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Generate more leads

Generate more leads

Because SMS does not pass DND and nobody reads emails, but WhatsApp marketing gets results

  • Send WhatsApp marketing blasts to your leads
  • Capture interested leads' replies
  • Automatically distribute and start calling campaigns on those leads

Capture website visit data

Capture website visit data

Because with website visit data you can predict and sell better

  • Track every interaction of any lead on your website
  • Use that data to know exactly what a prospect wants and sell with ease

Retargetting visitors

Retargetting visitors

Because targetting fresh data will get you deals, but proper retargeting can give you rapid growth

  • 90% of the people don't buy in their first interaction
  • Retarget them through WhatsApp and maximize your conversion

Lead capture/management

Lead capture management

Because manually managing leads from 15 platforms is a waste of time that can be used to grow your business

  • Effortlessly get leads from everywhere in one place
  • Contact leads faster
  • Close more deals

Better cold calling

Better cold calling

Because manually typing and dialing numbers leads to confusion and time wastage. That’s the time that you are paying for

  • Autodialer increases speed, efficiency, and accuracy
  • So your callers can make more calls and close more deals

incoming call management

Incoming call management

Because if you get incoming calls from leads then your CRM needs to capture them, automatically!

  • Automatically capture incoming calls as leads in CRM
  • Automatically sync incoming calls recording to CRM and access them from anywhere

Campaign tracking

Campaign tracking

Because to succeed you need to know what's working and whats not

  • See exactly which campaigns are working
  • Scale, get more conversions
  • Reduce and remove work on campaigns that are not working

All these 6 parts combined form the user journey, and TeleCRM is the only CRM that helps you take the best care of your customers, and deliver top-notch experience across the entire user journey, making it the one simple place for your entire stock sales workflow.
  1. Lead Management: Easily manage all your leads till they become customers. Capture your leads with all major integrations, and complete lead history in one place.
  2. Team management: Your sales grow when your entire team aligns and works for a single goal. With automatic call tracking and recording, incoming calls logging, follow-up reminders, etc, that's exactly what TeleCRM helps you achieve.
  3. Sales growth: Turning more and more leads into customers with auto/power dialer, WhatsApp follow-ups, and WhatsApp marketing.
  4. Retention: Make sure the people you have sold, keep paying you by creating the best experience for all your customers.
  5. Upsell/cross-sell: Make sure that those customers keep coming back to you to buy other services from you.
  6. Referral: Make sure that those customers bring you more customers.

Digital marketing CRM (customer relationship management) software is a type of CRM software that is specifically designed to help businesses manage their interactions and relationships with customers through digital channels.

Digital marketing CRM software is a system that helps companies manage and track customer interactions over the phone. Some advantages of using mobile CRM software include:
  1. Sales growth: Digital marketing CRM helps you eliminate lead leakage, missed follow-ups, duplicates, errors, miscommunication, and time wastage... basically all the things that stand between you and business growth.
  2. Centralized data: Digital marketing CRM helps you integrate all the different sources of your leads - FB/Google ads, old excel sheets, leads from other platforms, etc. and manage all your data and sales workflow from one place. Also, you can easily score leads, and add them to labels, so that you can segment and find important leads with just a few clicks.
  3. Better teamwork: CRM comes with tools like auto-dialer, and call reminders, that help your team members become faster and more productive. It also helps you to track and reward high-performers, and train & improve the people who are lagging.
  4. Better customer experience and retention: CRM comes with tools and automation to ensure that your customers are never stuck and helpless even when your team is sleeping. You can instantly connect with leads with WhatsApp welcome messages, automatically engage and guide them to purchase with WhatsApp chatbot and improve the overall customer experience. This makes sure they never even think of leaving you. Creating sky-high customer retention rates for you.
  5. Peace of mind for business owners and managers: CRM helps you to automatically monitor team members and make sure they are doing their work properly without watching them all the time. It also helps you keep a log of all the conversations so that you are never clueless when some miscommunication or emergency happens.
  6. Better automatic reports: CRM automatically generates real-time actionable reports that help you understand in one glance, which campaigns are doing well, which ones need improvement, also exactly what needs to be improved.
  7. Complete control of your data and workflows: CRM puts the control back into your hands. You can edit simple settings to control who can view, edit, or act on which leads, what actions can they perform, what reports and filters they can access, etc. Making sure that only you have complete control of your data and business.

Yes, TeleCRM allows you to import your existing customer data, such as contact information, sales history, and communication history. The process of importing data is typically referred to as data migration which can easily be completed via excel uploads, manual data uploads and API integrations.

Companies need digital marketing CRM (customer relationship management) systems to help them manage and track customer interactions over the phone. Digital marketing companies need CRM for several reasons, including:
  1. Improved customer management: Digital marketing CRM software allows companies to store and organize customer information in a central location, which can improve customer service and increase customer retention.
  2. Increased efficiency: Digital marketing CRM software automates many of the tasks associated with sales, such as lead management, contact management, lead nurturing, reheating, outreach and sending reminders, etc. which can improve the speed and accuracy of sales executives.
  3. Mobile access: It allows your team to access the CRM from mobile devices, which enables them to access the customer data and perform their job from anywhere on the go without depending on the availability of a system.
  4. Customizable automation: TeleCRM software is customizable and can be tailored to the specific needs of the company. For example, you can send WhatsApp reminders for follow-ups to team members, manipulate lead scores based on activity, automatically schedule appointments, and automate other day-to-day work to save time and money.

The features of digital marketing CRM software typically include:
  1. Customer calling management: Digital marketing CRM comes with an autodialer for fast calling, reminders so your callers never miss follow-ups, call tracking to see exactly what each team member is doing, and automatic call recording to track and log every conversation.
  2. WhatsApp messaging: Connect with customers where they are and make sure that every follow-up message is seen. You can save templates and send personalized messages with one click, use official WhatsApp API to send bulk updates and marketing messages, and provide support to leads and customers with automated WhatsApp chatbots.
  3. Integration and lead capture: Get all your leads from your website, Facebook/Google ads, WhatsApp, and 20+ other platforms in one place without doing anything at all.
  4. Automation: Do all your repetitive tasks with 100% accuracy and save tons of time. Send WhatsApp welcome messages to leads, auto distribute and assign leads to team members based on predefined logic, schedule automatic renewal reminders, and birthday wishes to stay in touch with leads and set up WhatsApp drip marketing to engage and convert leads on automation.
  5. Tracking and analytics: to help you measure what matters So that you can take the right actions to improve your workflow and grow your business. Track, monitor, and incentivize your team's performance. Get accurate tracking for calls and sales numbers, and generate custom reports to find actionable insights in real-time.