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What is
Travel CRM?

Travel CRM is a tool specially designed for travel agents, tour operators, and agencies to effectively interact with their leads and customers via phone calls, email, and WhatsApp. It also generates useful performance reports on metrics like sales numbers per travel agent, enquiry conversion rate, and customer satisfaction- which enables you to formulate strategies for growth.

With Travel CRM software, you can design and send custom itineraries and quotations to customers, integrate with booking platforms for efficient data management, and automate repetitive tasks to streamline sales process- all this and more from one app.

What are the Benefits of using a Travel CRM for your Travel Agency

There are countless travel agencies and tour operators providing the same service as you. The only way to stand out in such a competitive market is by providing exceptional customer service. A Travel CRM like TeleCRM helps you do just that. You can

Manage Data Seamlessly

Access all documents, itineraries, bookings, quotations, etc., in one place for seamless data management.

Promptly Address Enquiries

Instantly connect with leads with features like auto-dialer, click-to-call from web, WhatsApp Chatbot, and more, to address all enquiries efficiently.

Follow-up with Ease

Never miss an important follow-up opportunity and ensure that no lead enquiry or concern goes unaddressed.

Run Personalized Marketing Campaigns

Send personalized promotional messages in bulk on WhatsApp and share popular itineraries with your leads and customers at the click of a finger.

Automate Time-consuming Tasks

Free up valuable time and boost efficiency by automating routine tasks like assigning leads to travel agents, sending payment reminders, itinerary updates, etc.

Make Data-driven Decisions

Get actionable reports on business and travel agents' performance to accurately formulate strategies for growth.

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Features that a CRM for Travel Agency must have

A Travel CRM like TeleCRM is specifically designed with a dynamic set of features that align with the requirements of your travel business.

Auto-lead capture

Integration Capabilities

Auto-lead capture

Because your leads come from multiple sources and you need to take care of them immediately, no matter where they come from

  • Effortlessly capture leads in one place from platforms like FB/Google Ads, Excel, MailChimp, Booking platforms, and more!
  • Automatically assign leads to your travel agents for instant connectivity.
  • Contact leads immediately and close more deals.
Manage leads with ease

Lead Management

Easily manage all your leads

So you can precisely target the enquiries that convert.

  • Categorize each lead's potential to convert by assigning statuses like “Enquiry Received”, "Quotation sent", and “Requires Follow-up."
  • Track every interaction of any lead on your website/app from TeleCRM.
  • Use that data to know exactly what they want and sell with ease.
Interact more and Engage better

WhatsApp Marketing

Interact, engage, and boost bookings

And ensure a read rate close to 100% on WhatsApp with all your leads and close more deals.

  • Easily track incoming and outgoing WhatsApp messages directly from TeleCRM for quick enquiry conversion.
  • Send personalized promotional messages in bulk that don’t feel they are promotional messages at all.
  • Nurture leads automatically even when you sleep with TeleCRM's Automated workflows.
Boost calling efficiency

Telesales Management

Boost calls and sales

Because when your travel agents spend more time manually dialing numbers, they spend less time closing deals

  • With autodialer, your travel agents save time and make more calls.
  • Call leads directly from TeleCRM's web application with click to call from web.
  • Use lead scoring to identify and target prospects that are more likely to close.
Never miss follow-ups

Follow-up Call Reminders

Stick to follow-up commitments

Because not following up on time = lost deals

  • Never miss a follow-up by setting up call reminders
  • Receive alerts for your scheduled calls.
  • Stay consistent with follow-ups and close more deals.
Track your team effortlessly

Automatic Call Recording

Track your team effortlessly

Because you need to know what your travel agents are doing in real-time.

  • Automatically record every agent's conversation.
  • Access recordings from anywhere and track your travel agents' interactions easily.
  • Use the recordings as a learning resource to effectively train your travel agents.
Easily share and save custom iteniaries

Centralized Data Hub

Easily share and save custom iteniaries

Because every traveller has unique places he/she wants to visit

  • Securely store and access all important documents from one central hub.
  • Design & save custom itineraries for personalized quotations to leads and customers.
  • Share itineraries instantly on WhatsApp from anywhere with TeleCRM's mobile app.
Make Informed Decisions

Real-time Insights

Build Data-driven Growth Strategies

Without detailed analytics on important metrics, all strategies will just be a shot in the dark.

  • Get real-time data on enquiry conversion, call volume, and time spent by each travel agent to pinpoint areas for development.
  • Track the performance based on performance metrics important for your travel business with TeleCRM's customizable reports.
  • Make effective growth strategies and say goodbye to guesswork.

Comprehensive Solution for all Travel Businesses

Every travel business is unique and has a diverse set of workflows and operations. With TeleCRM, you can implement your own workflows and sales processes; TeleCRM will adjust according to your travel business, not the other way around.

Track and manage relations with tour operators, customers, airlines, hotels, etc from one central hub. With important features like autodialer, WhatsApp integration, and follow-up call reminders- your agents can effectively communicate with leads, solve their enquiries, and close more deals.

With TeleCRM, you can also make data-driven decisions with comprehensive reports on the performance of travel agents, evaluate rate of customer satisfaction, identify the most popular tour packages, and a lot more! Take your travel agency to the next level with TeleCRM.
Build and share custom itineraries by tracking entire interaction history with customers, manage quotations to provide the best service to your leads, and interact with travel agencies and leads over phone calls and WhatsApp to efficiently convert enquiries into deals.

But that's not all, you can also track bookings and manage tasks with features like lead management, integration with 3rd party platforms, follow-up reminders, workflow automation, and more, with TeleCRM's travel CRM.
Seamlessly connect with various booking platforms, FB/Google Ads to manage all your leads from one place. TeleCRM lets you easily interact with travel agencies, operators, and leads. You can also maintain booking records, track your interaction history with guests and run personalized marketing campaigns on WhatsApp to retain your existing customers and gain new ones.

Moreover, with TeleCRM, insights are at your fingertips. Generate comprehensive reports on team performance, evaluate guest satisfaction levels, determine peak booking seasons, and formulate strategies for growth. Stand out in a competitive market by integrating TeleCRM today!
Car rental businesses like yours have a lot to keep track of; which cars are out, who's renting them when they'll be returned, and what customers want. TeleCRM's travel CRM helps you stay organized. You can easily manage bookings, remember the likes and dislikes of regular customers, address any issues, and receive feedback.

With features like integration with booking platforms and payment gateways, follow-up reminders, WhatsApp marketing, and comprehensive tracking features, you can streamline your workflows and effortlessly manage customer relations- TeleCRM's travel CRM makes your service more pleasant for your customers!
Personalize your communication with passengers, understand their requirements, and run targeted marketing campaigns to retain your customers. Regular travellers? They get special offers without you having to dig through records. Had a customer with a previous complaint? TeleCRM reminds you, so you can make it right the next time.

You can also integrate with booking platforms and payment gateways to streamline your sales process. and manage everything from one central hub. Take your passengers on the tour of their life with TeleCRM!

Why TeleCRM is the Best Travel CRM software for your travel business

Easy to Use Interface

Designed in a way that even non-tech savvy salesmen can get used to it in no time.

Value for Money

Get an extensive number of features made for travel agencies at an unmatchable price.

Amazing Customer Support

Dedicated onboarding sessions via Zoom meetings and Calls, and a WhatsApp group for all your travel agents to resolve queries for as long as you're subscribed.

Mobile Application

Complete all your business tasks on the go with TeleCRM's intuitive mobile application.

WhatsApp-based CRM

Send and track incoming and outgoing WhatsApp messages from one central hub to connect with leads and customers 24/7.


No travel business is static. TeleCRM is designed in a manner to adapt to the growing needs of all travel businesses.

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A Travel CRM, like TeleCRM, is your all-in-one solution to streamline and enhance your travel business operations. Here's how:
  1. Customer Information:It keeps all customer details, like contact info, booking history, preferences, and feedback, in one place, making customer service and conversions easier.
  2. Booking Management:It simplifies handling bookings, whether it's for a hotel room, flight ticket, rental car, or tour package.
  3. Personalization: You can personalize services based on individual customer needs, making their experiences better.
  4. Communication It helps manage customer interactions through calls, emails, SMS, or messaging apps like WhatsApp.
  5. Feedback: You can easily collect and analyze customer feedback to improve your services.
  6. Efficiency: It streamlines internal tasks, automates processes, and ensures timely follow-ups.
  7. Reports: It provides insights into your business performance, helping you make informed decisions.
  8. Marketing: You can run targeted marketing campaigns and measure their effectiveness.
  9. Integration:It seamlessly works with other travel tools and software, simplifying your workflow.

TeleCRM is the best travel agency CRM. It is a comprehensive tool designed for travel agents, tour operators, and hotel managers to effectively interact with their customers and leads through calls and WhatsApp, and also generates comprehensive business and agent performance reports on metrics like enquiry conversion rate, number of deals closed by travel agents, effectiveness of the marketing campaigns, etc. Some of the main features of TeleCRM's travel CRM are:
  1. Auto-dialer The auto-dialer calls numbers automatically so the sales team doesn't have to dial them manually. It makes calling people faster and easier.
  2. Lead Management This feature helps keep track of potential customers (leads) and helps sales teams stay organized. It makes sure no opportunities are missed and helps convert leads to customers.
  3. Integration Integration lets TeleCRM work together with other software and apps that businesses use. It helps keep everything in one place and makes using different tools together easier.
  4. Call Recording Call recording lets managers listen to calls later. This is good for checking how well calls are handled and training new staff.
  5. Follow-Up Call Reminders Follow-up call reminders tell the sales team when it’s time to call a customer or lead again. It helps track who to call and when, so no follow-up is forgotten.
  6. WhatsApp Marketing and Chatbot This feature enables marketing automation and lets businesses talk to customers using WhatsApp and allows automated messages (chatbots) to answer common questions quickly.
  7. Comprehensive Performance Reports show how well the sales team and campaigns are doing. They help businesses see what’s working and what needs to change to sell more effectively.

A CRM is important in the travel industry because of the following reasons:
  1. Understanding Customers: CRM helps keep a handy record of all past interactions, bookings, and preferences of each customer, ensuring that their likes and dislikes are always considered. This aids in tailoring services and offerings that match what the customer enjoys or needs, enhancing their overall experience and satisfaction.
  2. Efficient Communication: : A centralized platform for all customer interactions ensures that communication is always timely, relevant, and personalized, enhancing customer relationships. This system enables quick and efficient responses to inquiries or issues, ensuring that customers always feel heard and valued.
  3. Marketing: A travel CRM system helps businesses send targeted and relevant marketing communications to customers, such as deals on trips to locations they've shown interest in or discounts on favourite activities. The tracking functionality allows businesses to understand which marketing activities are most successful in attracting and retaining customers.
  4. Customer Retention: Tailoring experiences and providing loyalty rewards, made possible through understanding gained via CRM, ensures that customers are likely to return for future bookings. A smooth, positive booking and travel experience, facilitated by the CRM, ensures customers associate the business with positive travel experiences.
  5. Data Management: CRM ensures all customer data is stored, managed, and accessed in a secure and organized manner, ensuring compliance and efficiency. The data-driven insights gained from CRM facilitate informed decision-making, ensuring that strategies and offerings are always optimized for success.
  6. Improved Sales: Identifying opportunities for additional sales, whether through upgrades or additional services, is facilitated through the detailed customer profiles and histories stored in the CRM. Accurate targeting of potential new customers, through understanding existing customer profiles and preferences, ensures that sales efforts are always focused and effective.

A travel agent software or a Travel CRM system is a tool designed for travel agents to effectively communicate with leads and customers over phone calls and WhatsApp. It also generates performance reports on sales metrics like the effectiveness of marketing campaigns, viability of lead source, enquiry conversion rate, sales numbers per individual rep, etc. It is basically a personal assistant that does all the work for you- automates repetitive tasks, tells you about pending bookings, personalizes marketing messages, and helps you keep track of the performance of your travel business.