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Application capture

Application capture

So that you don't have to spend your time managing leads from 15 different platforms

  • Automatically capture and import loan and credit card applications from various platforms like Google forms to CRM

Telesales optimization

Telesales optimization

Because manually typing and dialing numbers leads to confusion and time wastage. That’s the time that you are paying for

  • Autodialer increases speed, efficiency, and accuracy
  • So your callers can make more calls and close more deals

Lead/Pipeline management

Lead pipeline management

Because when you focus on the wrong leads, your team can work super-hard without any results

  • Track each interaction with every single lead on one timeline
  • Effortlessly manage your lead communication and sales pipeline

Document Collection/Management

Document collection & management

Because searching through folders and WhatsApp chats, or repeatedly asking leads for documents is not the best use of your sales team’s time

  • Collect all important documents in one place
  • Anyone can access important documents anytime from anywhere

Lead transfer in Departments

Lead transfer in departments

Because manually transferring leads with data and files on WhatsApp leads to delay, errors, confusion, and lost deals

  • Transfer any lead to direct selling agents (DSA) across different departments with just one click
  • The entire lead, with history and timeline gets transferred with 1 click


Pre-screening & qualification

Because each caller makes 150 calls per day, but to actually close deals it's important to focus only on relevant leads

  • Easily mark and filter out uninterested leads
  • Use lead scoring to note interest level
  • Focus on best leads, increase the chances of closing the deal

Borrower Segmentation based on loan type like education loan, home loan, gold loan

Borrower segmentation

Because without segmentation you won't know which leads are making you money and which ones are wasting your time

  • Easily segregate with loan types to segment your leads
  • Automate the irrelevant segments and focus on relevant ones only
  • Each agent gets better ROI for their time/effort and close more deals for your business

Field Sales Management

Field sales management

Without tracking they make mistakes and you lose business

  • Track field executive's location throughout the day and know exactly what they are doing

1-click WhatsApp

1-click WhatsApp

Because you need to reach your customers where they are

  • Reach prospects on their favorite platform with just one click, without needing any cumbersome integrations

Follow-up call reminders

Follow-up call reminders

Because missed follow-ups = lost deals

  • Never miss a follow-up
  • Become their first and only choice
  • Build trust by always following up on time

A lending CRM, like TeleCRM, is a specialized software designed for financial institutions and lending organizations. Its primary purpose is to streamline and enhance customer interactions throughout the lending process. It does this by centralizing customer data, automating communication, and tracking loan applications. Additionally, a lending CRM helps lenders manage their leads, track loan performance, and analyze data to make informed lending decisions.

While a lot of loan software options are available, TeleCRM stands out as one of the best CRM for loan officers. It's tailored for the loans and credit card industry, offering comprehensive features that simplify lead management, task automation, and communication, making it the top choice for loan officers.

Companies need loans, lending and credit card CRM software for several reasons, including:
  1. Improved customer management: Loans, lending and credit card CRM software allows companies to store and organize customer information in a central location, which can improve customer service and increase customer retention.
  2. Increased efficiency: Loans, lending and credit card CRM software automates many of the tasks associated with sales, such as lead management, contact management, lead nurturing, reheating, outreach, and sending reminders, etc. which can improve the speed and accuracy of sales executives.
  3. Mobile access: It allows your team to access the CRM from mobile devices, which enables them to access the customer data and perform their job from anywhere on the go without depending on the availability of a system.
  4. Customizable automation:  TeleCRM software is customizable and can be tailored to the specific needs of the company. For example, you can send WhatsApp reminders for follow-ups to team members, manipulate lead scores based on activity, automatically schedule appointments, and automate other day-to-day work to save time and money.

TeleCRM is the only loans DSA and credit card CRM software that helps you take the best care of your customers, and deliver top-notch experience across the entire user journey, making it the one simple place for your entire sales workflow.
  1. Lead management: Easily manage all your leads till they become customers. Capture your leads with all major integrations, and complete lead history in one place.
  2. Team management: Your sales grow when your entire team aligns and works for a single goal. With automatic call tracking and recording, incoming calls logging, follow-up reminders, etc, that's exactly what TeleCRM helps you achieve.
  3. Sales growth: Turning more and more leads into customers with auto/power dialer, WhatsApp follow-ups, and WhatsApp marketing.
  4. Retention: Make sure the people you have sold, keep paying you by creating the best experience for all your customers.
  5. Upsell/cross-sell: Make sure that those customers keep coming back to you to buy other services from you.
  6. Referral: Make sure that those customers bring you more customers.

Yes, you can import your loans and lending data from excel directly into TeleCRM. Also, you can customize the CRM with custom fields for loans and lending business workflows. By adding fields like assignee name, expected closure, lead type, or any other fields as needed for your business.

Yes, you have the flexibility to customize Loan CRM software like TeleCRM, to precisely match your organization's unique requirements. This customization extends to fields, workflows, and reports, ensuring the software aligns perfectly with your business processes. It adapts to your business processes rather than you having to adapt to the CRM.

Loan CRM software benefits a wide range of professionals in the lending sector, including loan officers, mortgage brokers, credit unions, and financial institutions by streamlining lead management, simplifying administrative tasks, and improving client communication. As a result the borrowers and lenders get personalized attention throughout the loan application and approval process.