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Why use automobile CRM

Because it helps you take perfect care of your customers and prospects, every step of the way

Day 0

Identify the right target audience

Kiski gaadi puraani ho gayi h Kiska buying frequency kya hai

Day 1

Find out who is interested to sell his used car

Run WhatsApp/SMS/Calling Campaign Capture replies and get a list of interested prospects Assign leads to used car sales department

Day 2

Run sales campaign for used car

Send them offers on WhatsApp Take follow-ups After successful sale transfer lead to new car sales department

1 Week Later

Run campaigns for new car sales

Send features and benefits on SMS/WhatsApp Send Fetive and season offers Consistently follow-up

After Delivery

After closing push for RSA (Road Side Assistence)

Send cost and benefits on WhatsApp & SMS Convince on call Keep following up until the deal closes

1-2 Months Later

Push for servicing

2 months after delivery send lead to send lead to service department Send automatic reminder to service department Take follow-ups to ensure the customer visits for timely service

After 1 year

Run campaign on insurence renewal

Send automatic reminder on WhatsApp/SMS Take call to ensure the customer understands the importance. Take timely follow-ups to ensure that the customer buys insurence before lapse

Commercial Vehicle Addon

Send automatic reminders for important events

Insurence/pollution certificate renewal Fitness renewal Tax due

Capture all your leads in one place, never miss a follow-up, track your team's work and boost their performance by 300% using complete calling automation.

We use API automation to automatically capture incoming leads from FB Ads, Google Ads, Website, Tawk, Justdial, Sulekha, IndiaMart, 99Acres, MagicBricks, Housing, and many other platforms.

Yes! Just export as CSV and import into TeleCRM with a single click.

Your team can call your leads one by one from their phone.

Yes. Every single call (both incoming and outgoing except personal sim calls) of every employee is recorded. You (admin) can access any recording at any time from your phone or computer.

No, TeleCRM is SUPER SIMPLE and can be used without technical knowledge. Anyone who uses WhatsApp can use TeleCRM.

TeleCRM pro plan (Both quarterly and annual) gives you the ability to manage unlimited contacts. You can also send SMS/WhatsApp/Email messages from your phone, and use all other features. With the pro plan, you can access all the available integrations, Get support, and much more.