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What is Mobile CRM? Why is it important for modern-day business style?

Business happens on phone. And you need a CRM on your Mobile to manage your business on-the-go. Take your business with you with TeleCRM's Mobile CRM.

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What is
Mobile CRM?

A mobile CRM is a tool that helps you keep track of your customer information, sales data, and tasks all in one single mobile app. With a mobile CRM, you can manage customer relationships and sales pipeline from anywhere, even when you're not in the office! It's like having a superpower in your pocket that helps you stay organized and get things done faster.

Mobile CRM software is basically an app that helps you manage your leads, your team's work and your entire sales workflow using an app on your mobile, no matter where you are.

Why Indian Small Business Owners use TeleCRM's Mobile CRM

Earlier only big businesses with massive IT budgets could access CRM with a separate mobile version from expensive providers like Salesforce, Hubspot and Zoho. But today business happens on phone and everything has changed, as a small business owner in India you can

Why is Mobile CRM app important for businesses?

Why Indian Small Business Owners use
CRM on Mobile?

7 reasons why Indian business owners go for a mobile based CRM
for their business.


Designed for Indian businesses that sell through Calls & WhatsApp

Whether you are in financial services, credit cards, education, real estate, travel, or any other industry, selling in India is all about calls, follow-ups and WhatsApp.


Zero setup cost

Try it for Free: Signup and try to solve your problems. Only buy if you're sure.


No technical knowledge needed

Neither you nor your team needs to learn or have any technical knowledge to sort out your sales and workflows on TeleCRM.


Simple Interface, Easy to Use

Best fit for staff that's not highly educated (Sales staff in Indian SMEs don't have an MBA, which is why you need a CRM that any team member with any level of education can use and get their job done).


Super-fast calling

Because in India speed matters. More calls mean more sales. And manual dialling using pen paper and Excel leads to repetitive work, mistakes and time waste.


The only WhatsApp-first CRM

Manage your entire WhatsApp sales funnel in TeleCRM. Whether you want to capture your phone's WhatsApp conversation or you want to send bulk WhatsApp to leads using the Official API.


Increased conversions

As your Business grows, TeleCRM gives you advanced tools and automation: WhatsApp chatbots, automatic lead distribution and call reminders to team members.

Things that you can acheive in TeleCRM's mobile CRM within the first week


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Other Key Advantages of TeleCRM's Mobile CRM within the first week


Manage all types of leads from your phone

Manage all types of leads from your phone: Excel, social media, website or ads from TeleCRM's mobile CRM application

You can capture, manage, and organize all your leads directly from your phone, so you don't have to wait until you're in front of your computer to start working on them.


Quick calling with autodialer

So that your team no longer has to waste time manually typing and dialling numbers.

They can simply focus on making more calls, move past the leads who say no, and close more deals than ever before!


Never miss follow-ups

You can easily schedule a follow-up by choosing a date and time. Once it’s time, you will receive a notification on your mobile app, and even a message on your WhatsApp.

So, there’s no chance that you are gonna miss any follow-up. Your agents also won’t have any excuse for the missed follow-ups because TeleCRM keeps track of all missed follow-ups.


Measure your team's performance from anywhere

Track your entire team's performance and see which team member has done how much work. Track the number of calls made, the number of deals closed and the total time spent on calls. Plus, also see other important details like in-time and out-time.

Not just this! But keep a record of the number of calls, total time spent on those calls, and the total revenue generated for any single team member to get a real-time hour-by-hour report.

TeleCRM's Mobile CRM is made for YOU - Fit for all Industries

Earlier only big businesses with massive IT budgets could access CRM with a separate mobile version from expensive providers like Salesforce, Hubspot and Zoho. But today business happens on phone and everything has changed, as a small business owner in India you can

Because handling multiple responsibilities is a headache and you need a tool that can handle client interactions, manage sales pipelines, and generate comprehensive reports on performance for you to formulate growth strategies.

With TeleCRM's Mobile CRM, you can do all these tasks effortlessly. It is the best Mobile CRM for small business and allows you to work 24/7 from anywhere, ensuring that things don't pile up- giving you the time to focus on growing your business.
Track your onfield agents via call recordings, interaction history, and detailed performance reports. With TeleCRM's mobile CRM, you don't have to worry about your agents slacking off.

With important features like autodialer, WhatsApp integration, and follow-up call reminders- your agents can effectively communicate with prospects, solve their queries, and close more deals. Take your Real Estate business to the next level with the best Mobile CRM for Real Estate- TeleCRM.
Personalize your communication, manage your sales pipeline, target the hottest leads, and get comprehensive sales reports on the performance of your sales team and the overall growth of your business, and close more deals than ever before with TeleCRM's mobile CRM.

Whether it's B2B or B2C, with TeleCRM, you can capture leads from various platforms like social media, websites, Excel, etc. Assign tasks to team members, evaluate lead sources, and track entire lead interaction history- all this and more, from your mobile phone. Begin your sales conversion journey with TeleCRM's mobile CRM today!
Maintain health records of all patients in one place so that you can effectively resolve patient queries without having to scrap through manual records every time. Send timely check-up reminders on WhatsApp so the patients never miss their appointments, and instantly capture all incoming calls as leads in the CRM automatically- all with TeleCRM's Mobile CRM.

But that's not all, you can even integrate with your hospital management system and send test reports to the patients on WhatsApp. TeleCRM's mobile CRM makes your service more pleasant for your patients!

Mobile Customer Relationship Management (CRM), often referred to as mobile CRM, is a software that allows businesses and individuals to manage their relationships and interactions with customers, clients, and prospects on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. It enables access to CRM data and functionality on the go, providing a flexible and convenient way to stay connected and engaged with customers regardless of location.

Cloud CRM focuses on providing a comprehensive CRM solution that is hosted on the cloud, ensuring data security, real-time reporting, and workflow automation. It is accessible from any device with an internet connection. On the other hand, mobile CRM software is specifically designed for mobile devices, allowing businesses to manage customer relationships and sales activities on the go. It is tailored for businesses that operate primarily through calls and WhatsApp.

Mobile CRM software is a system that helps companies manage and track customer interactions over the phone. It compiles mobile capabilities with sales features to assist teams in managing their workflow from anywhere. Some benefits of using mobile CRM software include:
  1. Sales growth: A sales CRM mobile app helps you eliminate lead leakage, missed follow-ups, duplicates, errors, miscommunication, and time wastage. Basically, all the things that stand between you and business growth.
  2. Centralized data: Mobile CRM helps you integrate all the different sources of your leads - FB/Google ads, old Excel sheets, leads from other platforms, etc. and manage all your data and sales workflow from one place. Also, you can easily score leads so that you can segment and find important leads with just a few clicks.
  3. Better team performance: CRM comes with tools like auto-dialer, and call reminders, that help your team members become faster and more productive. It also helps you to track and reward high-performers, and train & improve the people who are lagging.
  4. Better customer experience and retention: CRM comes with tools and automation to ensure that your customers are never stuck and helpless even when your team is sleeping. You can instantly connect with leads with WhatsApp welcome messages, automatically engage and guide them to purchase with WhatsApp chatbot and improve the overall customer experience. This makes sure they never even think of leaving you. Creating sky-high customer retention rates for you.
  5. Team performance tracking: CRM helps you to automatically monitor team members and make sure they are doing their work properly without watching them all the time. It also helps you keep a log of all the conversations so that you are never clueless when some miscommunication or emergency happens.
  6. Effective decision-making: CRM automatically generates real-time actionable reports that help you understand in one glance, what are the sales numbers for the month, which campaigns are doing well, which ones need improvement, also exactly what needs to be improved.
  7. Easy team management: CRM puts the control back into your hands. You can edit simple settings to control who can view, edit, or act on which leads, what actions can they perform, what reports and filters they can access, etc. It makes sure that only you have complete control of your data and business.

Yes, you can import data directly from an Excel file into mobile CRMs like TeleCRM, Monday Sales CRM, Hubspot CRM, etc. Additionally, you can add custom fields to that accurately reflect your sales process. Most CRMs offer unlimited custom fields. Some common examples include assignee name, expected closure, lead kind, onboarding date, as well as any other fields required by your company.

Companies need mobile CRM or mobile customer relationship management software to help their sales teams manage and track customer interactions over the phone and WhatsApp. It benefits all businesses that operate through mobile phones. Some of the major uses of mobile CRM apps are:
  1. Improved lead management: Mobile CRM app allows companies to store and organize customer information in a central location, improving customer service and increasing customer retention. You can do things like contact management, lead nurturing, reheat cold leads by sending them messages, and a lot of other stuff- all from a single mobile application.
  2. Work from anywhere: It allows your team to access the CRM app from mobile devices, which enables them to access the customer data and perform their job from anywhere on the go without depending on the availability of a system.
  3. Customizable automation: Mobile CRM like TeleCRM is customizable and can be tailored to the specific needs of the company. For example, you can send WhatsApp reminders for follow-ups to team members, manipulate lead scores based on activity, automatically schedule appointments, and automate other day-to-day work to save time and money.
  4. Telesales Management: Web CRM applications and their mobile app go hand-in-hand. With a CRM like TeleCRM, you can directly call from the web and the call gets connected directly from the mobile app without you having to do anything. It increases overall efficiency and helps you close more deals.

The features of mobile CRM software typically include:
  1. Customer calling management: CRM Mobile apps like TeleCRM come with an autodialer for fast calling, follow-up reminders so your callers never miss follow-ups, call tracking to see exactly what each team member is doing, and automatic call recording to track and log every conversation.
  2. WhatsApp messaging: With a mobile CRM WhatsApp, you can connect with customers where they are and make sure that every follow-up message is seen. You can save templates and send personalized messages with one click, use official WhatsApp API to send bulk updates and marketing messages, and provide support to leads and customers with automated WhatsApp chatbots.
  3. Integration and lead capture: Get all your leads from your website, Facebook/Google ads, WhatsApp, and 20+ other platforms in one place without doing anything at all.
  4. Automation: Do all your repetitive tasks with 100% accuracy and save tons of time. Send WhatsApp welcome messages to leads, auto distribute and assign leads to team members based on predefined logic, schedule automatic renewal reminders, and birthday wishes to stay in touch with leads, and set up WhatsApp drip marketing to engage and convert leads on automation.
  5. Tracking and analytics: Comprehensive sales and team reports so that you can take the right actions to improve your workflow and grow your business. Track, monitor, and incentivize your team's performance. Get accurate tracking for calls and sales numbers, and generate custom reports to find actionable insights in real-time.

A Mobile CRM solution is important for several reasons, particularly in today's increasingly mobile-oriented business environment. Here are some key reasons why mobile CRM holds significance:
  1. Stay connected anytime, anywhere: Access customer data and manage relationships on the go using smartphones and tablets.
  2. Increase productivity: Perform tasks efficiently even outside the office, improving overall work output.
  3. Improve customer service: Provide better service with instant access to customer history and preferences.
  4. Enhance decision-making: Access updated data for quicker and more informed decision-making.
  5. Save time and resources: Minimize manual paperwork and optimize operational processes.
  6. Stay ahead of competition: Utilize technology to outperform competitors in customer service and responsiveness.

Steps in implementing Mobile CRM solutions are:
  1. Assessment and planning: Evaluate business needs and objectives for mobile CRM. Why do you want a mobile CRM? What are the problems that you wish to solve and does a mobile CRM solve them?
  2. Selecting a Mobile CRM system: Research and choose a mobile CRM solution that aligns with your requirements and budget. Ensure the chosen CRM system offers a robust mobile application with the necessary features.
  3. Customization and configuration: Customize the CRM system to match your business processes, workflows, and data requirements. Then configure the mobile app to reflect the specific needs of mobile users and their roles.
  4. Data migration and integration: Migrate existing CRM data to the new mobile CRM system. Integrate the mobile CRM with other relevant systems like MailChimp, MS Excel, etc. for seamless data flow.
  5. Training and user adoption: Provide comprehensive training to employees on how to use the mobile CRM app effectively. Encourage and incentivize users to adopt mobile CRM into their daily workflows.
  6. Testing and feedback: Conduct thorough testing of the mobile CRM app to identify and fix any issues. Gather feedback from users and ask the support team of the CRM to make the desired improvements.
  7. Deployment and rollout: Deploy the mobile CRM app to all users and ensure smooth integration with their devices.

The 5 best mobile CRM examples are:
  1. TeleCRM: TeleCRM's India's number 1 WhatsApp-based mobile CRM. The app provides many of the same functionalities and features as the desktop version like lead history tracking, lead management, and sales team management. TeleCRM is also a mobile sales tracking app that generates comprehensive team and sales performance reports automatically.
  2. Bigin by Zoho: Bigin is a cloud-based CRM built by Zoho for small and medium businesses as a lead management tool with dynamic pipelines for sales, refund processing, and much more. It has all the core functionalities present in the web version like creating and managing pipelines, calling, etc.
  3. Freshsales CRM: Freshworks offers a comprehensive mobile app for sales teams to manage data and workflows on the go. It combines sales and marketing capabilities within the mobile app and has an in-built chat and dialer. The mobile app for Freshsales provides users with all the major CRM functions.
  4. Hubspot CRM: HubSpot's mobile CRM app is a free, easy-to-use app that allows you to manage your contacts, deals, and tasks on the go. It's available for iOS and Android devices, and it syncs seamlessly with the HubSpot CRM account.
  5. Monday Sales CRM: Monday Sales CRM is a mobile-first CRM platform that helps sales teams manage their pipeline, track customer interactions, and close more deals. It's available for iOS and Android devices, and it offers a variety of features that make it easy to use on the go.

Yes, you can use CRM on mobile. Mobile CRM apps allow you to access and manage your CRM data from your smartphone or tablet on both Android and iOS. This is especially useful for sales teams and customer service representatives who are always on the go. Mobile CRM apps typically offer a variety of features, such as:
  1. Lead management: You can capture, organize, track, and nurture leads from one place.
  2. Lead History Tracking: The ability to track the entire sales pipeline to personalize communication and improve marketing efforts.
  3. Follow-up Call Reminders: With mobile CRM like TeleCRM, you can set follow-up reminders to never miss interacting with important leads.
  4. Automation: You can automate all your repetitive tasks like sending introductory messages, solving lead queries, and assigning tasks to your sales team and save time to focus on more crucial business activities.
  5. Sales Tracking: The ability to generate reports on the performance of your sales team and the overall growth of your business to make data-driven decisions.

Having a mobile CRM strategy for your business is like having a smart helper in your pocket. It lets you carry all your customer info and work tasks on your phone. Imagine being able to see who your customers are, what they like, and what you need to do for them, all in one place on your mobile. When you're out and about, you can quickly check details, update progress, and stay organized with tasks. It's like having your to-do list right at your fingertips, making sure you don't miss out on anything important. Plus, you can easily connect with your team and share updates, ensuring everyone is on the same page. Having a mobile CRM strategy keeps you quick, efficient, and always ready to give your customers the best service possible.