Everything you need to boost your tele-sales

Things TeleCRM will do AUTOMATICALLY

So that your team can focus on closing the sales

Automatic Lead Capture & Engage

So that you never miss a lead. EVER!


Automatically Capture Incoming Leads

from 16 portals including FB Ads, Google Ads, Website, Justdial, Sulekha, IndiaMart, 99Acres, MagicBricks, Housing, and many more...


Send Automatic Intro Messages

So that your leads always remain engaged. They recognize you when you call them.


Assign Leads Automatically

So that not a single lead is missed, and not a single employee is sitting idle, without any work to do

Advanced Automatic Calling

So that your team members never waste time. EVER!


Cutting-edge Auto Dialer

The app automatically calls your leads one by one. So your team doesn't have to put any time or effort into remembering or typing numbers or setting reminders for follow-up calls.


Intuitive Call Feedback Recording

Your team members can note down the exact details of the calls with a few simple clicks instead of typing long notes. So that you get all the important details of EVERY LEAD recorded on a SINGLE DASHBOARD.


Automatic Call Recording

For every call by any prospect. So now you can know exactly what your team members said to your leads and customers.

See How you can Boost your Team's Productivity by 3X


Followup and Campaigns Scheduling

So that your team never misses ANY follow-up. EVER!


Schedule Automatic Follow-up Calls

So that no one in your team ever misses a follow-up call and hence they close more sales for you.


Send Customized Follow-up Messages

to every prospect immediately after every call directly from the app via WhatsApp, Email or SMS.


Recurring Follow-up Option

Want to set custom follow-ups such that leads are consistently followed up until either the sale is closed or the lead says he is not interested anymore?. We have that option in our enterprise plan.

Detailed Automatic Employee Tracking and Reporting

So that you can control business. FROM ANYWHERE


Track Employee's Work

See how many calls they are making and how many sales they are closing. With detailed daily, weekly and monthly reports.


Track Their Time

And know whenever they are sitting idle instead of making calls.


Get Call Recording for Every Call

So now you can know exactly what your team members say to your leads and customers.