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Team accountability

Training of current and future sales force

Quality checking & benchmarking

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Why use TeleCRM - call recording software?

Because only a call recording can tell you exactly what conversation happened.

Team Accountability

Team Accountability

✅ Improve your team's performance
✅ Without having to monitor them 24x7
✅ Let Call recording act as your watchdog
✅ holding all your team members accountable

Training of current and future sales force

Training of current and future sales force

Maintain a separate list of best calls

Use that list to train current and future team members

Quality Checking & Benchmarking

Quality Checking & Benchmarking

❓ How many calls should they make per day?
❓ How much time should be spent on calls?
❓ What's the best way to start a conversation?
❓ How to push for closure?

You can easily find answers in recordings of past calls...

Record keeping for liability management

Record keeping for liability management

❓ What if a prospect changes the terms of the deal?
❓ What if they go back on their word?
❓ Or make a micro-change that harms your business?
With call recording, you will have a record of every interaction at every step!

Referencing for customer delight

Referencing for customer delight

With call recording, you can have a step-by-step log of how the requirement of the user hasdeveloped.
And you can use this information to design customized offers and support to delight the user.

Insights for future sales strategy development

Insights for future sales strategy development

You can use the recordings to identify super-successful calls.

And you can use these recordings to train other team members and make those ideas and hacks part of your core calling and sales process.

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The calls are recorded by your mobile device. Then those recordings are synced with the CRM and stored on the cloud so that you can access them from anywhere.

No! You can use 2 ways to block personal calls from getting recorded in TeleCRM

  1. Blocklist: Add individual contacts to blocklist to prevent calls with those contacts from syncing in TeleCRM
  2. SIM card manager: You can do find one of the SIM cards as personal SIM card and none of the calls from that same will be synced into TeleCRM

If you have an android phone that supports call recording internally then there is a high chance that TeleCRM supports call recording on your device. For any doubts regarding call recording support on your device you can get in touch with the support team.

Just book a demo and the sales team will call you an answer any questions that you have before you can proceed with the trial!

Reasons to use the call recording feature

Complete transparency

Since calls and & duration along with the call recording are accurately tracked with TeleCRM, there is no scope for any confusion about How much work was done or how much time is spent on calls.

Best performers get recognized and rewarded

With the call recording feature, you can easily identify the best calls and reward the callers.
Plus they can get a chance to train others on their technique. This makes sure that the entire team does better and the best performers get recognized by everyone and rewarded

Easier to train newcomers

The hardest part of managing a sales team is training newcomers. With the call recording feature available you can use the recordings as case studies for training, thereby automating up to 70% of your work.

It acts and your watchdog in your absence

When everyone knows that their calls are being recorded they tend to perform better because they know they are being watched even though the manager is not physically present at the office.


About Call Tracking CRM

"We were already very satisfied with TeleCRM and then they brought the call-recording feature, It's easily the cherry on the cake"

Bhaskar Jogi
Founder, Go Online Trainings

"Thanks to call recording feature in TeleCRM now we are planning to make our entire team remote."

Harsh Vora
Jewelry insurance Provider, IFFCO- Tokio