Which Type of Salesperson Do You Want To Be in 2024

March 8, 2023

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Salespeople are a crucial part of any business, responsible for driving revenue and building lasting relationships with customers. However, not all salespeople are created equal. There are various types of salespeople, each with its own unique strengths, approaches, and skill sets.

There are 2 types of salespeople in marketing:

Type 1

  1. They take leads for granted.
  2. They do not care to contact them soon.
  3. They do not schedule or take timely follow-ups.
  4. They inflate numbers and their own performance at the end of the month.
  5. They don’t know what to say at the beginning of a phone call, they just start reciting their script without even asking about the client’s needs.

Type 2

  1. They genuinely care about leads.
  2. They touch base with them ASAP.
  3. They schedule and take timely follow-ups.
  4. They make the right promises and plan to deliver on those promises.
  5. They greet well and check if it’s the right time to speak to them. And then listen to the prospect’s problem and give them a solution.

If you are type 2
Then Sales CRM is here for you

Here are just a few features that make life easy for salespeople that genuinely care about their customers

  1. Scheduling follow-ups and getting timely reminders so that no lead has to keep waiting for your call.
  2. Auto-lead capture from Google, Website, Facebook, and Instagram so that all your leads get instant attention.
  3. 1-click personalized WhatsApp engagement to engage leads on their favorite platform,
  4. Auto dialer, call feedback, and complete history tracking to make sure that all the names of the lead are recorded in one place.
  5. Complete lead management and reporting in one dashboard so that you can take premium care of all your leads without losing your mind

Today is the biggest proof that no matter how big or important the lead is, or who gets the prospect first, the deal is always closed by the salesperson who truly cares about the lead

which type of salesperson do you want to be? | types of salespeople


The success of a sales team often depends on having the right mix of salespeople, each with its own unique strengths and approaches. Whether a business is looking for a relationship builder who can foster long-term customer relationships, a challenger who can help customers see things from a different perspective, or a consultant who can provide tailored recommendations based on customer needs, there is no one-size-fits-all approach to sales.

By understanding the different types of salespeople and their respective strengths, businesses can better identify the right talent to achieve their sales goals and drive growth.

Ultimately, a strong sales team is one that is built on diversity, collaboration, and a shared commitment to delivering value to customers.

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