closure on the Facebook ad funnel strategy.

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