Sales Performance Management Software

Sales Performance Management Software

Find the right insights from software and focus on where you are growing to grow even more....

Why use TeleCRM sales performance management features?

Because if you are serious about business growth then you need to know what is working and what is not working for your growth

Find your best salesmen

Find your best salesmen

with leaderboard and answer questions like
❓ Who is making most calls
❓ Who is having the longest conversations
❓ Who is able to close the best

Check overall sales numbers in one glance on reports

Check overall sales numbers in one glance on reports

No more tallying 17 excel sheets to know your revenue numbers.
Just one look at the reports dashboard and you can know your sales numbers

Best hour of the day, best day/week of the month

Best hour of the day, best day/week of the month

Find out your peak business hours and days so that next time you can plan and optimize your team's presence and work accordingly!

See who is making most calls

See who is making most calls

Once you have a process in place, more calls mean more sales. And it is super important to know who is doing the best! So that the rest and follow in his footsteps.

Time reports to find and control gossip-monsters

Time reports to find and control gossip-monsters

Some team members tend to gossip instead of working, TeleCRM time reports give you an exact idea

Grow revenues with follow-up reports

Grow revenues with follow-up reports

Taking timely follow-ups is the single most efficient way to increase revenue. With TeleCRM reports you can check the pending follow-ups of the campaign in one place and align your team accordingly!

Ready to use TeleCRM for Sales Performance Management?



Yes, there are several types of reports and metrics available on TeleCRM. But what we have covered here is the most effective and efficient sales performance management matrix.

These reports get generated in real-time as soon as your team starts using TeleCRM

Just book a demo and the sales team will call you an answer any questions that you have before you can proceed with the trial!

Reasons to use TeleCRM for sales performance management

You get to track and optimize in real-time

If you monitor these reports then you get a chance to make changes and optimizations to the workflow in real-time or daily basis instead of worrying after looking at month-end reports

Your best performers get recognized and others get an incentive to do better

When you recognize and reward your best performance then others below them see that and they get an incentive to perform better and become the best. Thereby improving the performance of the entire team.

Keeping a check on cheaters

If you don't have a way of accurately tracking who is not doing their job properly people in the team get a sense that it's OK to not do their work and everybody starts lagging. TeleCRM helps make sure that that never happens to your team

Complete transparency

Once your team members know that everything is being tracked they can rest assured that there is no scope for cheating or lying. Knowing this creates complete transparency within the team.


About Call Tracking CRM

"Earlier even in-house was like a circus, thanks to tracking and management and TeleCRM we are making our 15-member team completely remote."

Harsh Vora
Jewelry insurance Provider, IFFCO- Tokio

"A team of four members is managing communications with 21,000 people for us on a daily basis thanks to TeleCRM campaigns"

Aayush Singh Sengar
Founder, tutor101