How We Boosted Our WhatsApp Webinar Funnel

July 5, 2024

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WhatsApp webinar
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By combining CRM with WhatsApp marketing automation

We sell Telecrm through webinars

Here are our numbers for June 24

  • Visits: 14382
  • Leads: 2334
  • Webinar turnups: 333
  • Closures: 110

That’s a 5% closure rate

For CRM: A complex, high-ticket product. Most people don’t even get 5% webinar turn-ups…

All that with

  • Just – 5 alerts per lead
  • 0 human intervention before the webinar
  • Avg 1-2 sales calls after webinar

Here’s the step-by-step breakdown

The core essentials of a webinar funnel

  • Lead magnet: to capture leads
  • Pre-webinar emails: to drum up interest
  • Webinar day alert: so that people show up
  • Post webinar emails/calls: to push them to buy

There’s one problem with the entire flow



  • Land in promotion/spam
  • <5% of people see the email
  • Very few people turn up
  • Leads to poor sales numbers despite repeated bombarding

Instead, you should

  • Capture leads and manage automation through CRM
  • Send alerts through WhatsApp

Journey of a lead

  • Signs up on the web page
  • Gets auto-captured in CRM
  • Receives a confirmation 👇
  • Gets WhatsApp alert to book webinar
  • Gets reminder to attend webinar
  • Attends webinar!
  • Status gets auto-updated in CRM
  • Starts receiving post webinar msgs on WhatsApp
  • 1-2 sales calls and the deal is closed!

The best part is –

Up until the last step everything is automated!

Want to move to WhatsApp-based webinar funnel?

  • Get started today
  • Automate 90% of your process
  • Get unprecedented conversions
  • Without making many changes

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