Make Your Business Immune to All Variants of COVID!

December 15, 2021

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Work from home is the most terrible disaster that can happen to a direct sales-oriented business.

As a business owner

  • You have no clue what the callers are doing!
  • Call volumes are down!
  • Follow-ups not being taken on time
  • Business is down
  • And you are just left blaming Omicron as if there is no solution!

Here’s a reality check for you

Omicron is the fifth or sixth variant of Covid!

No one knows how many more are going to come!

Or how many more lockdowns do we have to face…

Blaming COVID won’t help! You have to make Your Business Immune to All Variants of COVID!

But I have a good news

Now there is a solution

TeleCRM to the rescue, It helps you with

  1. Super-fast calling using the auto-dialer
  2. Schedule reminders so that you never miss a follow-up call
  3. Get Accurate tracking of each and every call, along with call duration tracking
  4. Get hour by hour report of of the caller’s activities
  5. Monitor the duration, feedback, notes, and quality of the calls from a single dashboard

Here’s the best part about TeleCRM…

  1. It will solve all the work from home related issues
  2. Forever….
  3. It’s completely free to try, with no cost involved
  4. You only pay after you are 100% sure that it really solves all your problems
  5. And even then the price is really competitive

Basically, I’m offering you a deal better than the Indian government!
I am offering immunity for your business against all variants of Covid absolutely free

Just fill this inquiry form and get a free trial of TeleCRM today

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