How Tutor101 is connecting students with tutors by contacting 21,000 people/daily using TeleCRM

Ed-Tech Tutor101 Aayush Singh Sengar

Case study: Tutor 101

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21,000 People Contacted Daily Smooth operations were achieved in contacting 21,000 people on a daily basis.
20X ROI Achieved Instantly With TeleCRM, Aayush streamlined customer interactions, managed his callers easily, saved time with reports, and as a result, achieved an ROI of 20X.
₹60,000 Monthly Savings Ayush Singh sengar (CEO) is experiencing savings of Rs. 60,000 per month in terms of time saved.
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1 Engaging with 21000 people daily "We had to engage with 21,000 people daily which was kind of a difficult situation"
2 Inefficient lead Tracking and follow-up management "Didn't know who has been contacted, who’s working on which lead. It became really messy for us."
3 As a startup, they couldn't spend hefty amounts on CRM "Larger-scale competitors like Salesforce or Zoho CRM's license costed 12,000 bucks a month."
4 Managing both supply side and demand side ‘If we lose tutors, there's no point of the students who’re going to stay. Same if we lose students.’
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Easy Lead Management With TeleCRM, Aayush connects with over 21000 tutors and students on a daily basis effortlessly.
Time-Saving with clear reports With TeleCRM’s comprehensive reports, Aayush doesn’t have to track performance constantly, he only has to do it once a week.
Value-based Pricing TeleCRM provides suitable features at an affordable price. In Aayush’s words, ‘TeleCRM is very much providing value for money.’
Streamlined Workflow, Comprehensive tracking With TeleCRM, Aayush can easily track progress of campaigns, download weekly follow-up reports, and more- increase his efficiency manifold.
Comprehensive Solution for Startups TeleCRM was a perfect fit for Tutor101 as it is easy to use with relevant features in contrast with complex systems like Salesforce.
Business Process Automation With TeleCRM, Aayush could automate most of his repetitive business processes allowing him to spend more time growing his business.
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“It's very simple and very easy to use…. My team is really happy using it.”

- Aayush Singh Sengar
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