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Why use TeleCRM - call tracking software?

To know exactly what any team member is doing at any point of time.

Improve your ROI

Improve your ROI

✅ Track all missed and non-connected calls
✅ Create separate calling campaigns for those
✅ Increase your overall ROI

Spend Money on Marketing Campaigns that Work

Spend Money on Marketing Campaigns that Work

Find the types of prospects that are having longer conversations ✅
Double down on those specific customers ✅
Weed out prospects and data who are not engaging with you ✅

Optimize during peak call time

Optimize during peak call time

✅ Find out the peak calling hours

✅ And optimize for maximum calling efforts during those hours to get the best results

Ensure Better customer experience

Ensure Better customer experience

Use call durations to find callers who are doing well ✅
Observe their methods and hacks ✅
Train your entire team on those methods ✅
Create a better overall experience for your audience ✅

Manage your Staff Appropriately

Manage your Staff Appropriately

✅ Find out areas and hours where there is free time
✅ Manage your team for appropriate productivity
✅ Get the maximum value out of the hours available

Automatically maintain an archive

Automatically maintain an archive

With features like real-time reporting, leaderboard, of relevant data to find insights in the future with information like

Call durations ✅
Peak hours & slow hours ✅
Best pitches and best sellers ✅
And more

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TeleCRM call tracking feature syncs accurate data from your call-logs in real-time and then generates reports & logs based on this data.

No! You can use 2 ways to block personal calls from getting synced in TeleCRM

  1. Blocklist: Add individual contacts to blocklist to prevent calls with those contacts from syncing in TeleCRM
  2. SIM card manager: You can do find one of the SIM cards as personal SIM card and none of the calls from that same will be synced into TeleCRM

Yes! All the calls (except personal calls) are synced from calll logs into TeleCRM, this makes sure that the call tracking reports in TeleCRM are 100% accurate!

Just book a demo and the sales team will call you an answer any questions that you have before you can proceed with the trial!

Reasons to use the call tracking feature

Maintain transparency in your team

Since calls and & duration are accurately tracked with TeleCRM, there is no scope for any confusion about How much work was done or how much time is spent on calls.

Maintain an accurate archive

Because of the accurate call tracking feature, If a prospect does not purchase today but calls back six months later you can know the history, his requirement, and details of the past interaction. Thereby ensuring top-quality service!

Peace of mind

Since all the data is tracked and stored on cloud servers, you can be at peace knowing that if something goes wrong you can review the data and fix the issue right away.

Healthy Internal Competition

TeleCRM tracks all the calls accurately and creates a leaderboard with a summary of everyone's work. This turns work into healthy competition!


About Call Tracking CRM

"Now the least amount of time that I spend is in following up with my calling team. I only check progress and tracking on sat and have a call with the calling team on Monday morning"

Aayush Singh Sengar
Founder, tutor101

"Thanks to accurate call tracking in TeleCRM our 15-member calling team is now transitioning to work from home mode"

Harsh Vora
Jewelry insurance Provider, IFFCO- Tokio