Work from Home Call Center CRM

Virtual Call Center CRM for Remote Sales Team

That keeps your stress level low and your team's productivity high

Sales team staying and working from home can be a disaster for any business.

Call volumes down and work from home crm software

❌ Call Volumes Go Down

Since the manager isn’t present to monitor the callers, they become complacent and don't do the job seriously.

Taking Work from Home Lightly

❌ Total Call Duration Decreases

Callers provide fake data on the number of calls made, they put less efforts to convince the prospect and only focus on increasing the number, which decreases call quality and number of teams closed go down.

Manage All Leads from a Single Dashboard

❌ Follow-ups Get Missed

The very obvious fact while working from home is that they are NOT at their workstation throughout their working hours and as a result most follow-ups are missed

Losing business due to employee issue work from home telecrm call centre software

❌ Business Growth Suffers

As a result of compromised quality and loss of control, which affects your business not just in the short run, but also in the time to come!

clueless sad business owner

😟😟 And as a business owner

you have no clue what is really happening in the business.

TeleCRM can bring back your team's efficiency without increasing your monitoring headaches.

Because all the features in TeleCRM are designed to bring the control back into your hands without having to physically watch your callers or monitor their excel sheets!

Tracks and Reports everything TeleCRM Virtual call center software CRM

With TeleCRM you can see

✅ The exact number of calls made throughout the day by each tele-caller!

✅ You can see the exact duration, and the call notes for every single call!

✅ You can see the total number of follow-ups scheduled, total follow-ups taken, and number of missed follow-ups calls

👉 And download the entire day's report for the whole team into a single excel sheet

🏃 Hence the team members can stay at home. But they can’t give any excuses any more!

Unko calls to utni hi leni padegi

👀 Because now they know that even if they are not in front of you in the office, you are monitoring their every activity! 👀


When your sales team is working remotely due to COVID-19 or any other situation, Work from home CRM gives you the capability to monitor all their activities and give them the feedback and help they need. So that they can do their job effectively!

You can use the several tracking features of TeleCRM like total call-count tracking, exact call duration tracking, reports of missed follow-ups, all scheduled calls reports etc to track tele-callers progress by work from home method.

Just enter your details and book a trial! No credit card required!

Do you have a tele-sales team?
Are you are worried about how you are going to track their work from home activities?
Then TeleCRM's Virtual (work from home) call center software is exactly what you need.

Just book a demo and the sales team will call you an answer any questions that you have before you can proceed with the trial!

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About our virtual call center CRM software

"As a team leader with just six people under me working from home I had to stay awake until 1 AM every day crunching excel sheets to generate reports.
Now just have to share screenshots!
Thanks to TeleCRM I can finally focus on actually training my team instead."

Rakesh Tiwari
Team Leader, The Thirsty Crow Marketing Agency
Abhishek Gulia, 10,00 speakers on using TeleCRM

"We hadn't even finished training the sales team and everyone went to work from home due to Omicron.
That's when we found TeleCRM.
I have no idea what we would've done without it"

Abhishek Gulia
Founder, 10,000 Speakers



Additional features

Built-in features in TeleCRM that you can access at no extra-cost

Auto dialer tele-calling CRM

Auto Dialer Based Tele-calling CRM

Use TeleCRM Auto Dialer to Make 200 Calls Per Day. Without working for 13 hours, because NO MORE typing numbers, dialing wrong numbers, or maintaining records.

FB Instant Auto Lead Capture and Download CRM

Instant Facebook Lead Capture / Download

Instantly Engage with Your Facebook Leads. Interact with each lead within minutes instead of making them wait for hours and days...

Follow-up scheduling and Call Reminder CRM

Follow up Scheduling & Call Reminders

Use Automated Followup Scheduling and Call Reminders in CRM. So that you never miss an important call and your prospects feel cared for and trust you.

Use WhatsApp CRM to Grow Your Business

WhatsApp CRM

Use WhatsApp CRM to Grow Your Business. Manage your entire team's business WhatsApp communications in one simple and unified platform.


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