Vajra Insurance achieves a remarkable 20% boost in sales through 24/7 strategic caller tracking.

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Case study: Vajra Insurance

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20% Increase in sales "With TeleCRM, the team has achieved a drastic increase in sales, which is further expected to increase with the app’s adoption by the team.."
24/7 Business Growth "Since now all the information is readily available, people can now work from anywhere, without the involvement of much paperwork.”
60% Increase in Follow-up Efficiency "With TeleCRM’s on-time callback reminders, Manjunath’s team has boosted their follow-up efficiency by 60%, enhancing their client management significantly."
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1 Callers took unfair advantage of manual processes ‘Earlier we used to take printouts of data, make Excel sheets and we used to make calls.’
2 No way to track callers ‘We used to give 500-1000 data to callers, but didn’t know whether they were calling or not.’
3 Team couldn’t target the right leads ‘We didn’t know which was a hot prospect or which was a lost prospect.’
4 Unable to plan calling tasks for the coming day ‘We need to make follow-up plans for tomorrow…but there is no follow-up reminder feature in insurance software.’
5 Managing multiple use cases from one software ‘We need multiple workspaces because we have many use cases, one for loan, one for renewal,..’
6 Non-tech-savvy telecalling team ‘Most of my telecallers are undergraduates so they are not comfortable with complex CRMs.’
Remove Obstacles


Simple Telecalling ‘Manjunathan’s telecallers used TeleCRM’s sim-based calling feature to make calls to loan prospects for sales and renewals across multiple branches.’
Efficient Lead Management ‘With TeleCRM, Vajra Insurance could accurately track and convert the hottest leads with the help of custom lead statuses.’
Easy Follow ups ‘With TeleCRM, Vajra Insurance’s telecalling team could follow up with hot, warm, and lost customers effectively at all times, even on Sundays!’
Comprehensive Team Performance Tracking Manjunathan could easily track how many calls his telecallers made, did they follow-up on time or not, all with TeleCRM’s call reports.
Easy to use Interface The telecalling team of Vajra Insurance could easily adapt to TeleCRM because of the simple user interface and essential features.
One Hub for Everything With TeleCRM, Manjunathan could perform all their daily business operations like telecalling, follow-up, call tracking, etc from one central hub.
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“We are very happy with your CRM everything is good”

- Manjunathan
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