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Manage appointments, follow-up schedules, patient reports and communication with India’s #1 Healthcare CRM.

Lead Management
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WhatsApp Automation
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What is
Healthcare CRM software?

A healthcare CRM is a dynamic tool tailored specifically for the healthcare sector to streamline patient management and communication. It acts as a central hub for healthcare providers, allowing them to manage patient appointments, send personalised reminders and updates through WhatsApp and securely store and share important documents and reports.

Whether you're a small clinic aiming to improve patient communication or a large hospital looking to manage patient data more effectively, a healthcare CRM provides the tools to keep your practice running smoothly and your patients fully informed and engaged.

Key features in a CRM for Healthcare that you should know

A healthcare CRM is designed to meet the specific use cases of hospitals, clinics, doctors and basically every institution in the healthcare industry.

Get more appointments

Lead Management

Get more appointments

Manage the entire patient journey from one central hub

  • Maintain the database of all old patients
  • Track the problems and follow up schedules
  • Send them timely reminders on WhatsApp to increase walk-ins
Send confirmation on WhatsApp

One-click WhatsApp

Send confirmation on WhatsApp

Sending updates on WhatsApp makes sure that your patients never lose important medical documents

  • Integrate with your hospital/clinic management system
  • After every patient's visit send them updates with detailed reports on WhatsApp at the click of a finger
Manage incoming/outgoing calls

Telecalling Management

Manage incoming/outgoing calls

Because if you don't track your calls a lot of patients queries get lost or stolen

  • Automatically capture incoming calls as leads in CRM
  • Sync incoming call recording automatically to CRM and access them from anywhere
  • Use TeleCRM's autodialer to eliminate manual dialling errors
Don't miss important follow-ups

Follow up reminders

Don't miss important follow-ups

Because when you miss follow-ups, you lose patients

  • Get notifications on WhatsApp when it's time to call
  • Build trust and close more deals
Reach more patients

WhatsApp Automation

Reach more patients

Because many times it is as simple as letting the right potential patients know about your services

  • Collect the right databases of potential patients
  • Educate and let them know about your services through bulk WhatsApp
Manage all patient data in one place

Central Data Hub

Manage all patient data in one place

Because going through 30 different files is not the best way to provide care for your patients

  • Keep basic details like address, age and medical history in one place
  • Maintain past documents, test reports and all current medical records and notes in one place
Send WhatsApp reminders

WhatsApp CRM

Send WhatsApp reminders

Because the biggest reason for patients not visiting on time is just that they forgot

  • Maintain follow-up visit dates within CRM
  • Send automatic follow-up visit reminders through WhatsApp
Store their entire history/summary in one place

Interaction Tracking

Store their entire history/summary in one place

Because you can't scout through piles of documents when a patient calls for a consult

  • Have your staff enter the entire patient history into the CRM
  • Access it anytime, on the go, from your phone

Why TeleCRM is the best Healtchare CRM for healthcare industry?


Adapt TeleCRM to fit your unique healthcare delivery and patient management processes.

Mobile Application

Access patient records, schedule appointments, and communicate with patients directly from your smartphone.

Easy to Use

A simple user interface to help you and your team get started in less than a day.

WhatsApp CRM

Enhance patient outreach, promote healthcare servies and auto-engage patient queries with WhatsApp automation.

Intuitive Customer Support

Personalised onboarding sessions through Zoom meetings and calls and a dedicated WhatsApp support group to resolve your queries for as long as you're subscribed.


An extensive list of features provided at an unmatchable price.

Why people choose TeleCRM for their healthcare business?

Centralise all patient data, including contact information, medical history, treatment plans and visit records in one place.

You can even send automated appointment reminders to your patients so that they never miss an important follow-up with their doctor, send reports, health tips and more through WhatsApp in one click. With TeleCRM, your hospital gets more traction and your patients get better service!
Keep all patient-related documents, including diagnostic reports, treatment notes and follow-up information, organised and accessible. Automate the process of sending critical health updates, appointment reminders and personalised health advice directly to patients via WhatsApp.

You can even use features like autodialer to make calls directly from the CRM to your patients to inquire about important information. TeleCRM's Doctor CRM for doctors is your personal assistant for better patient engagement!
TeleCRM brings your clinic’s administrative tasks under one roof—scheduling, patient records and communication, all streamlined. Automated WhatsApp reminders mean fewer missed appointments and more timely care.

You can even generate important reports on the number of patients, revenue for the month and number of repeat patients to make data-driven decisions. Empower your clinic to do more: more care, more satisfaction less clutter- all with TeleCRM's healthcare CRM for clinics.

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A healthcare CRM for doctor's clinics and hospitals is a specialised customer relationship management software designed to streamline patient information, appointments and communication, making healthcare delivery more efficient and personalised.

A healthcare CRM like TeleCRM makes patient management easy for a healthcare provider. It focuses on managing patient relationships by
  1. Neatly organising patient data, appointments, communications and interactions in one platform for easy access and efficient management
  2. Streamlining communication through features like WhatsApp marketing automation, autodialer, call recording, follow-up reminders etc

Yes, you can import existing data into a healthcare CRM. This process typically involves uploading data files (often in CSV or Excel format) into the CRM. It's crucial to ensure the data is clean, correctly formatted and complies with data privacy regulations before import.

The components of a healthcare CRM process include:
  1. Patient data management: Centralises patient information, medical history and interactions
  2. Appointment scheduling: Automates booking, rescheduling and reminders
  3. Communication tools: Facilitates multi-channel communication with patients via phone calls, email, SMS, WhatsApp etc
  4. Feedback and surveys: Collects and analyses patient feedback through WhatsApp and phone calls to asses and improve quality
  5. Marketing and outreach: Manages campaigns aimed at patient retention, education and acquisition
  6. Analytics and reporting: Provides insights into patient demographics, patient portfolio, number of repeat patients and operational efficiency

A CRM is the ideal tool for hospitals, clinics and the healthcare industry to maintain patient records and ensure optimum engagement effectively. Unique benefits of healthcare CRM are:
  1. Improve patient care: Organise patient information and history in one central hub for better tracking, diagnosis and treatment. This way, you won't have to manually search through piles and piles of documents to find the reports of a patient- all it takes is a click!
  2. Increase efficiency: Automate repetitive administrative tasks like sending automatic follow-up reminders on WhatsApp to patients to remind them of scheduled appointments, bulk messaging patients about free checkups, your services and discounts etc - with a CRM, you can do all these tasks error-free with little to no effort.
  3. Enhance patient experience: Through personalised and automated communication via WhatsApp and phone calls. With TeleCRM, you can record calls, use an autodialer to call your patients directly without having to manually dial numbers.
  4. Make data-driven decisions: Get insights on the number of new and repeat patients, common diseases among patients, most opted-for doctors etc to make data-driven decisions

Key features of a healthcare CRM for healthcare organisations include:
  1. Patient management: A comprehensive database for patient information and history
  2. Appointment scheduling and reminders: To reduce no-shows and manage schedules.
  3. Multi-channel communication: Including WhatsApp, SMS, email and instant calling.
  4. Marketing automation: Bulk marketing for health programs, services promotion, and patient education.
  5. Analytics and reporting: For tracking performance metrics and outcomes.
  6. Integration capabilities: With your existing systems and other healthcare software.

A doctor's CRM or a healthcare CRM system is a software system tailored for use by individual practitioners or small clinics. It focuses on patient relationship management at a more personal level, including scheduling, communication, and patient history management, often with features specifically designed for the unique needs of doctor's offices.

CRM in pharma refers to systems designed for pharmaceutical industry to manage relationships with healthcare professionals, distributors and sometimes patients directly. It focuses on sales, marketing and customer service by providing features like medication purchase tracking, analytics on sales numbers, customer communication etc.

With a CRM for pharma like TeleCRM, you can promote medicines through bulk WhatsApp, track all communication from one place and gather insights on important sales metrics.

The role of CRM in patient care management includes:
  1. Centralising patient data: For better access and management
  2. Patient satisfaction: Ensuring timely and effective resolution to patient inquiries via calls and WhatsApp
  3. Automating appointment processes: Improving access to care and adherence to treatment plans
  4. Personalising patient care: Leveraging patient data to tailor care and communication
  5. Facilitating continuous engagement: Through follow-ups, education, and preventive care initiatives