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Annual ₹599/- PER USER PER MONTH
Billed annually
Custom billing
Basic CRM Dialer, WhatsApp, SMS, E-mail, Call logs, Call recording Call recording supported on devices with Android 9 or above with call recording feature provided by OEM. Here is the list of supported devices.
Got a team of 50+ members? Reach out for personalized plan options.
Storage Space For files, Call recording and more
1 GB/License/Mo Upgradable upto 10gb
Automation Auto-lead capture, Details auto-update, WhatsApp features
10p/Task After 1000 free tasks
WhatsApp chat sync Lead creation from WhatsApp chats
Integrations Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Google Ads, Google forms, Website, and many more...
Fully Available Check details
Whatsapp Cloud API Bulk WhatsAapp, Incoming message capture, Chatbot, Support
Unlimited Contacts WhatsApp API charges extra
Support Demo and Business consulting
Chat + Zoom* 2 hours zoom per month
Custom Development Integrations, Features, and more
Charged Separately Get in touch for details

WhatsApp Cloud API is an included core feature in TeleCRM that is not separately charged. Once you subscribe to the TeleCRM pro license you get access to all the WhatsApp cloud API features without any additional charges. (You still have to pay the official WhatsApp API messaging charges to Facebook). You can check the complete details on the WhatsApp Cloud API details page

TeleCRM makes your sales process faster, easier, and automated. With TeleCRM you can capture all your leads in one place, never miss a follow-up, track your team's work and boost their performance by using complete calling automation. Plus you can use real-time reports and leaderboard to figure out what's happening in your business and who is performing the best.

We use API automation to automatically capture incoming leads from FB Ads, Google Ads, Website, Tawk, Justdial, Sulekha, IndiaMart, 99Acres, MagicBricks, Housing, and many other platforms.

Yes! You can have your data in any format in an excel sheet. You can also export your data from any other CRM into and excel sheet. Then you can import that data and map it to proper fields in CRM with just a few clicks.

Yes, we do have a refund policy. For quarterly and annual plans, full refunds are offered within the first seven days, given that the customer participates in a feedback call. Additionally, under certain circumstances where promised features aren't delivered, we may offer a pro-rated refund for the unused subscription period. For a comprehensive understanding, please refer to our detailed refund policy.

Yes. Every single call (both incoming and outgoing except personal sim calls) of every employee is recorded. You (admin) can access any recording at any time from your phone or computer.

No, TeleCRM is SUPER SIMPLE and can be used without technical knowledge. Anyone who uses WhatsApp can use TeleCRM.

TeleCRM pro plan (Both quarterly and annual) gives you the ability to manage unlimited contacts. You can also send SMS/WhatsApp/Email messages from your phone, and use all other features. With the pro plan, you can access all the available integrations, Get support, and much more.