Tours & Travel CRM

Tours and Travels CRM to make your sales fly high

Book personalized packages, manage follow-ups and pending payments & automate sales calling from a single platform to reduce your work and increase your revenue.

Why use Tours & Travel CRM?

To manage all contacts and automate sales tasks so that you can sell faster!.

Integrate & capture leads from 11 different portals

Integrate & capture leads

from 11 different portals

🌐 Including Facebook, Instagram & Website lead form
πŸ“± and even custom API integration (Available on-demand)

Design custom packages using custom fields

Design custom packages

using custom fields.

Store Dates πŸ“†
Amounts πŸ’²
Locations πŸ“
And other preferencesπŸ€”

in one place

Engage prospects on multiple channels

Engage prospects on multiple channels

πŸ’¬ Using 1-click WhatsApp
βœ‰οΈ SMS/Email
πŸ€™ and phone calls using Autodialer

Basically, engage your prospects wherever they are

Manage the entire team's work from one place

Manage entire team's work

from one place

Assign leads and campaigns πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’»
Check progress πŸ’―
Monitor calls, durations, and revenues πŸ–₯️

Everything from a single intuitive dashboard

Manage all documents in one place

Manage all documents in one place

πŸ“„ Id proof
πŸ“ƒ Passport scan
πŸ“ Bank/transaction details
πŸ–¨οΈ Tickets or any other document

Store every relevant document of a lead in one place. so you never have to search again.

Central dashboard for multiple locations

Central dashboard for multiple locations

You can be operating in one or more locations and still have all the leads managed from a single central dashboard. With this, you get a chance to increase revenue by upselling and cross-selling to leads of different locations

Ready to give TeleCRM's Tours & Travel CRM a try?



It is an app/software that helps travel agencies and portals manage thier sales and customer relationships from a single dashboard.

To keep and manage all your contacts from a single centralised dashboad, to reduce time wastage in manual work. To automate parts of your sales process and much more...

Just book a demo and the sales team will call you an answer any questions that you have before you can proceed with the trial!

Reasons to use tours & travel CRM

Easy contact management

Whether you are offering travel packages, ticket booking, or complete tours the key to success is building a large and strong network. And TeleCRM helps you with the most important aspects of networking i.e. managing your contacts and keeping in touch!

A central database for everything

Your prospects can interact with anyone on your team. Having all the data in a central database means whenever you talk to a prospect, you have complete information of every interaction that has happened with them so far!

Automate repetitive tasks

Avoid wasting time on repetitive tasks like typing numbers or remembering/ maintaining a separate list of follow-ups. TeleCRM will automate all that so that you can just focus on closing.

Efficient collaboration between team members

Let me transfer your query to my senior, This used to be super hard before TeleCRM but after TeleCRM sharing the entire client history and working on it in collaboration with other team members is just a couple of clicks away


About TeleCRM

"We had 3 key problems - lead status tracking, lead management, and taking follow-ups on time. TeleCRM became the one platform that solved all 3 problems in a simple intuitive interface."

Vikram Kotiyal
Founder, Founder AllGoTrips

"Earlier I was paying for leads and then those leads were getting lost. Now, thanks to TeleCRM no lead goes untouched and follow-ups are being taken on time!"

Dhairya Parekh
Founder, JTC Travels