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How to Instantly Engage & Convert Your Facebook Leads

  1. Signup to TeleCRM from this link
  2. Go to add leads, select your add leads from FB
  3. Configure your Facebook integration to instantly fetch FB leads in real-time and distribute them to your team members (Check the how-to guide or contact us for doubts)
  4. Your team members will start receiving notifications for every lead in real-time
  5. They can instantly engage every lead with one-click calling.

Video Guide

Benefits of immediately contacting your Facebook leads

1️⃣ Instant recall instead of “sorry aap kaun
2️⃣ Meaningful conversations with every prospect
3️⃣ A very high chance of converssion
4️⃣ A WOW factor Itni jaldi kaise call kar dia?
5️⃣ An edge over all your competitors

Here’ what the prospect said when he received a call within 2 minutes of submitting the query on Facebook.

Bilkul aapke jaisa hi system chaiye

What if you can delight your leads in the same way?

👉 Sign up and Start instantly engaging and converting your FB leads today

Updated on May 17, 2022

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