WhatsApp CRM

Use WhatsApp CRM to Grow Your Business

Manage your entire team's business WhatsApp communications in one simple and unified platform.

Why use WhatsApp CRM?

All your customers are on WhatsApp. They ALWAYS check and reply on WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Lead Capture CRM

Grab Leads from WhatsApp Chats

Capture leads from WhatsApp chats, automatically add to CRM, exclude personal contacts, and never lose a lead... EVER

Capture WhatsApp Chats in CRM

Capture WhatsApp Chats in CRM

Automatically capture WhatsApp chats with leads into CRM and share business chat history with your entire team.

Manage All Leads from a Single Dashboard

Manage All Leads from a Single Dashboard

So you never have to personally ask or wait for a team member to get details of a specific lead

Send Personalised WhatsApp Messages

Send Personalised WhatsApp Messages

With just one click.
Without even saving their number to your phone book

Get Advanced WhatsApp Chat Filters CRM

Get Advanced WhatsApp Chat Filters

All leads who have replied with 'interested'
All leads who have 'unsubscribed'
And much more...

Run WhatsApp Automation and Chatbot

Run WhatsApp Automation and Chatbot

Send smart auto-replies based on conditions
Setup WhatsApp triggers
Export detailed reports and much more

Ready to give TeleCRM's WhatsApp CRM a try?



WhatsApp does not have this capability as a built-in feature. But you can use the TeleCRM integration to pull on your WhatsApp contacts into the CRM and turn your WhatsApp into CRM itself!

Just sign up for a free trial of TeleCRM and go to the WhatsApp integration page. Where you will see the step-by-step process to integrate your WhatsApp to TeleCRM in under 60 seconds.

Grab leads from WhatsApp chats, manage all leads from a single dashboard, send personalised WhatsApp messages, get advanced WhatsApp chat filters, run WhatsApp automation and chatbot and much more...

Just enter your details and book a trial! No credit card required!

If you communicate with your prospects leads and customers on WhatsApp for business, then you need to make sure that all your WhatsApp business communication are captured in one place, safe, and shared with your team members! Also you can use this for automating your WhatsApp communication with prospects and to save a lot of time!

Just book a demo and the sales team will call you an answer any questions that you have before you can proceed with the trial!

Reasons to use WhatsApp CRM

Insanely high engagement rate

Emails don't get seen! Ads get ignored!
But your prospects always check and reply to their WhatsApp messages.

Manage your entire team's conversations

See the latest communication with entire team in one place!
Assign leads to executives and scheduled tasks for them.
Get report of entire teams' WhatsApp performance.

Turn WhatsApp into your secret sales superpower

Reach prospects on their favorite platform.
Make sure all your marketing messages are seen and replied to!

Keep getting repeat orders with zero marketing budget

Don't have a huge marketing budget? No problem! Just retarget the customers and get an instant most in revenue with almost 0 effort.


About WhatsApp CRM

"Low response and click through rates was always a big problem for us! Not anymore! Thank your team TeleCRM. Your WhatsApp CRM integration is just phenomenal"

Sameer Prasad
Cofounder, The Thirsty Crow Marketing Agency

"Manually saving numbers and sending WhatsApp messages was just impossible and then we started using TeleCRM's one-click personalised WhatsApp feature!

We have received 60 queries on WhatsApp in the last one-week alone."

Saurabh Bothra
Founder, Habuild Yoga



Additional features

Built-in features in TeleCRM that you can access at no extra-cost

Auto dialer tele-calling CRM

Auto Dialer Based Tele-calling CRM

Use TeleCRM Auto Dialer to Make 200 Calls Per Day. Without working for 13 hours, because NO MORE typing numbers, dialing wrong numbers, or maintaining records.

FB Instant Auto Lead Capture and Download CRM

Instant Facebook Lead Capture / Download

Instantly Engage with Your Facebook Leads. Interact with each lead within minutes instead of making them wait for hours and days...

Follow-up scheduling and Call Reminder CRM

Follow up Scheduling & Call Reminders

Use Automated Followup Scheduling and Call Reminders in CRM. So that you never miss an important call and your prospects feel cared for and trust you.

Virtual Call Center CRM for Remote Sales Team

WFH Call Centre CRM for Remote Sales Teams

Virtual Call Center CRM for Remote Sales Team. Which keeps your stress level low and your team's productivity high.


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