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Why use TeleCRM for lead management?

Here are 6 smarm lead management hacks you can implement to get at least 3x growth in sales

Lead Details capture

Lead Details capture

People collect different details from different sources and keep them in separate excel sheets. You on the other hand can integrate different sources with TeleCRM, collect all the details and data in one place and display it in a single intuitive dashboard.

Lead Grading

Lead Grading

With TeleCRM you can collect user profile data and answer key questions like

Lead status: How likely is the lead to convert
Timeline: What is his timeline
Ticket Size: What is the deal size etc

Leads Distribution

Leads Distribution

After capturing leads the next step is to distribute and typically people spend a lot of time segregating different access it and then managing them one by one.

But with TeleCRM you can simply define the percentage, and click one button to distribute any number of leads among your team members

Customer Profiling

Customer Profiling

Knowing about the prospect before getting on the call with them gives an edge to any salesperson.

With TeleCRM you can collect data from different places and have a detailed customer profile before your salespeople get in touch with them.

Follow-up Management

Follow-up Management

From a sales perspective, managing follow-ups are the most important step in lead management.

And with TeleCRM you can just schedule and forget. Because TeleCRM will remember and remind you when it's time to call!

Upsell Management

Upsell Management

Most sales teams ignore this and miss out on big chunks of revenue.

You can use TeleCRM website tracking to find who are the existing customers who are likely to buy again

Then you can sell them to create additional revenue from the same customers

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You can start using TeleCRM to implement these six lead management steps right away. Just book a demo and our customer success team will help you and everything step-by-step.

Based on your business there can be many steps like lead nurturing, churn management etc. But to start to start with these basics six steps can get you light-years ahead of your competitors!

Just book a demo and the sales team will call you an answer any questions that you have before you can proceed with the trial!

Reasons to use TeleCRM for lead management

Peace of mind instead of chaos

When you pay for leads and those leads go to waste because there is no management system it is natural to get headaches but when you know that there is a system in place and no leaks will go on touched it gives you a peace of mind

Better chance of increasing revenues

When you have a system in place for managing your leads there is a higher chance that leads are taken care of and given the due attention. And when that happens it naturally gives you a chance of higher sales and revenues

Better workflow for your team

When there is a system in place, your team can also work better because they know exactly what is to do instead of just randomly chasing leads one after the other

Better experience for your customers

No matter how big or small your business is, you have to service your customers and fulfill their expectations from day one itself. Having a lead management system makes sure that you have a system to properly set, manage, and fulfill customer expectations. Ensuring an overall better experience for each customer!


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