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Why use Auto Dialer?

Because Excel Sheets SUCK!

βŒ› They use all your callers’ time.
😬 Lead to tons of mistakes.
😑 Makes your executives hate their job.

But... Do You Know That

Using Auto Dialer CRM can
increase your overall sales and revenue by up to 300%!

Here's how

There are 2 Types of Tele-callers

sucker callers
Human Robots

Who filter and pass relevant leads to seniors

❌ They are paid for spending time in the office
❌ They filter out leads and pass to seniors

❌ They have a much lower salary

❌ They get scolded upon for even having long lunchtime

wolf callers

Salespeople who close deals and make commissions
βœ… They are paid for the deals that they close
βœ… They are seniors who bring in revenue for the company
βœ… They have a much higher salary which depends on the value they add.
βœ… They can come and go to the office whenever they like as long as they are getting results

Do you want the wolves who will make money for you?
Or do you want human robots?

Which one do you want in your team?

this is beneath me

Here are things a wolf never does:

Never Wastes Time in the Dirty Work

Closing more sales means dialing more numbers. If you make 100 calls per day using Excel sheet it means you will:

manual dialing sucks

❌ Waste a lot of time manually typing digits.

❌ End up calling 10-15 wrong numbers because - the manual process causes mistakes.

❌ If you are serious about closing then you cannot waste your precious working hours stupidly maintaining excel.

πŸ€” You need to focus on making as many quality calls as possible.

😑 Otherwise, you're just a robot who spends his entire time feeding data into and correcting errors on Excel sheets.

auto dialer next button

Never has to think whom to call next

πŸ‘‰ Your job is to have as many quality calls as possible during working hours

❌ Not to type numbers.

βœ… With TeleCRM all you have to do is add the feedback and hit β€˜Next’.

lead history timeline

Never lose track of what’s happening with a lead

πŸ€” Can you pick any lead and tell me their history?

😩 No?

πŸ’‘ That's because maintaining the lead's history in excel is hell!

πŸ‘‰ πŸ‘‰ Here's how your lead's history needs to look like


Never miss a follow-up call

πŸ”• Excel doesn't give you follow-up reminders

❌ So if you use excel for calling you will miss follow-up calls

😣 No matter how hard you try to keep things on track.

πŸ‘‰ And if you're serious about closing deals then you cannot afford to miss follow-up calls.

Automatically record every call made by each team member

Automatically record every call made by each team member

Automatically record every call βœ…
Instantly access from anywhere βœ…
Always keep track of your team's work βœ…

In short... There is Only One Secret to Closing More Deals

When you have a lead, you have to keep track of that lead and you have to keep following up till the deal closes.

Start using TeleCRM today and

Completely Automate All the Dirty Work


An auto dialer is software that gives you a best automated calling, with the ability to Automatically dial numbers one by one instead of having to manually type in the digits and press dial every time after you finish a call. This is especially useful for a call center set up.

You don't need any additional set up to connect CRM to dialpad. Dial pad is a built-in feature inside TeleCRM. Just go to calls section in my activities tab to use TeleCRM's built in dialpad.

You just have to upload your excel sheet into the CRM and start a calling campaign. Then your auto dialer functionality is ready to use. After you are done with one call just press the next button, and the next fall starts automatically! No need to type numbers or press dial manually.

Just enter your details and book a trial! No credit card required!

If you have TeleCallers then you have 2 choices. You can let them waste their time (which is you're paying for) by filling out the details. You can let them keep filling incorrect details . Or you can set up TeleCRM in under 10 minutes and give them the necessary tools so that they can start closing more sales for you!

Just book a demo and the sales team will call you an answer any questions that you have before you can proceed with the trial!

Reasons to use Auto Dialer CRM

Your callers can start making 300 calls per day

Because they don't have to waste anymore time in managing the rows of excel.

You can check accurate tracking of all their activity in a single dashboard

And you don't have to rely on inaccurate data that they fill themselves in order to evaluate whether they are doing their work properly or not.

Plus they can easy schedule follow ups and get reminders on time

Timely follow-ups means more deals closed simple!

You can make 3X more money

Because you get to increase your employees productivity, and track them accurately without investing any additional time or huge amount into resources.


About Autodialer CRM

"Normally even after 60 calls they act all exhausted but today they made 220 calls per person on average, and it's not even the end of the day yet.
I am thoroughly impressed!"

Sameer Prasad
Cofounder, The Thirsty Crow Marketing Agency

"We are a small business so hiring more people was not really an option. When TeleCRM Team told me that we can increase productivity without hiring more people, trying it out was a no-brainer.

Based on how it has worked so far I totally recommend it to anyone who is in my position"

Saurabh Bothra
Founder, Habuild Yoga