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How Tutor101 achieved 20X ROI with TeleCRM

Tutor 101 is an aggregator platform and a marketplace for private tutors from across the country to join and find their set of students.
They are trying to solve a very basic problem of helping students in finding the right tutor.

Industry: Ed-Tech
TeleCRM features they use: Reports and campaigns
Key benefit: Pricing
Location: Mumbai, Maharashtra

How TeleCRM helped generate 20x ROI for tutor101?


Connecting with Leads

βœ… Helped to get in touch with 21000 students and tutors on a daily basis

πŸ‘‰ Being an aggregator platform they had to provide the highest level of satisfaction and engagement both to the tutors and the students.

βœ… With TeleCRM, the team didn’t miss a beat in connecting with any tutor or any student, thus not losing out on business from either end.

"We had to engage with 21,000 people on a daily basis which was one was kind of a difficult situation. And that is where I think TeleCRM has helped us a lot."

Aayush Singh Sengar
Founder, tutor101


βœ… As a result of eliminating Excel and switching to automation, Tutor101 was able to cut down on all the operational issues saving a lot of time and manual monitoring work.

βœ… Managers were able to spend the saved time on solving more important problems

βœ… Callers spent the saved time on better engaging the customers.

βœ… The value of the saved time just for the CEO was 20x the amount they spend on TeleCRM licenses.

"If I make 3000 an hour, considering I draw a crore rupees a year. Then if 5 days of the week I’m not there, so I’m saving 15000 per week for myself. From that angle, I’m saving 60,000 bucks a month. Cutting down your license cost, I still have a saving of 57000."

Aayush Singh Sengar
Founder, tutor101
Clear Workflow

Clear Workflow

βœ… "It was becoming really messy for us because, who has been contacted, who, who has not been contacted, who is working on which one who's not working on. This one was kind of a difficult situation. And that is where I think TeleCRM has helped us a lot."

βœ… "There is a structure in place. I can see the campaigns running. I can see the progress reports or the campaign sending. I can see the weekly reports for the follow ups. I can download the reports. I can get them refined.
You know, I mean, it's getting structured in a way, which is very fair.

"I only look at it on a Saturday evening when I have the report for the full week ready, and then get back to them on a review call on Monday. The least amount of time I spend is in following up with my callers."

Aayush Singh Sengar
Founder, tutor101

Great Pricing

βœ… As a bootstrapped startup, they couldn't spend hefty amounts on CRM.

βœ… TeleCRM’s pricing was something that worked best for Tutor101.

βœ… It provided all the necessary features at a suitable price-point

"The pricing is very much engulfable by a new start-up or anybody who's putting up the company. TeleCRM is very much providing value for money."

Aayush Singh Sengar
Founder, tutor101

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Key Highlights

πŸš€ Contacting 21000 people on a daily basis became smooth.

πŸš€ Saving Rs. 60000 per month in terms of time saved for CEO.

πŸš€ Instant 20X ROI