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Integrate and Capture Leads from Everywhere

from 16 portals including FB Ads, Google Ads, Website, Justdial, Sulekha, IndiaMart, 99Acres, MagicBricks, WhatsApp, WhatsApp Business API, Housing, and many more...

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Automatically Distribute Leads to Team Members

For any campaign or integration, just select team members, define percentage and set automatic distribution forever


Make More Calls, Close More Sales

Make upto 250 calls per day with autodialer, schedule and manage all follow-ups in one place, never miss a follow-up with call reminders.

prospect loses trust with no call reminder

Check Progress in a Single Glance

Run multiple calling campaigns and check the progress report of all active campaigns with a single glance on campaign dashboard

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Track Everyone in Real-time

Just one glance at the leaderboard and you can see the complete progress report for any team member. No of calls, time spent on calls, and total sales

All Upcoming Calls

Advanced Integrations & Automations

Add the automation that YOU want on your entire data, or retarget filtered list list based on call status, lead interest, or pipeline level

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When you deploy TeleCRM with your team, you instantly see the following benefits 1. Increased no. of calls made by your team 2. Improvement in follow ups and scheduled tasks 3. More brand recall, by sharing a WhatsApp after every call 4. Monitoring of each team member, their calls, duration of calls, recording and much more 5. Ability to work from any location, due to our amazing mobile app 6. Reduced costs, due to SIM based dialing. On average every company sees 2-3x more calls, which results in more sales. Follow-up reminders ensure that no contact is lost. Stop using an excel sheet and move to TeleCRM to handle your customers and make more calls.

We do not have any limits on the number of calls or no. of contacts. During your trial your limited to 10 calls/10 WhatsApp/SMS/Email per person.

Your caller's /agent's own phone's number will be shown to the customer. TeleCRM is not a telephony provider, we are a CRM which can autodial and invoke the number on the phone of the agent. Then the call is connected by the carrier. After which we track the duration, outcome and call recording of the call. This helps us keep costs very minimum when compared to other call center software solutions. In case number masking is required for your organisation, you can reach out to support@telecrm.in and we can integrate TeleCRM with telephony solutions like exotel, knowlarity,etc

Yes, TeleCRM can sync calls recorded on the agent's phone. Any phone that has call recording and exposes the recording folder can be used with TeleCRM.

Yes, TeleCRM provides an unified Call log page where you can see outgoing and incoming calls. You can easily dispose the incoming call and set it's status. It will be then shown in the reports..

TeleCRM is a CRM, with a SIM based Autodialer that runs on your own phone. Cloud-tel companies are like Airtel or JIO who provide telephony solutions. With TeleCRM you do not need any cloud telephony as TeleCRM can utilize the SIM card on your phone to make calls. This gives you benefits like cost savings, no kyc and compliance hassel, call any number, numbers dont show as spam on truecaller and many more benefits.

TeleCRM CRM gives you all the features you need in a CRM like Integrations, Filter Sorting, Automations, Lead status, pipeline management and more. Additionally TeleCRM has a lot of Tele Calling features which are seen in Enterprise grade Call Center Software, such as the inbuilt Auto Dialer that turns your agent's phone into a Call Center and allows them to make a lot of calls quickly which you can easily track from the dashboard.

Yes, you can make both local and international calls with TeleCRM. TeleCRM can launch calls from both your phone and desktop. When using from phone you can choose to call using the SIM card, skype or any other dialer apps you have installed. You can make local or international calls with the dialer of your choice and the pricing of such will depend on the dialer.

You can push your new leads from live sources like JustDial, IndiaMart, Facebook Instagram Lead Form ads using our free integrations. You can further use our API to integrate your own ERP or website. You can even use Zapier and similar platforms to connect TeleCRM to almost anything. Once a lead lands into a campaign in TeleCRM, the agents assigned to that campaign can start calling the leads.

Any smartphone above android 8 and having 3GB RAM is ideal for running the TeleCRM app smoothly. Though we have tons of users using TeleCRM on phones with lower specification smoothly, it's just we suggest these specs for better performance.


What Existing Companies Say

TeleCRM helps us stay in touch with 21,000 different types of users on a daily basis. This includes existing users, new signups, and new transactions.

Aayush Singh Sengar
Founder, tutor101

TeleCRM helps us achieve 98% retention rate with 7000 customers from across India.

Harsh Vora
Jewelry insurance Provider, IFFCO- Tokio

"TeleCRM Facebook integration works flawlessly to capture and distribute leads. And then I can check the progress of every lead from the reports. It just works. Completely satisfied and totally recommend it!"

Bhaskar Jogi
Founder, Go Online Trainings


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