Simplest Customer Segmentation Software

Simplest Customer Segmentation Software

Divide customers correctly, run the right campaigns, and sell better sell more

Why use customer segmentation?

Because with customers there is no one size fits all. Here are six advanced segmentations that you can do in TeleCRM to improve your sales

Lead status: how hot is the lead

Lead status

How hot is the lead

✅ Segment the leads from hot to cold
✅ Give hottest leads to top sellers
✅ Run lead nurture campaigns on cold leads

Lead timeline: How soon is he likely to close

Lead timeline

How soon is he likely to close

✅ If the timeline is immediate pass it to the sales team
✅ If it's in a few weeks put the lead in the nurture campaign

Ticket size/deal size: how big is the lead

Ticket size/deal size

How big is the lead

This one is fairly obvious

✅ Segment the leads based on ticket size
✅ And put your best people on the biggest deals

Key criteria: what are deal breakers for the lead

Key criteria

What are deal-breakers for the lead

Sometimes deals hinge on a particular deal-condition. For example for deli CRM that condition was call-recording.
Segregating leads this way helps you keep a record of the leads who are not a fit right now but they will be once the deal breaker condition is satisfied

Chance of retention: how likely is this lead to be retained

Chance of retention

How likely is this lead to be retained

This segmentation tells you how many long-term vs one-time use leads do you have in your system

Repeat customers

Repeat customers

People who have bought more than once

These are the best contenders for upselling. Because they trust you enough to buy more than once, by running a calling campaign on these leads you can understand their needs and try to upsell them

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There are many other lead segmentation methods that you can apply in TeleCRM including lead source, lead stage etc. The 6 is just to give you an idea of the segmentation possible in TeleCRM

As long as you have the right data points you can upload and segment any size of database in TeleCRM!

Just book a demo and the sales team will call you an answer any questions that you have before you can proceed with the trial!

Reasons to use TeleCRM for sales performance management

Better targetting

Instead of running one-size-fits-all calling campaigns, you can segment the data to better understand their use case and run campaigns specific to that use case

More clarity

As a manager, it is important to know not just how many liters are in your system but what is the quality score of these leads. And segmenting the data gives you a clear idea of how many good versus bad leads are there in your system.


Once you segment the lead you can get a clear idea of how many days are there in your pipeline and how many out of those are likely to close Hans giving you the power to forecast your future revenue & growth.

Risk management

If an ad campaign is only getting poor quality leads then segmenting the data gives you an alert at the right time. So that you can take the campaign immediately and reduce irrelevant leads in your system.


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