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Why use Call Center Software?

Because TeleCRM is a one-stop solution for managing your call center

Automatically record every call made by each team member

Automatically record every call made by each team member

✅ Automatically record every call
✅ Instantly access from anywhere
✅ Always keep track of your team's work

Say goodbye to excel sheet problems

Say goodbye to excel sheet problems

❌ Waste a lot of time manually typing digits.

❌ End up calling 10-15 wrong numbers because - the manual process causes mistakes.

❌ If you are serious about closing then you cannot waste your precious working hours stupidly maintaining excel.

TeleCRM Autodialer

Start using autodialer

❌ No more manual typing numbers
❌ No more human errors
❌ No more wasted time talking to wrong numbers.
Just click next, check history, and hit call.

Call reminders

Call reminders

Want reminders for callbacks?
Just schedule and forget, TeleCRM will remember and remind you! Right on time!!

Complete history tracking

Complete history tracking

Calls, SMS, WhatsApp, Email & documents
Or you miss the deal.

The entire history of every interaction is stored and displayed in a single timeline.

Document management

Document management

Upload & manage different documents of leads within TeleCRM

So no need to maintain 2-3 different software/databases for files and documents

Fully Customizable Fields

Fully Customizable Fields

It's extremely important to customize your workspace according to your workflow. This is why TeleCRM fields are completely customizable. You can build the workspace just like you need in 10 minutes.

Complete caller activity tracking

Complete caller activity tracking

✅ Track every activity by your sales team including
✅ Number of calls made, with call recordings
✅ Time spent on calling
✅ Number & total amt. of deals closed

Ready to give TeleCRM's Call Center CRM Software a try?


Call center CRM stands for customer relationship management (CRM) software. You can use it to manage every interaction with each and every made in a single simple & intuitive platform.

Call Centre CRM has call-center specific features like auto dialer call reminders etc. instead of just plain database of leaves like any other CRM.

Just book a demo and the sales team will call you an answer any questions that you have before you can proceed with the trial!

Reasons to use TeleCRM call centre CRM

Prebuilt features to automate & streamline calling flow within an hour

Create your workspace, invite users, set up fields, add & distribute leads and train your team on how to use TeleCRM. Everything can be finished within an hour. After that, all you have to do is just sit back and monitor caller activities from the dashboard.

Manage and monitor callers from a single dashboard

Who is calling? How many calls did a caller make in the last hour? Does he have pending upcoming follow-ups? how much revenue has he generated so far? Get real-time answers to all these questions and more.

Reduced work for business owners & manager

Since all the reports of caller activities and results created by the callers is generated in real-time and everything is stored and downloadable the managers and business owners have to spend no time crunching data or extracting reports.

Manual work automation for tele-callers

Your team members don't have to maintain complex excel sheets with 10s of colors, they don't have to manually type numbers. Just hit next and click call and the number will be auto-dialed in TeleCRM. After that enter call feedback and hit next again!