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What is a
lead management system?

Lead management system is a specialized tool designed for businesses to effectively manage their leads. Organize all leads in one single platform, distribute them to your team members automatically, and nurture them until they make a purchase.

A Customer Relationship Management software like TeleCRM ensures that no lead slips through the cracks because of ineffective pipeline management. You can easily interact with leads over calls and WhatsApp, automate repetitive tasks, run personalized marketing campaigns, and generate comprehensive reports to make data-driven decisions- all from one app.

Benefits of a Lead Management System

From the moment a lead enters into the pipeline, it demands constant nurturing. With TeleCRM, you can focus on converting leads instead of worrying about lead leakage. You can

Capture Data Seamlessly

Effortlessly capture all lead information by integrating with third-party platforms and access everything in one place instantly.

Automate Lead Management

Automatically distribute, qualify, and nurture leads easily and free up valuable time to focus on what you do best- selling.

Nurture Leads Easily

Segment your leads based on the stage in the sales process and send personalized WhatsApp marketing messages for improved outreach and better connectivity.

Boost Calling Efficiency

Eliminate the hassle of manual dialing with features like auto-dialer and click-to-call from web and make more accurate calls, faster.

Keep up with your follow-ups

Never miss an important follow-up opportunity to ensure no lead slips through the cracks because of missed communication.

Make Growth Strategies

Get customizable performance reports on important sales metrics like lead conversion, number of calls made, sales volume, leads lost by source, etc. to make effective growth strategies.

Highly Customizable Lead Management Software

TeleCRM is a dynamic lead management system with a comprehensive set of features that align with the specific requirements of your business. TeleCRM will adjust according to your business processes; not the other way around.

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Capture leads from multiple platforms

Capture leads from multiple platforms

Because managing and connecting with leads from multiple platforms is a waste of time that can be used to grow your business

  • Effortlessly get leads in one place from your website, FB/Google Ads, Excel, Google Sheets, Razorpay, and more!
  • Manage all leads from one central hub and eliminate the trouble of juggling between multiple apps.
Distribute leads automatically

Distribute leads automatically

Because manually distributing every new lead is a hassle and takes time away from more important business activities

  • Auto distribute leads to sales reps based on lead source, the quality of the leads, demographics, etc.
  • Automatically alert sales reps whenever a new lead is assigned to them so that they can contact leads immediately.
Lead qualification

Lead qualification and scoring

If you give equal attention to every lead, you will have no time and very few deals

  • Customize your sales pipeline to accurately reflect the lead stages in your business.
  • Assign a rating after the first call to indicate how likely the lead is to close
  • Create separate calling campaigns for Cold, Hot, Fresh leads, etc. to target the right leads at the right time.
Connect with leads instantly

Connect with more leads, quicker

Because your leads' queries need to be addressed as soon as possible

  • Make more accurate calls, faster with auto-dialer and click to call from web to ensure all lead queries are addressed as soon as possible.
Never miss follow-ups

Don't let follow-ups slip away

Because when you miss follow-ups, you lose valuable deals

  • Stop missing valuable follow-ups
  • Get notifications on WhatsApp when it's time to call
  • Build trust and close more deals
Lead nurturing

Lead nurturing

Because to close deals you need to regularly send updates to your prospects

  • Create a WhatsApp message sequence and watch it generate and close leads for you.
  • Provide personalized attention to your leads by recording all inbound/outbound calls and tracking entire interaction history.
  • Use TeleCRM's automated chatbot to address lead enquiries promptly- even when you sleep!
Conversion tracking

Conversion tracking

Find out what's working, do more of that, and remove what's not working to grow faster

  • Track and log every activity by each lead to monitor your conversions and know exactly what to improve.
  • Customize reports based on your preferred time frame to compare the performance over time.
  • Make effective strategies and say goodbye to guesswork
Manage your sales team from anywhere

Manage your sales team from anywhere

Because you need to know what your sales teams are doing in real-time and physically monitoring every team member is not feasible

  • Get real-time data on sales, call volume, duration of calls, time of first and last call, etc.
  • Track, assign tasks, and control your team from anywhere in the world.
  • Ensure complete transparency and collaboration for effective team management.

TeleCRM- Complete Lead Management Software

Easy to Use

Specially designed for easy adaptation and usage. Lead management with TeleCRM is way easier than MS Excel.


Implement your own unique workflows and sales process with custom fields, automation, and statuses and get started in no time!

Responsive Customer Support

Comprehensive onboarding sessions via Calls and Zoom meetings, and a dedicated WhatsApp group for all your team members to resolve queries for as long as you're subscribed.


One single plan with all the features you'll ever need.

Mobile Application

Get all the core CRM functionalities in your pocket to work on the go with TeleCRM's mobile app

Best WhatsApp CRM

Manage all incoming and outgoing WhatsApp messages from one central hub to connect with leads 24/7.

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A lead management system is a special tool for businesses designed to manage and keep track of leads throughout the sales pipeline. It organizes all lead information in one place, assigns them to team members, and helps nurture them until they finally make a purchase. Customer Relationship Management software, like TeleCRM, makes sure you don't lose any leads because of ineffective lead management. You can talk to leads on the phone and through WhatsApp easily. It also automates repetitive tasks so that you can focus on what you do best- selling. You can also generate comprehensive reports on important sales metrics to make effective growth strategies.

A lead management CRM software is a tool designed to manage leads throughout the sales process. It is a customizable system where you can implement your own sales processes. You can assign custom statuses, and assign lead scores to accurately reflect the stage of leads in the sales process. You can even run personalized bulk marketing campaigns to target the right lead at the right time and close more deals than ever before. With lead management app like TeleCRM, you can easily interact and nurture your leads via phone calls, WhatsApp, emails, SMS, and track these interactions from one central hub. It also integrates with 3rd party platforms like websites, social media, etc to organize leads in one place, automate repetitive tasks, and generate comprehensive performance reports on how the business is performing.

Lead management is an integral part of CRM (Customer Relationship Management). A lead management app like TeleCRM is specially designed to streamline the lead management process of all businesses. It is a customizable tool where you can implement and manage your own sales funnel. You can capture leads from multiple platforms, nurture qualified leads via features like WhatsApp marketing, auto-dialer, automation, follow-up reminders, etc., track leads throughout the sales cycle and more! It is suitable for both marketing and sales teams; marketing team can run targeted marketing campaigns and sales team can interact with sales leads.

Lead management is important in CRM because CRM is a tool designed to manage leads effectively. Read the following section to understand why lead management is important in CRM:
  1. Capture Leads from multiple platforms: Effortlessly gather leads from various sources by integrating with lead management tools like your website, FB/Google Ads, Excel, Razorpay, and more, in one central hub.
  2. Boost calling efficiency: Enjoy features like auto-dialer and click-to-call from the web, making your calls more accurate and faster.
  3. Stay on top of follow-ups: Never miss an important follow-up opportunity, ensuring that no lead enquiry or concern goes unaddressed.
  4. Nurture multiple leads at once: Send personalized bulk WhatsApp messages to leads based on their stage in the sales process, promoting cross-selling and upselling opportunities.
  5. Automate repetitive tasks: Free up valuable time by automating routine tasks like setting call reminders, sending messages, and assigning tasks, allowing you to focus on more critical activities.
  6. Make data-driven decisions: Access detailed call reports to formulate growth strategies based on key metrics, such as the number of calls made, sales volume, and call duration.
  7. Distribute leads automatically: Automatically assign leads to sales reps based on source, lead quality, demographics, and alert them immediately, ensuring swift follow-ups.
  8. Implement your own sales process: Customize your sales pipeline, assign lead statuses, and prioritize leads based on their stage in the sales process.

Yes, you can import your lead data from Excel directly into TeleCRM. Also, you can customize the CRM with custom fields for sales data like assignee name, expected closure, lead type, onboarding date, etc. or any other fields as needed for your business.

The features in a CRM for lead management typically include:
  1. Integration and lead capture: Get all your leads from your website, Facebook/Google ads, WhatsApp, and 20+ other platforms in one place without doing anything at all.
  2. Customer calling management: Lead management CRM comes with an autodialer for fast calling, reminders so your callers never miss follow-ups, call tracking to see exactly what each team member is doing, and automatic call recording to track and log every conversation.
  3. WhatsApp messaging: Connect with customers where they are and make sure that every follow-up message is seen. You can save templates and send personalized messages with one click, use official WhatsApp API to send bulk updates and marketing messages and provide support to leads and customers with automated WhatsApp chatbots.
  4. Automation: Do all your repetitive tasks with 100% accuracy and save tons of time. It also acts like marketing automation software and send WhatsApp welcome messages to leads, auto-distributes and assign leads to team members based on predefined logic, schedule automatic renewal reminders, etc to stay in touch with leads and convert deals even when you sleep.
  5. Tracking and analytics: Lead tracking software helps you measure the performance of your business as well as the performance of your sales and marketing teams. So that you can take the right actions to improve your workflow and grow your business. Track, monitor, and incentivize your team's performance. Get accurate tracking for calls and sales numbers, and generate custom reports to find actionable insights in real-time.

The best lead management software in 2023 are:
  1. TeleCRM: TeleCRM is India's number 1 lead management software. It is extremely easy to use and is specially designed for sales teams with features like lead history tracking, auto-dialer, automation, WhatsApp integration, lead generation, lead scoring and nurturing, sales team management, and a lot more! TeleCRM also has a mobile sales app that enables you to work on the go.
  2. Bigin by Zoho: Bigin is a cloud-based CRM built by Zoho for small and medium businesses as a lead management tool with dynamic pipelines for sales, refund processing, and much more. It is an easy-to-use software with comprehensive lead management features.
  3. Freshsales CRM: Freshworks offers complete lead management tool for sales teams to manage data and workflows. It combines sales and marketing capabilities within the mobile app and has an in-built chat and dialer. The mobile app for Freshsales provides users with all the major CRM functions.
  4. Hubspot CRM: HubSpot's mobile CRM app is a free, easy-to-use lead management app that allows you to manage your contacts, deals, and tasks, The best part about Hubspot is that the base version is free. You can also integrate Hubspot with social media to manage all marketing channels from one central hub.
  5. Monday Sales CRM: Monday Sales CRM is a complete project management CRM platform that helps sales teams manage their pipeline, track customer interactions, and close more deals. It's available for iOS and Android devices, and it offers a variety of features that make it easy to use on the go.

The five major stages of lead management are:
  1. Lead capture: This is where you collect information about potential customers. It's like putting their names on a list.
  2. Lead qualification: In this stage, you figure out which potential customers are most likely to buy from you. It's like sorting them into "likely buyers" and "maybes."
  3. Lead nurturing: You keep in touch with the "likely buyers" and send them information to help them decide to buy. It's like warming them up to the idea of buying.
  4. Sales engagement: This is where you talk to the "likely buyers" and try to convince them to make a purchase. It's like the real sales pitch.
  5. Conversion: Finally, when the potential customer decides to buy, they become a customer. It's like the "mission accomplished" or the "deal closed" stage. We all love that stage.