Video Prospecting: Sending Personalized Sales Video

April 20, 2022

Video Prospecting - Sending Personalized Sales Video
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Before throwing points on how to be effective at sending outbound videos to your prospects, let us understand why it is a good tactic to send personalized sales videos. 

Why send personalized sales videos?

To get a perspective, let’s imagine your prospect is a businessman who has a really busy schedule. He hardly gets any time to go through his Facebook feed, check his WhatsApp messages or even go through his unread emails.

And, while checking one of the emails, he comes across yours and sees a 30-second short personalized sales video and you featuring in the thumbnail. Out of curiosity, he clicks on that video thinking it is only a 30sec video, what is it that this person has said?

Finally, he’s interested in your offerings and reverts back to you regarding your next meeting. And boom, you just earned yourself a very hot lead right there.

So, why did this work? Well, it’s human nature that they like human-like messages which is a real-life interaction where you see the person eye-to-eye and talk with them rather than a WhatsApp message or a phone call. In this case, a personalized sales video worked better because it felt more like a human-like interaction compared to other channels.

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The challenge to personalized sales videos:

While this tactic (outbound personalized sales videos) works incredibly well, you may fear facing the camera and speaking. Anything that involves showing our face is bound to be more difficult than writing the words but as we have already seen above, it is well worth the effort. And trust me, it can do wonders for you. 

But how do we do this? How do get over this fear and actually start recording videos?

The trick: 

So, how to get over that resistance of “I haven’t done anything like this before, I have not even shot a video of me speaking, I can’t do this”? 

If you ask me, it’s actually not that hard. This comes from my own experience where I was given the task of sending personalized sales videos to prospects. Being a camera-shy person, I was terrified but had no choice other than to go through it. So I wrote a small script, in which I spoke about a particular feature that he might have been looking for and how it can be beneficial for him. Then practiced it 2-3 times, downloaded Loom (a Chrome extension to send videos), checked my hair, and started recording myself.

For the first video, it took me only 2 takes and I had the video ready to send to the prospect. It was that easy! It was not a perfect video but was decent enough to send. 

The Process: 

It really isn’t that difficult. All you have to do is create a script, ramble, start recording, and hit send. It won’t be perfect but you will still be lightyears ahead of all your competitors shouting ‘Buy from me’ / ‘Buy now’. All they are doing is asking their prospects to buy but you on the other hand are providing him with a very strong reason why he should buy from you.

Don’t think too much about it. The more you think about it, the more it starts becoming difficult for you. This way, you can add this great tactic to your weapon armoury by getting over the initial resistance in less than 15 minutes.

Pro tip: Use a Sales CRM to keep track of all leads and the timeline of every interaction.

Once you have gone past the initial jitters,

You can use these 5 hacks for sending personalized sales videos to become a pro within week 1:

1. Keep them under 60 seconds

When creating a video, try to keep it under 60 seconds. Because if you create a video with more duration, there are fewer chances of that video getting a view from your prospect. 

He may feel it is time-consuming and not even open that video. Try to pack everything under 60 seconds so that at least you make him open that video. What happens next is up to him, whether he finds it useful enough or not. But at least you’ll have cracked the first step, which is your prospect hitting the play button.  

2. Focus on ONE problem only

When making personalized sales videos, try addressing a single problem that you think your prospect may be facing. 

If you try to address multiple problems and pack all that in a single video, your prospect may find it long enough or you may not be able to deliver enough value when discussing several points. Instead, pick one problem that you think your prospect is facing and try to deliver as much value as you can to solve that problem with your product/service. 

This way your prospect will be satisfied that you can actually solve his problem and will be curious about what other things you can offer him. 

3. Never rewatch the video

When shooting a video, try not to rewatch the video. As soon as you’re done making the video without any hiccups, just send it out to them. Don’t see it again.

Every time you rewatch the video you will want to re-record it because it’s not 100% perfect. You’ll feel the lighting is off, your hair does not look good or your tone is off etc. And you’ll try to shoot it again and then again and again until you’re satisfied enough or you might even give up on this idea! 

Don’t do this. This is probably the biggest mistake people make. Just record the video and send it to your prospect without trying to perfect it rather than falling in an endless loop. But also, don’t completely overlook everything, make sure to use a trusted online video hosting platform for a smooth experience.

4. Smile, stand up, and have a good lighting

Present yourself in an interactive and engaging way as if you are really interested in talking to your prospect. You can practice this in front of a mirror or by simply recording yourself a few times. 

Before recording the video, make sure you have a good background, and good lighting, and don’t forget to put a smile on your face. Because no one wants to see your serious face.    

5. Create a thumbnail they have to click on

Lastly, try to create a thumbnail that will attract your prospect to click on your video. If you create an intriguing thumbnail, your prospect will be triggered to watch that video rather than show him a black screen or a boring picture of yourself. You can use tools like Youtube Thumbnail maker to create attractive thumbnails. But when doing this, make sure you don’t get along and create a clickbaity thumbnail like “Watch this video to 50x your business growth”. Your prospect may not even want to open your video. Keep it believable enough for him to watch.


Recording yourself may be a daunting task for you if you have never done this before or if you’re afraid of cameras. But it really isn’t that big a mountain that you can’t climb. All it takes is to get over that initial resistance and actually start doing it.

You can use free-to-use platforms like Loom to record and directly share the link with your prospects.

Be sure to provide enough value to your prospect in under 60 seconds so that he will be curious and will want to connect with you.

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