Social Media CRM

Close more leads with TeleCRM Social Media CRM

Capture leads from FB/Instagram in real-time, instantly engage on WhatsApp/Call, and follow up on time with call reminders to close more deals

Why use Social Media CRM?

All your customers are on Social Media. They ALWAYS check and respond to social media ads.

Integrate & capture leads from 11 different portals

Integrate & capture leads

from 11 different portals

🌐 Including Facebook, Instagram & Website lead form
📱 and even custom API integration (Available on-demand)

Engage prospects on multiple channels

Engage prospects on multiple channels

Using 1-click WhatsApp 💬
SMS/Email ✉️
and phone calls using Autodialer 🤙

Basically, engage your prospects wherever they are

Take follow-ups on time

Take follow-ups on time

📆 Upcoming calls
⏰ Late
📅 Recently added
All your follow-ups in a single screen

Manage the entire team's work from one place

Manage the entire team's work

from one place

Assign leads and campaigns 👨‍💻
Check progress 💯
Monitor calls, durations, and revenues 🖥️

Everything from a single intuitive dashboard

Manage All Leads from a Single Dashboard

Manage All Leads from a Single Dashboard

So you never have to personally ask or wait for a team member to get details of a specific lead

Run lead nurture campaigns

Run lead nurture campaigns

Send updates on WhatsApp 💬
Keep in touch 😃
Stay on top of their mind 🧠

So that when they want to buy you are the one that they recall

Integrate with WhatsApp Business API

Integrate with WhatsApp Business API

(coming soon)

✅ Single WhatsApp no for company
✅ Unlimited instant messages
✅ Clickable button options

11+ Social Integrations

11+ Social Integrations

Calendly ✅
WhatsApp ✅
Email ✅
Website/Google form ✅
Custom API integration ✅

Ready to give TeleCRM's Social Media CRM a try?



Social media CRM is a software & app that helps you manage your relationship with the customer throughout the buying journey of the customer and not just at the point of transdaction

Traditional CRMs are built around point of sales and after sales. But TeleCRM social media CRM features help you to deliver top-noth service to your prospects not just in post sales but also in pre-sales stage.

Just book a demo and the sales team will call you an answer any questions that you have before you can proceed with the trial!

Reasons to use Social Media CRM

Instantly capture & engage the lead

What if you could engage a lead within 10 seconds of submitting a query? That's exactly what TeleCRM's Facebook/Instagram integration helps you to do. It captures and distributes leads in real-time and then your tele-callers can use pre-saved templates to engage the leads with just 2 clicks.

360-degree engagement with the customer

One channel of interaction is not enough, these days you have to run ads to get the attention of leads, call and WhatsApp campaigns to explain your offer and you have to keep following up to close the deal. TeleCRM helps you manage everything from a single dashboard.

WhatsApp API Integration

WhatsApp is great not just for pre-sales, but also for post-sales support. Because all your leads are on WhatsApp and they regularly check their WhatsApp messages. If you run your support on WhatsApp you can be assured that all your messages will be seen and responded to. Plus you can do this from a single centralized dashboard using TeleCRM's WhatsApp Business API feature (coming soon)

Super easy follow-up management

CRM means customer relationship management. The only way to build a relationship is to consistently follow up and keep in touch. Without reminders, you are bound to miss follow-ups. TeleCRM makes it super easy for you. Just schedule a follow-up and forget. TeleCRM will remember and remind. Right on time!


About Our Social Media CRM

"TeleCRM Facebook integration works flawlessly to capture and distribute leads. And then I can check the progress of every lead from the reports. It just works. Completely satisfied and totally recommend it!"

Bhaskar Jogi
Founder, Go Online Trainings

"Had trouble following up with all the clients. Didn’t know when to call them. Direct call, reminders, and 1-click WhatsApp have solved our follow-up problem forever"

Satish Gajendran