What is Call Center CRM?
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Use a call center CRM to streamline calling efforts, track conversations throughout the customer lifecycle and generate insightful reports on your agent's performance.

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What is a
Call Center CRM ?

A Call Center CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is a tool designed for teams to manage inbound/outbound calls, track conversations and store all important information about leads and customers in one central hub.

With features like WhatsApp automation, autodialer, follow-up reminders, comprehensive performance reports and much more—your call center agents can focus on what truly matters—connecting with leads and customers and delivering exceptional service.

Why do Call Centers need a Call Center CRM?

The primary use case of a call center is calling. A Call Center CRM not only streamlines calling efforts but also enhances tracking and lead management with its diverse set of features. With a CRM for Call Center, you can

Centralised Call Management

Manage all incoming/outgoing phone calls from one place

WhatsApp Automation

Instantly prioritise incoming leads with WhatsApp automation, focusing efforts where they count most

Automatic Lead Distribution

Automatically assign new leads to your agents based on pre-defined criteria

Personalised Communication

Access full interaction histories to personalise and enhance each customer call

Call Scheduling

Automate call scheduling to ensure you never miss interacting with any lead or customer

Real-time Reports

Analyse agent performance in real-time to boost efficiency and improve training

What are the benefits of Call Center Software for Call Centers?

For any call center business, customer satisfaction is the primary goal. It drives conversions, boosts sales and enables retention. A CRM for call center allows you to do just that.

Here are 7 ways in which a call center CRM boosts customer satisfaction:


Know your customer better

Answer a call already knowing what the customer or lead likes, what issues they’ve had and how you’ve helped them before. A CRM gives you this superpower by keeping track of all interactions with each customer.


Quick access to information

No more flipping through files or asking leads and customers to hold on while you find their details. A CRM keeps all the info you need at your fingertips, so you can help your prospects faster and more effectively.


Central management

Call recordings, WhatsApp conversations, emails and SMS interactions all get stored in one place. This means that you can manage and track all customers from one central hub.


Better collaboration between the team

If one agent talks to a customer and another picks up the next call, they can see all previous interactions thanks to the CRM. This makes it easy for anyone on the team to provide great service, without missing a beat.


Happy customers, increased conversions

When you understand your customers and solve their problems quickly, they’re happier. Happy customers are more likely to stick around and even recommend you to others.


Better decision making

A CRM provides you with detailed analytics on what issues come up often or when you get the most calls. This helps managers make smarter decisions like deploying chatbot for common queries and employing the best agents on peak times.


Save time and money

With a Call Center CRM, your agents won't waste time in manually managing and calling leads. As a result you'll save a lot of time that would otherwise have been spent in dialing numbers and tracking customer information.

Top features that a Call Center CRM Software should have

Eliminate manual dialing errors


Eliminate manual dialing errors

Manual dialing mistakes not only waste valuable time but also damage your reputation.

  • Increase your lead outreach and secure more deals by eliminating dialing errors with an auto-dialer
  • With TeleCRM, effortlessly make calls to leads directly from the web application with just one click
Manage data from one place

Central Data Hub

Manage data from one place

Because without it your team will be wasting time on useless leads while good leads wait for attention and leave to your competitors

  • Create custom fields as per your business and define a standard data management process
  • Easily clean up your current data by removing duplicates and irrelevant leads
  • Track every lead activity to qualify and enrich leads
Track all customer and lead interactions

Interaction History Tracking

Track all customer and lead interactions

Because you simply can't run a call center without keeping a log of the entire lead history

  • Track each interaction of every lead, store in one place
  • Access the entire history in a single dashboard
Follow-up without fail

Follow-up Reminders

Follow-up without fail

Because missed follow-ups = lost leads and customers

  • Schedule call reminders to never miss important calls with leads and customers
  • Get notified through a WhatsApp message and app notification when it's time to call
Automatically record all your agents' conversations

Automatic Call Recording

Automatically record all your agents' conversations

Because without tracking you can't know if they are actually working or just pretending

  • Record all inbound and outbound calls automatically
  • Monitor agent performance by accessing these recordings anytime anywhere
  • Utilise these call records as a training tool for your team
Resolve common queries automatically with IVR integration

IVR Integration

Resolve common queries automatically with IVR integration

Because your agents need to always be available for your leads and customers

  • Connect with IVR systems such as Maqsam, Mcube, CallerDesk and Knowlarity for seamless call management.
  • Efficiently direct calls to the right agents for quick query resolution.
  • Manage all IVR interactions through a single, centralised platform with TeleCRM.
Automate manual repetitive tasks

Workflow automation

Automate manual repetitive tasks

Work smart, automate hard to grow fast

  • Automatically engage leads with WhatsApp message sequence
  • Capture website visit data and send a greeting message automatically on WhatsApp
  • Run WhatsApp automation and chatbot to close deals even when you are sleeping
Make data-driven decisions

Performance Reports

Make data-driven decisions

When you can't track what's working and what's not, no strategy will help you grow

  • Know exactly what your agents are doing
  • Generate custom reports on number of calls, follow-ups taken and missed, number of deals closed etc.
  • Make strategies and train agents accordingly
Manage your agents from anywhere

Mobile CRM

Manage your agents from anywhere

Because managing every call center agent physically is not possible

  • Keep track of how your agents are performing and manage them from anywhere with TeleCRM's mobile CRM
  • Assign tasks, distribute leads, decide access based on responsibility of each caller seamlessly from your smartphone
  • Keep important info safe by sharing it only with trusted agents.

Factors to consider when choosing a CRM for your call center

You know now that CRM software is exactly what your call center needs. You need to consider the following 6 factors when choosing a suitable CRM for your call center.


Make sure the CRM adapts to your workflow and process, not the other way around. Customisability is key for a seamless fit with your call center’s unique processes.

Ease of use

It should feel natural to navigate. Choose a CRM with an intuitive interface that your team can use with minimal training.

Relevant Features

Don't pay for what you won't use. Look for a CRM packed with features that directly benefit call center operations.

Mobile Application

Stay connected on the move. A robust mobile app means your CRM keeps up with your team, anywhere, anytime.


Pick a CRM that provides value for the money you pay. An expensive CRM with relevant features is better than an affordable CRM that doesn't fit your business needs.

Customer Support

A CRM is as good as its customer support. Bad customer support = difficult adaptation = inefficient CRM = time and money wastage.

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A CRM in a call center is essentially the backbone for managing customer interactions. It captures every touchpoint with customers across multiple channels (phone calls, WhatsApp, SMS, Email), enabling agents to deliver personalised and prompt responses. It acts as a central hub that stores customer information, records interactions, automates communication and provides data analysis, all aimed at enhancing the efficiency of customer service operations and improving the customer experience.

A contact center CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is a tool designed to help businesses manage customer interactions and data from one place. It centralises all communication channels such as phone calls, emails, and WhatsApp.

With features like autodialer, call recording, follow-up reminders, performance tracking reports etc- you can streamline all customer interactions, increase the efficiency of your callers and make data-driven decisions- all from one place.

The 5 best call center CRMs for your call center business are:
  1. TeleCRM: Specially designed for WhatsApp-based sales teams, TeleCRM is a comprehensive solution that combines lead management, calling automation, WhatsApp marketing and analytics under one roof. It streamlines sales processes, from lead capture to conversion, making it ideal for sales-focused call centers​.
  2. ZenDesk: A powerful platform known for its omnichannel support and seamless ticketing system, Zendesk excels in managing customer interactions across various channels, including calls, emails and social media. It is one of the best CRM systems focused on customer service, making it a strong choice for call centers aiming to enhance customer experiences.
  3. LeadSquared: Specialising in lead tracking and management, LeadSquared offers customisable workflows and a rich set of features to boost call center productivity. Its strength lies in streamlining sales processes, making it a powerful tool for sales-oriented call centers​.
  4. Salesmate: Offers a comprehensive virtual phone system and CRM capabilities for call centers, enhancing team productivity and customer engagement through features like power dialer, seamless integrations and sales reporting.
  5. Bitrix24: Renowned for its comprehensive suite of business tools, Bitrix24 is one of the best CRM software with strong social media communication capabilities. It offers a versatile platform that includes CRM, project management and a call center solution, ideal for call centers looking to leverage social media channels alongside traditional communication methods.

A CRM, which stands for Customer Relationship Management, is essentially a tool used internally by call centers to manage their interactions with current and future customers. This kind of contact center CRM software often includes features like automatic call distribution, follow-up reminders, autodialer etc making it easier for businesses to communicate with their leads and customers. On the other hand, a BPO, or Business Process Outsourcing, refers to hiring an external company to handle certain business operations, such as customer service calls or technical support.

CRM in customer service refers to the use of CRM tools to track, manage and analyse customer interactions and data throughout the customer lifecycle, to improve customer service relationships, assist in customer retention and drive sales growth.

Top features of a CRM for Call Center are:
  1. Autodialer: Streamline your lead outreach and enhance deal closure rates by leveraging an auto-dialer to eliminate dialing errors. TeleCRM enables direct web application calling, ensuring precision and efficiency in every call.
  2. Central data hub: Centralise your data management to avoid wasting time on irrelevant leads. With customisable fields and a systematic approach, TeleCRM helps you clean and enrich your lead data for better tracking and qualification.
  3. Interaction history tracking: Maintain a comprehensive log of all interactions with leads and customers in one place. Accessing the full history on a single dashboard allows for informed decision-making and personalised customer service.
  4. Follow-up reminders: Ensure no lead or customer is forgotten with scheduled call reminders. TeleCRM’s integration with WhatsApp for notifications keeps you on top of important follow-ups.
  5. Automatic call recording: Monitor and improve agent performance through automatic recording of all calls. These recordings serve as valuable training materials and performance evaluation tools.
  6. IVR integration: Streamline query resolution and enhance availability with IVR integration. Connecting with systems like Maqsam and Knowlarity, TeleCRM directs calls efficiently for improved customer satisfaction.
  7. Workflow automation: By automating repetitive tasks, TeleCRM allows you to focus on growth. From engaging leads with WhatsApp sequences to enriching lead data automatically, streamline your operations for efficiency.
  8. Performance reports: With TeleCRM, make informed decisions based on performance analytics. Custom reports provide insights into agent activities, helping you refine strategies and training.
  9. Mobile CRM: Manage your team on the go with TeleCRM’s mobile CRM. Assign tasks, distribute leads and control access securely, ensuring seamless operations regardless of your location.