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What is
Call Management Software?

Call management software is a tool that helps businesses manage their phone calls more efficiently. It acts as a central hub for tracking, recording, and managing inbound and outbound calls, to ensure they reach the right people.

A call management system like TeleCRM is specially designed for businesses that rely on phone calls and WhatsApp to communicate with their leads and customers. It helps businesses make insightful data-driven decisions by providing real-time reports on team performance like the number of calls made, sales volume by particular sales reps, duration of calls, etc.

What are the Benefits of a Call Management System for Business?

A business where the sales process is centred around phone calls in any way needs call management software for making, tracking and recording calls, and generating comprehensive calling reports to see how their business is performing. With Call Management Software, you can

Always Follow-up on Time

Never miss an important follow-up opportunity to ensure no lead is lost
due to inefficient communication.

Boost Calling Effectiveness

Make more accurate calls, faster with features like auto-dialer and click-to-call from web and convert more deals than ever before.

Personalize Communications Effortlessly

Track entire interaction history from one central hub to personalize communication and manage customer calls efficiently.

Make Data-driven Decisions

Get agent-wise call reports on the number of calls made, sales volume, duration of calls, etc. To accurately formulate strategies for growth.

Manage Team Remotely

With TeleCRM, you don't need a full-time calling team glued to their desks. All your telecalling needs can be fulfilled remotely.

Automate Pesky Manual Tasks

Automatically capture leads from multiple platforms, assign tasks to your team, automatically send bulk messages to leads, etc to free up valuable time and focus on growing your business.

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Factors to consider before buying Call Management Software

Having relevant features that align with your own business needs and requirements is the most important consideration for any call management software. In a call management software like TeleCRM, you get all the essential features at an unmatchable price.

Track your team effortlessly

Automatic call recording

Automatically record all your team's conversations

Because you need to know how your team members are connecting with leads in real-time.

  • Automatically record every inbound/outbound conversation.
  • Track agent performance by accessing the call recordings anytime.
  • Use the recordings as a learning resource for your team members.
Never miss follow-ups

Follow-up call reminders

Always follow-up without fail

Because missed follow-ups = missed calls = lost deals

  • Schedule a call reminder so that no opportunity goes unnoticed.
  • Get alerts on WhatsApp when it’s time to call.
  • Stay consistent, build trust, and close more deals than ever before.
Make more accurate calls, faster


Make more accurate calls, faster

Because manual dialing errors only waste your time and harm your reputation.

  • Call more leads and close more deals without worrying about dialing errors with auto-dialer.
  • Easily call leads from the web application in one click with TeleCRM.
  • Easily make calls directly from the web application in one click with TeleCRM.
Provide hassle-free support

IVR Integration

Provide hassle-free support

Because you need to always be available for your leads and customers

  • Integrate with IVR platforms like Maqsam, Mcube, CallerDesk, and Knowlarity.
  • Route calls to available agents and address queries promptly.
  • Track and manage all IVR calls from one central hub with TeleCRM.
Make informed decisions

Real-time Insights

Make informed decisions

When you don’t know what’s working and what’s not, no strategy will help you grow.

  • Get real-time data on how many calls each person is making and how many deals they are closing.
  • Generate custom reports to assess the effectiveness of your calling campaigns.
  • Formulate calling strategies that work.
Enhance customer experience

Workflow Automation

Enhance customer experience

Because customer is king and their needs must be fulfilled.

  • Automatically send a message to leads after calling, even after missed or unanswered calls.
  • Instantly assign leads between different departments automatically for optimum engagement.
  • Let the TeleCRM WhatsApp Chatbot engage your customers, and make money while you sleep.
Manage your telecalling team from anywhere

Mobile Application

Manage your telecalling team from anywhere

Because managing and monitoring every agent physically is not feasible

  • Track, assign tasks, and control your team from anywhere in the world.
  • Secure important info by giving access only to your most trusted agents.
  • Ensure complete transparency and collaboration for effective team management.
Manage leads with ease

Lead Management

Manage leads with ease

So you can target the opportunities that convert.

  • Automatically capture leads from multiple platforms like Excel, Google Forms, WhatsApp, Website, and more.
  • Customize the lead information to align with your specific sales process.
  • Create separate calling campaigns for Cold, Hot, Fresh leads, etc. to target the right leads at the right time.

Why TeleCRM is the Best Call Management Software

With TeleCRM, you can call, record, and manage all your inbound and outbound calls with little to no effort. It is a complete call management solution for all businesses.

Mobile Application

Get all the call management functionalities in your pocket to work on the go with TeleCRM's mobile application.

Pocket friendly

A call management software with extensive features provided at the most affordable cost.

Customer Support

Personalized onboarding sessions through Zoom meetings and calls, and a dedicated WhatsApp support group for your callers for as long as you're subscribed.


Implement your own unique workflows and sales processes; our call management software will adjust according to you, not the other way around.

Ease of Use

TeleCRM has a simple user interface; if your team can use dialers and MS Excel, using TeleCRM is as easy as that.

WhatsApp CRM

Business happens on WhatsApp, and with TeleCRM, you can manage all WhatsApp interactions from one central hub.

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A call management software is a helpful tool for businesses to handle their incoming calls and outgoing phone calls better. It acts as a central hub for tracking, recording, and managing phone incoming and outgoing calls. This ensures that the right calls reach the right people or departments. Call management software, like TeleCRM, is made for businesses that use phone calls and WhatsApp to connect with leads and customers. It helps businesses understand how well their team and overall business are doing by giving real-time reports. These reports show things like the number of calls made, how much was sold by each salesperson, how long the calls were, and when the first and last calls were made, quality of lead interaction, etc.

A Call Management CRM also generates important reports on team performance like conversion rates, number and duration of calls made in a day, sales made by each individual sales rep, quality of lead interaction, etc.

Call Management is primarily concerned with 4 things: routing calls to the most qualified agent available, communicating and answering all the lead queries, and tracking the calls to optimize the customer experience. Proper call management leads to higher efficiency and more conversions. An example of call management is:
  1. A small business has a single phone number that all customers call.
  2. The phone number is answered by a receptionist, who greets the customer and asks them what their call is about.
  3. The receptionist then transfers the call to the appropriate employee, based on the customer's request. For example, if the customer is calling about a sales inquiry, the receptionist will transfer the call to the sales team.
  4. The sales team will then answer all queries that the caller has and also record the call using a Call Management System so that when the same caller calls again, the sales team understands the requirements and communicates accordingly.

Inbound and outbound phone calls can be managed by using a Call Management Software like TeleCRM. Let's see how:
  1. Follow-up call reminders: Set reminders for follow-up calls and get reminders when it's time to call to never miss interacting with an important lead. This allows you to stay organized and promptly address important client interactions.
  2. Auto-dialer: Efficiently make multiple calls without having to manually dial the number every time, improving call productivity and outreach.
  3. Automatic call recording: Automatically record calls to track the performance of your team members, for training purposes, and as evidence in case of any conflict.
  4. Click to call from web: Initiate calls directly from the web app with a single click, the call automatically gets dialed in the mobile phone without you having to do anything. This streamlines the calling process and results in faster communication.
  5. Automatic bulk messages: Reach a wider audience even when you sleep by sending automated bulk messages, saving you the time and effort of sending messages right after the call has been made.
  6. Call routing and distribution: Direct calls to the right individuals or departments, ensuring effective call handling and quick query resolution.
  7. Call tracking and sales reports: Monitor and analyze call data, including call duration, frequency, and caller details. Generate comprehensive reports highlighting call metrics and sales figures by individual sales reps for performance evaluation and strategy refinement.

Some key features of the main call management features are:
  1. Automatic Call Recording: Automatic call recording is a useful tool that effortlessly records phone conversations. This allows easy review of discussions and ensures important details aren't missed, ultimately improving decision-making based on past interactions.
  2. Follow-up Call Reminders: The follow-up call reminders feature allows you to schedule reminders for calling contacts back. This ensures you stay organized and promptly follow up, preventing missed opportunities and leading to increased customer engagement and more deal closures.
  3. Auto-dialer: The auto-dialer simplifies the calling process by automatically dialing phone numbers for you. This time-saving feature boosts calling efficiency, allowing your team to make more calls and focus on productive tasks.
  4. IVR Integration: Interactive Voice Response integration streamlines call handling and lets you answer lead inquiries even when you sleep. Calls are efficiently routed to the right departments or individuals, enhancing customer service through organized and directed call flows.
  5. Real-time Insights: A call management system like TeleCRM provides immediate data and analytics on calls and team performance. This empowers quick and informed decision-making, allowing you to adapt strategies based on real-time performance for better outcomes.
  6. Workflow Automation: Workflow automation simplifies tasks by automating repetitive processes like sending messages, assigning tasks, setting reminders, etc. Freeing up valuable time for more critical activities like making calls, handling queries, and growing the business.
  7. Mobile Application: Most call management software have mobile applications to make, record and track phone calls from anywhere. It offers the flexibility to manage tasks and teams on the go. This is particularly beneficial for remote team management, enabling effective coordination, quick decision-making, and enhancing overall productivity.
  8. Lead Management: Without proper lead management, streamlining communication and closing deals becomes a humungous task. But in a call management system, you can organize and prioritize leads effectively. It assists in targeting the right audience and tailoring your approach, ultimately improving the chances of converting leads into successful deals.

Some of the main uses of call management are:
  1. Tracking Calls: It keeps a record of all calls—both incoming and outgoing—which helps in organizing and reviewing communication.
  2. Making Calls Efficient: It helps in directing calls to the right people quickly, reducing waiting times and making the process smoother.
  3. Improving Return on Investment (ROI): By analyzing call data, businesses can see what's working and what's not in their marketing and sales efforts, ultimately helping them spend their resources more wisely.
  4. Managing Leads: It assists in sorting and managing potential leads, ensuring they receive the attention they need to convert into customers.
  5. Enhancing Customer Service: Calls are routed efficiently, leading to better customer service, quicker responses and happier customers.
  6. Guiding Decision Making: The data from call management helps in making smart business decisions based on customer feedback and trends.
  7. Managing Teams: It allows managers to assign tasks, give access to important info, and monitor their team's performance in handling calls. This is done by checking sales numbers per individual rep, time of first and last call, number of calls made, etc.

The 5 best call management systems in the market are:
  1. TeleCRM: TeleCRM is a sim-based inbound and outbound call management software. It helps businesses in calling and recording calls, tracking call activity, and generating comprehensive team performance reports. It's an automated call management software for all kinds of businesses with IVR integration with popular platforms like Callerdesk, Maqsam, Mcube, and Knowlarity. It has call routing and call forwarding features.
  2. Exotel: It is a cloud-based call management system with a wide range of features, including call routing, voicemail, and conference calling. It is good for businesses specifically focused on call routing and IVR.
  3. MyOperator: MyOperator is a call management system that tracks all your customer calls, records your customer conversation and stores it on the cloud, shows daily and call volumes, reports both agent and department-wise and more.
  4. Dialpad: It is a call management system that is focused on using AI to make connectivity via phone calls and messages more efficient. It makes collaboration easy and offers a variety of features, including call routing, video conferencing, and team chat.
  5. Ring Central: RingCentral is a cloud-based unified communications and collaboration (UCC) platform that provides businesses with a suite of tools for voice, video, messaging, and fax. It offers a wide range of features, such as business phone service, video conferencing, team messaging, etc.