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How to Create Templates in WhatsApp Cloud API

  1. Go to manage WhatsApp templates page in Facebook [Meta] business manager
  2. Click on create message template
  3. Select message category, add name and language
  4. Select header type, (recommended is media if you want to send messages with attachments)
  5. Add body, here you can add as many customizations/variables as you need
  6. Add footer text, select response type (quick reply or call to action)
  7. Click on add sample, add sample image and values for customization fields and check preview
  8. Next hit submit! Facebook will approve the template in 1-2 hours. After that you can see it on your dashboard and if you can not then go to WACA templates in TeleCRM and hit refresh.

How to use WhatsApp Cloud API in TeleCRM

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Updated on September 5, 2022

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