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Excel upload

Import your data and get started without any worries or hassle

Upload any format you need. Easily map with intuitive UI No Limit on the number of rows
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Facebook Auto Lead Capture

Instantly engage and turn your Facebook leads into deals

Automatically capture FB Leads in CRM in real-time Engage through WhatsApp, SMS, email, and call Capture complete lead interaction history in CRM
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Custom API Integration

To get the data you want in your CRM

Capture leads from anywhere Capture lead activity like website visits, etc Update leads based on external events
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Automatic Lead Distribution

So that every caller gets leads to work on, on time

No need to waste your time and effort on manual work Integrate with different platforms and define distribution logic once. Then you can sit back and focus on monitoring and improvements
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WhatsApp Notifications

Get important updates directly on WhatsApp, act immediately, and close deals

New lead capture Follow-up reminders Pending/failed payments
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So that your team can make more calls faster

More calls = more deals Less confusion = more calls With autodialer, you don't have to think about who to call next
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Aavush Singh Sengar Founder, Tutor101
TeleCRM helps me save 57,000 per month in terms of time saved!

Click-to-call from Web

So that your team can work superfast

Click on either mobile or desktop The call gets dialed You can start talking without switching devices
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Call Recording

So that you can track your team without being present

Automatically record every call Instantly access from anywhere Perfectly track your team's work
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1-Click WhatsApp

To send WhatsApp without saving numbers

Personalised WhatsApp follow-up After every call With just one click
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1-Click SMS/Email

To send personalised msgs with a single click

Save templates Send msgs with one-click Without saving the number on your phone
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Follow-up Reminders

So your team never misses a follow-up

Schedule callback with 1-click Receive a notification when it's time to call Also, get notified on WhatsApp
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Push Notification

So that you never miss an important update

Available for all important updates Configure as per your needs Click on the notification to land straight on the lead
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Payment Creation

To know exactly where the money is

Create opportunities with pending payments Forecast revenues Track actual sales with completed payments
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Hour-by-hour Report

So you never have to wonder - "What is my team doing right now"

Which hours get the best response. Which hours get the most conversions. Which hours have the most missed leads
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Daily Reports

Track, monitor, and improve your team's KPIs on a daily basis

Total number of calls by every agent Total sales Total time on call
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Leaderboard Report

So that you know exactly who is performing and who is not

Get real time reports On total sales, calls, and time Filter by any time period of your choice
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Sales Report

So that you know exactly how your team is doing

Get hour-by-hour, daily, and monthly reports Get a summary of the total sales Zoom in to check individual deals
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Agents Report

Are your agents busy or effective? Find out with agents' reports

Track calls, and WhatsApp to know who is initiating most conversations Track scheduled, taken, and missed follow-ups Track their entire leads pipeline
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Custom Report

Got a big team and need custom reports? Get it on demand*

Use the CRM data to answer key questions Turn the analysis into custom reports View those reports in real-time on the go
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Lead Management

Track every lead and close more deals

Keep track of every lead Easily transfer across departments
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Bulk Edit Leads

To make changes to multiple leads in one go

Make quick updates Save time Keep your database clean & updated
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WhatsApp Bulk Marketing

To get insanely high engagement & conversions

Send 1000s of messages with 1-click Auto-capture replies in CRM Filter and assign relevant leads to your sales team
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Send Instant Welcome Messages

To automatically and instantly engage leads

Connect with leads immediately on WhatsApp Give them a way to explore and buy on their own Create the perfect channel for future follow-ups
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Set Triggers & Workflows

To help you automate any repetitive tasks

Auto enrich lead fields Transfer leads to different teams based on conditions Trigger events, and WhatsApp msgs from the CRM
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WhatsApp Automation

To automatically engage your customers on WhatsApp even when you sleep

Create a chatbot Answer common queries Redirect them to buy
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Tech Support

Get instant support so that you are never stuck

Zoom meetings, onboarding/training sessions Dedicated WhatsApp support group for your entire team 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM chat support
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