30 Killer Sales Call Introductions Used By Top Sales People In India

September 27, 2022

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Want to sell your product/services to a prospect?


Connecting to them is quite challenging. You always feel slightly different, Why? because you don’t have a solid opening. 

A sales call Introduction is key to grabbing their attention and booking the sale.

Why does the introduction matter so much? 

People are busy. No one has the time for sales calls. Hence the right introduction can be the difference between getting an opening for the sale vs being chased away!

What is a sales call introduction?

It’s the way you introduce yourself, your company, and your offer to the prospect. Do this right and you will have an interested prospect. Fumble here and it’s an almost guaranteed lost cause. Take note of these important things for a solid opening!

Important things that make a sales call Introduction successful.

1. Knowing Your Customer

Know your target audience. Understand their needs and try finding prospects who need your services.

2. Research

Do some research before dialing. Get to know a brief about them. Their interests, similarities, etc. 

3. Find a common connection (if possible)

Stalk them on LinkedIn, and see if you have a common connection whose name you can use to break the ice.

4. Prepare a script for the call

Having a pre-planned script gives you the confidence that you can never be completely lost. 

5. Practise It to sound natural

Practicing your script makes you more comfortable. And you never forget what to say.

Moving on,

Here are some killer sales call Introductions used by top salespeople in India:

30 Killer Sales call Introductions Used By Top Sales People In India

1. Describing their problems to get them to talk

You: Hi, I am Ash, and I’m with a sales agency. Is this a good time to talk?

Customer: Yes

You: How have you been? We at XYZ offer a range of sales solutions that helps you sell remotely worldwide. Is that something you would like to know more about? 

Customer: Yes, that sounds interesting!

You: Are you facing any issues with documentation, video calling, e-signing, and co-browsing? Our agency helps in resolving issues related to selling effectively. With our solutions, your remote staff can effortlessly connect to a customer without any inconvenience. 

Customer: That’s great! We are a growing team and thus connecting remotely is quite challenging. Can you tell me more about your services? 

Key strengths:

  • You successfully get the customer’s attention.  
  • You talk about their problems, so this keeps it interesting for them

2. Flip the offer

To make it look like an opportunity for them

You: Hello, Is this Samarth?

Sam: Yeah this is Samarth!

You:  Hi, Samarth. this is Harsh from Anytime Events.
I see you own a hotel near the beach. Is that correct?

You: Amazing!
Sam, the reason for my call is that we want to offer you an event package to host a DJ night party outside your hotel. Would you like to know the details?

straightforward and clear. 

Key strengths:

  • Makes them more likely to talk

3. Being A problem solver

You: Hi Maya, I want to keep it short as I know you have a busy schedule. I have called you to inform you that we specialize in event management and we can help you get 100% bookings for your New Year's Eve event.

If you have some time. I would like to ask you some questions to find out if we are the right fit?

Key strengths:

  • You work as a problem solver for them.
  • Since this involved asking them questions that affect their business, it gives you a chance to get to know them and their business model. 

4. Talking to the client In their language

If the prospect/ client speaks the same regional language as you. The client automatically turns into your friend. Matching the same attributes like language, region or any institution can instantly build rapport with the client. Similarities break the gap between two people and instead make them feel connected. Here’s an example, 

You: Hey, Ash! How are you? I realised that we both are from Germany. 

Would you be comfortable if I speak in German or you would prefer English?

Now, speak in the language your client is comfortable with. Tell them about your product like this,

You: Great! I see that you use inspectlet website visit recording on your website. I think you can benefit from using Microsoft clarity instead as it gives you a lot more insights along with visit recording. It can help you find areas of improvement and boost conversion on your site.

Ash: Wow! I'd like to know more...

You: Sure! Let's schedule a demo call or you can simply enroll for our free trial. 

Key strengths:

  • This acts like a good icebreaker and makes the overall conversation easier

5. Using referrals

Using referrals is simply using a friend’s name. Use a friend’s name when you call your ideal client. Specifying a friend’s name makes the client feel less annoyed. It shows them that you are genuine. Thus, it makes persuasion even easier. Here’s, a straightforward way of doing it. 

You: Hi, Ashish! I am Rahul from TeleCRM. 
How have you been?

Mikesh told me about your company. There are some amazing products you are selling. I am calling to know more about the product and how can your product boost revenue using our services.

Our services help you in keeping track of your product and clients effortlessly. In case, you are facing any challenges regarding client or prospect tracking. Our services can show you a way out of it. 

You: To know exactly how our services work. You can reach out to Mikesh. He will let you know how his company benefitted using our services.

Key strengths:

  • Easy to attract
  • Creates curiosity among the client
  • Shows them your work ethic 

6. Show them the importance

Any product or service you are selling should make your customer feel important. So, how can you show them the importance of your product/ service? See, how

You: Hey, Ashis! This is Rahul from TextDigital.

I've been keeping track of your company. I see that your products are not fulfilling in the digital/ online world. We are TextDigital, a digital agency that helps you market your product online. 

You: Here are 3 steps you need to follow so you get a glimpse of what we do. Would you mind having a look at it?

Ashish: Sounds interesting, I would love to have a look at it!

Key strengths:

  • Makes them fall for it
  • Shows them the importance of switching to a digital world. 
  • Increases Your Network

7.  Setting up a demo call/meeting

Assuming you don’t have to sell anything. Selling to your prospect takes time. It takes more time than expected when you are at the beginning stage. Instead, ask them for a demo call. Remember, you need to build their trust. 

You: Hi, Ashish! This is Rahul from TeleCRM.
I recently came across your company. 

You: I found that your company is one of the fastest growing enterprises in AgriTech sector

You: I promise to keep this short. I hope this is a good time to talk.

You: We have helped many agritech companies grow rapidly using tracking and automation in TeleCRM.

You: If it sounds interesting to you? What about setting a quick demo call in the next week? 

Key strengths:

  • Fix a day and time 
  • Creates curiosity 
  • This leads to a successful demo call

8. Connecting via voice mail

Sometimes giving them a hint works! At times, you might not connect to a prospect. 

Leave a voicemail for their understanding.

Here’s how you can leave a voicemail

You: Hello, Ashish! This is Rahul from TeleCRM.
How have you been?

You: This is to inform you that I have an idea that would benefit you.  

You: The idea is to improve the annoying process of recruiting employees. I wanted to know if it would make sense for us to have a quick call to know more about it.

You: You can reach me at 9993373283

You: Regards, Rahul

Key strengths:

  • Knowing them in advance
  • You make their work easier
  • Builds a good connection

9. A personalized opening

Use LinkedIn for better-personalized openings. Try getting some insights through social media as well. Suppose, you know your client well. Use some insights about them to build a familiar conversation. 

You: Hey, Ashish! I found that you used to work at capemini, how was your experience there? 

Key strengths:

  • If the prospect opens up, continue the conversation and pitch
  • An informal way to get the attention of a prospect
  • Has fewer barriers
  • If a prospect is interested a connection is built automatically. 

10. Make them subscribe by showing a benefit

A situation where you need your prospects to trust you. Except what your products/ services show them and other benefits that can add value to their business. For example, share newsletters, articles, and blog posts that might benefit them. 

Use this as your introduction when you have something to share with your prospect. 

You: Hey Ash! Contacting you from (your organization) this is (your name) 

You: I found this amazing post on LinkedIn that can solve (your prospect's problem). This post has a list of several solutions to your problem. You should have a look at it. Should I send you the link for the same?

Key Strengths:

  • They are a high probability your prospect might say yes. 
  • You act as a problem solver to them
  • Builds a good relationship 

TIP: Keep track of your clients in a Sales CRM. Help them in solving their challenges. This may lead them to be your ideal customer for the long term. 

11. Offering freebies

Offering discounts, free features, and free trials can lead to higher conversions. Do this whenever you can offer something free to your client. Use this script when your prospect is a follow-up. See, how you can do this. 

You: Hello, Ashish! I got something exciting for you.
This is to inform you that we are proving a free demo at the end of the week. I can provide you with the link if you'd like. 

Key strengths:

  • Everyone grabs a free opportunity
  • Increases conversion
  • Allows them to try

12. Congratulating call

Remember don’t take too long while congratulating your clients. Here, your target is to show that you care about your clients. Keep it simple and clear. 

You: Hi Ashish, I am Rahul from TeleCRM.
Thanks for taking my call.

Congratulations! on getting that promotion.

Key strengths:

  • Short and simple calls make sense
  • Exposes positivity.
  • An appreciation makes your prospect feel better

13. Forcing them to answer yes/no

When it comes to the real estate industry, the agents often need to get a quick response. These professionals use this technique that forces the prospect to answer.

You: Hi Ashish!
This is Rahul from Sanskar Reality.
My firm currently has buyers and we are looking out for houses in Chembur west.
Do you have any active sellers available or any networks that are willing to sell?

Key strengths:

  • Creates an urgency
  • Forces your prospect to answer
  • Short and clear

14. Warn them

Suppose, you know that your prospect is doing something wrong. Use this script to warn them about it. 

You: Hey, Ashish! I am Rahul from TeleCRM.
I am calling you is to warn you about a potetial leakages creating losses in your sales pipeline. Something that can grow worse if you don't pay attention.
Gort a minute to disucss?

Key Strengths

  • They would panic and say yes
  • The fear of losing hits them.
  • Making the conversion easy. 

TIP: Warn them and show them a solution. If they are satisfied. Take a chance and make an offer. 

15. Position yourself as a networker

Position yourself as a professional networker. You need a different approach instead of a sales strategy. A straightforward way to approach someone without telling them you are a salesperson. 

You: Hi, Ashish! I am Rahul from TeleCRM.
I am working with agritech clients for over 5 years. We have been team tracking sales pipeline creation and leave management issues for 20+ clients in Agritech. Our clients have been making massive profits after using our services. PanSeeds have been using our services for over 3 years. 

You: I was wondering if you were cool with setting s introductory call. So, I get to know more about your business model and discuss how we can help you. Does that sound good?

Key strengths:

  • Builds a rapport
  • Your experience builds trust
  • Makes them curious about the growth

TIP: There are chances where you might not find leads using this script. However, helps in building a network. 

16. On a journey 

Try to compel them with a story instead of using a sales strategy. Target them by showing them you are on a journey toward (your goal) and get their trust. 

You: Hi, is this Ashish?
I am Rahul from HRMantra. I am on a mission of helping 5000 people get their dream job by 2023. I believe I can help you find your dream job as quickly as possible if you are open to exploring. I've something more to explain if you say yes!

Key strengths:

  • The emotion of helping someone makes them trust you
  • Makes your prospect desire a dream come true
  • You make them trust you by believing in you

17. Prepare a follow-up 

Your conversation gets a boost if you sound more familiar. There might be situations where your prospect may be busy. So, here’s how you can prepare for a follow-up on such situations. 

You: Hi, Rahul here. How have you been?
If you have a few minutes can we continue the discussion we had on our previous call? 


You: I'm sorry to bother you but I got something important you should know about. 


You: Sure, lets talk at 8, Tacke care!

Key Strengths:

  • Getting a follow-up easily
  • Respecting their time
  • An apology saves

18. Quote them on their pain points

Know about their challenges and be aware of their weak points. Ask them several questions and assess their pain points. Once, you address their pain points you can plan for a follow-up. 

You: Hello, Ashish. This is rahul from TeleCRM.
How have you been? I have called you to understand your business more effectively. This is to see if you are missing anything, and how can we address those. Would you mind if I ask you some questions?

Here you can ask them questions and listen to them. Address their pain points and find an area where you can bring your product into the picture. 

Key strengths:

  • Makes them believe in you
  • They open to their problems with you
  • Increases your conversation time

19. Assisting gatekeepers

Gatekeepers are a barrier that doesn’t allow you to connect to your prospect directly. Suppose, you don’t have the contact details of your prospect. However, you have the details of their manager, PR team, and assistant. In such cases, here’s what you can do.

You: Hello, my name is Rahul.
I needed your help.
I saw your company HRMantra on LinkedIn. I searched for your name but couldn't find it. I'd like to know your name before I ask you for a favor? 

You: Anwar thank you! Is there any way I could reach out to the prospect who is in charge of sales at HRMantra?

Key strengths

  • You build a connection with the gatekeeper instead of treating them as an obstacle.
  • Builds a good rapport
  • Increases your chances to get connected to the decision keeper

20. Provide them with free trials

Giving free trials always work if you don’t have any testimonials ready. Offering trials makes them clear about your services. You can also use this script when you get a follow-up. This is the way you should offer them. 

You: Hello, Ashish! This is Rahul from TangenceDigital. 

You: We are a team of Web Designers. We offer designs that make your web page look attractive. Our team has designed web pages for 50+ websites.
Wondering what your web page would look like?
Currently, we are providing a free trial that would give you a glimpse of how your web page would look.
I am sharing a link right now. Fill out the form and enjoy our free trial.
Hurry up! The offer ends tonight!
Thank you.

Key strengths:

  • Creates an urgency
  • Automated quick response
  • Don’t call them again to ensure if they are interested or not. 

21. Grabbing their attention in one-liner

In the case of SaaS projects grabbing them in a one-liner can go a long way. Convey your SaaS prospect with brief information instead of tons of features. Increase your conversion by using this,

You: Hi, Ashish! This is Rahul from TeleCRM. Do you have a few moments?

You: I got some killer lead conversions that could increase your sales. We offer TeleCRM sales intelligence that helps coaches like you.
Is this something that could benefit you?

Key strengths:

  • Makes the prospect easy to understand
  • Less time consuming
  • Shows the emotion and desire that you care about them

22. Building a rapport

Building a rapport with your client on a call. Do this to get their attention and trust.

You: Hi, Ashish! Thanks for taking my call. This is Rahul from TeleCRM

You: I needed 5 mins to explain to you something important.
Are you willing to know what it would be?

Key strengths:

  • Increases the chances of your prospect saying yes
  • Creates curiosity and urgency among them
  • A straightforward way to approach

TIP: Don’t take much time. Keep them interested.  Make sure you get their attention within the time. 

23. Value-driven call

Value Driven calls impress the prospect at the very first moment. Thus, it builds a relationship. Make sure that you know all the problems of the prospect. Since you cannot risk losing your conversion. 

You: Hey, Ashish! Do you have a few minutes?

You: I am calling you to ensure that everything is alright in your company. According, to my research I have seen that your sales team are facing Issues with effective tracking monitoring and workflow automation. Due to this some of your employees have resigned. Is that right? 

You: Our organization has been working in this field for over 5 years. We have seen such companies and helped them resolve their problems. Maximizing salesforce productivity and satisfaction is what we do. With our solutions, companies have got control and achieved unexpected results.

Here, you showed them how your solutions added some value to them. 

Key strengths:

  • Creates a sense of trust
  • Builds a good connection 
  • Shows them that you may be the right person

TIP: The conversation may take a long time. So, be ready to convert a deal at the right time.

24. They don’t have time

A situation where your prospect is busy. Hook them up by showing them a fear of missing out. Just like this,

You: Hey, Ashish! This is Rahul from TeleCRM! I have some important news for you!

Ashish: Whats that?

You: tell them something important and proceed with your pitch 

Key strengths:

  • Pulled it without any hints
  • Creates a hype 
  • Prospect will say yes to knowing more

TIP: Use this script only when there’s something important you need to share. 

25. Showing them their investment

Express your emotions by showing them the returns if they invested in your product/ services. Prospects are worried about thinking about the long term. If you are seeking long-term prospects. This is what you need to say,

You: Hi, this is Rahul, I noticed HRMantra is doing great!

You: I am from TeleCRM, I've called to inform you about the future changes and their impact on the HR industry. To avoid the hassle we offer tracking monitoring and workflow optimization services that can benefit you in a long term. Would you like to know more about it?

Key strengths:

  • Makes them aware of their long-term. 
  • You make their work easier.
  • Builds trust
  • Increases conversion

26. Understand your buyer’s persona

Even though you ask them leading questions. Understand their answers or problems. Understanding your buyer’s persona will allow you to tailor the rest of the conversation. 

You: Hello, Ashish! This is Rahul from TeleCRM. This is to inform you we have witnessed a drastic change in the HR industry

You: We see that your competitors are a big challenge you are facing. What are your thoughts on it? Do you have any solutions for it?

Key strengths:

  • Fills the knowledge gap
  • Understanding their persona gives you insights about the prospect. 
  • You can suggest solutions and book a meeting. 

27. Connecting to them through an email

To make your cold call easier connect to them via email. Reaching in advance gives them a hint thus, it makes your sales call introduction effortless. Suppose, you are selling a product. 

You: Hey, Ashish! Good morning. This is Rahul from TeleCRM. How have you been?

You: TeleCRM provides efficiency and boosts your productivity in daily life. Hundreds of customers have observed changes in their bodies. The email we sent you had some of our testimonials and a  detailed video in it. Did you receive it?

Key strengths:

  • Gives them a hint in advance
  • Does not make you sound biased
  • Consumes less time 

TIP: Prepare yourself according to their answer. If they opened your email approach them. If they haven’t you can tell them a bit about the product.   Later, tell them to check the email and contact you to set up a meeting/ a call.  

28. Tie new hires

 Assuming there is a person/ a company hiring. They are in search of a solution. Your services/ your profession may be a fit for them. So here’s, how you can approach it. 

You: Hi, this is Rahul from DigitalMantra and my purpose of calling is that I came across your post on Hirect. You are hiring someone that you could solve the problem of needing more traffic on your site.

You: I wanted to let you know that we have designed a strategy that drives traffic. 

You: I promise it won't take more than 10 minutes to explain if we were a fit before you plan your next interview. We can also show you how our strategies have led sites in getting more traffic and generate leads.

Key Strengths:

  • Keeping a promise increases conversion
  • Showing them the solution increases your chance to get selected
  • Quick response

29. Getting a quick response

Use your call to action and get them hooked for a quick response. Don’t always be patient. Assume, you have started a new business and you need sales. For sales, you need to convert responses into deals. So here is another straightforward way to introduce yourself 

You: Hi, this is Rahul from TeleCRM

You: We see that (a challenge your client is facing) at your organization. We have a solution that can get you out of it. Would you like to discuss it?

Key strengths:

  • A short and simple script that assures getting a quick response
  • Consumes less time 
  • Gets you a guaranteed response from the prospect

TIP: The answer may vary. It may be a ‘Yes’ or ‘No’. Be prepared. 

30. Introduction to handling rejection

Prospects always have the habit of not responding and keep you lagging. Some prospects would reply to your questions. However, would never conclude. If they don’t agree with you even after calling 3-4 times. Here’s how can you deal with them. 

You: Hey, Ashish! I wanted to talk about the offer we made last week. I hope you are interested in it.

My boss has been asking me about the updates for a week. Are you available for a meeting this week? If not, is there anything I can help you out with? 

=> You can plan your move according to their answer.

Key strengths:

  • Not being dramatic
  • Getting quick responses
  • Immediate decision making

TIP: Be polite when handling rejections.


Connect to prospects and try practising cold calls. These introductions can give you a solid opening. 

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