15 Tried and Tested Telecalling Scripts for Improved Sales

November 29, 2022

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15 Telecalling Scripts For Any Situation
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A brief:

Having a tele-caller script plays a vital role in sales. A sales script can enhance the sales conversion rate fast and effectively. Along with this you need the right telecalling CRM software.

Imagine being a fresher on your first day at the office. After a warm welcome, you have asked to sit and shadow your colleagues. What if suddenly your TL asks you to make a call to any random prospect without any guidance or training?

Yes, your head would be like, what do I do? What shall I say? As you know, you cannot resist because this is why you are here. As it’s the first day, you know the intention. Nobody will judge you but still, it’s quite normal to be panicked in this situation.

However, there are scenarios where a caller gets stuck or frustrated while communicating with a prospect or a recruiter communicating with his candidates without a proper hr-calling script.

Tele-caller roles are never easy, it’s more complex. Every day has a new challenge and a new beginning. You have to be clever and spontaneous to deal with difficult situations that may occur during a call. Either way, the best method is to prepare scripts and practice them to flourish.

A script is helpful to determine what and how you are going to say. We have this article, especially for telemarketing executives that may be helpful to overcome frustration and achieve goals.

15 Telecalling Scripts For Any Situation

Situation 1 – How much is it?

When doing your first ever cold call to a prospect, you often get stuck in a situation where prospects directly ask about your product price. How much is it? Without caring about product features and attributes. Just to check if your products and services fit his budget.

You are stuck and fumble! Now, the minute you give out the price. If you tell them it is this much, you will lose control. If he says, it is not what we thought or as per budget then you will go on justification mode that our company does this and does that. Instead, what best you can do?

Prospect: How much is it exactly?
(You should redirect the conversation from here)
Caller: It depends.
Prospect: Depends on WHAAT?
Caller: It depends on exactly what you are looking for. So, why don't you tell me a little bit about what you are looking for? And, I can assist you to fulfill your needs.

When you go back to their needs and wants, you will borrow some time to know your prospect. If he keeps on asking the price again and again then give them a bracket price and keep on asking questions.

You can use this script mainly when your prospects say, your price is too high.

Try to keep the power in your hand whether to reveal the price or not. Everybody wants to spend their money wisely and giving your price directly may end your call soon.

Situation 2 – Let me think and I will get back to you

How frequently do you get this objection, I will get back to you. What happens after that? Do you hear them a week or a month later?

First of all, you need to find out what is going on. Do they literally need time to make a decision or are they rejecting you politely?

Prospect - I will get back to you.

You - Well you know (Mr. prospect) usually when I hear someone says that we will get back to me. I never hear from them again.

What would it take for you and me to do business today?
(Ask very simple and profound questions)

Is it the price? What part of the deal do you dislike?

Prospect - Sometimes they say, I need this information, some references, or a plan.

Now you can focus on solving their particular problem.
You - Is it about money or term? What are you hoping to get from me today? You can tell me.

Sometimes, asking a couple of questions is all you need to close the sale.

The sales agent can take the help of this script in multiple industries like insurance and banking, automobiles when they hear their prospect say, I will check your plans and get back to you. I have to do some research or I am comfortable with the current procedure.

Never say that I will send some more information you can check or never say that you will call them after a week or a month to check how it goes instead make the most out of that one call only.

Situation 3 – When a prospect says, I need to do some more research

When someone says, I want to do a little bit of research in the middle of your call. It does not mean that they will actually do research to buy products from you. Let’s see how you can answer this objection.

Prospect - You know what, I need to do some more research or I want to think about it.
You - Okay! Mr. Prospect, let’s assume that you have done your research, you have done the due diligence and you like what you see. What do you think, what is going to happen next?

Prospect - If I like what I see then I would contact you people and we can move further
(If he says that I could not find that potential ) At this moment, you have to be ready with closed-ended questions.
You -  If we keep this on the bottom line then what exactly is your short-term plan

Prospect - Growth, values, and budgetary control. 
You - Mr. Prospect if I am not wrong then all you want comes from a better decision. Right?

Prospect - Certainly.
(Try to resolve and identify the prospect’s problem)
You - There could be 3 reasons which are holding you to take the decision. Is our product fit? Does this product have the features and functionality you need?

Prospect - Yes, it is fit and features are useful but a couple of things are missing.
You - If it's not about product features and compatibility then it is about finances. 

Try to understand what’s holding this prospect back to get on board with you. Once you know that he is comfortable with your services and products then it becomes easier for you to convert this prospect.

This script can be used in multiple scenarios. When a customer is not sure what to do, or not able to make a decision, they have other offers in hand.

Do not end the call. Try to drive and gather more information to keep the conversation healthy.

Situation 4 – When a prospect says, I have to talk to my spouse

You - What would be stopping you from moving forward?

Prospect - My wife needs to make sure that we are comfortable spending this much money on furniture. 

You - When we get off the call and you talk to your wife and ask her that you had a word with me and the furniture we are offering is $10000. What is your wife going to say?

Prospect - She will probably say, it's higher than what we thought.

You - Absolutely. So why don't we set up a meeting? I will make sure to answer and clear doubts of you and your wife to discuss further. Sounds good?

Try to identify what is holding him from making a decision.

The same script can also be used when dealing with dormant customers, the price is too high.

Situation 5 – Handling a rebuttal when a customer says, I am busy right now.

In this situation, it is better to eliminate long statements and reframe short sentences.

Caller - Hi, I am Sam calling from Abc ltd. Have I caught you in the middle of anything?
Prospect - Yes, I am busy right now.

Caller - Okay! I can be very brief or I can call you back at another time. Which one would work better for you?
Prospect - What is in regards to?

You - Give them a hint of your products and services. Take the right time to call back. Is it okay if I call you back in the evening? 
Prospect- I have more work in the evening. 

Caller - Sure, perhaps can you please give me a time to call back?
Prospect - Call me tomorrow evening.

You - Perfect, I will call you tomorrow evening at 6.

Later when you give them a follow-up call, make sure you are well prepared with product attributes, features, and advantages to share.

This pattern shows that you are ready to coordinate and value his time. Not forcing your prospect to talk.

Avoid saying and asking, I hope you are doing well today or how are you? These gestures aren’t required when a prospect is busy.

Situation 6 – Script for SaaS business

We discussed the main elements that a script may possess to have an effective cold-calling process. Let’s look into the script for an ed-tech SaaS business (namely LookUp) describing its software to the prospect. The company is reaching out to students and teachers to make them aware of the business –

Greeting: Good morning/Good afternoon (Prospect name)

Introduction: Hi, I am Jack and I am calling from CBR. Is this the right time to talk?/ I hope I have not called at the wrong time.

Purpose of the call: We have created an AI-based education platform, that supports learning upskills through the software - LookUp. LookUp is an integrated platform that allows students to learn in real-time without losing focus. Allowing students to learn through experiencing an interactive classroom.

Pitch: Our product has been helpful to students and teachers alike, to upgrade their learning abilities. For the teachers, the platform has aimed to deliver the course content through an interactive classroom. A proper structure needs to be followed on the platform that allows the students to grasp the concept better. It has maximized the learning capacities of the students and for teachers, it has allowed them to teach their students and conduct real-time assessments.
I would like to ensure you that our product has been used by many educators to teach the course to their students.
And if you don’t mind, may I ask you a few questions?

Pre-Qualifying Stage: As a teacher, there are some questions that can assure you of the purpose of this software towards up-skilling of their students.
Here are the questions -
Do you use any platform that allows instant assignments and gives real-time results?
Do you think there can be a way to upgrade the online classroom system?
How important is creating an environment for learning while teaching the course

Problem Solving Stage- As the students participate in the classroom through our product, it allows them to learn by heart what is being taught in the classroom. The software has a system in place that lets them complete an assignment or a quiz at that particular moment thereby reducing the chances of procrastination by the student. Finally, the teacher can assess the students in real-time and give them feedback for their assignments too.

Closing: I know you are probably busy, but I’d like to set an appointment for this week to have one of our consultants explain the intricacies of our platform and how it can be useful to your educational institution. Would Friday at 11:00 work for you?
That sounds great (Prospect name). I’ll send the link to the appointment along with a confirmation mail. It was great talking to you and have a great day ahead!

This script has been created keeping in mind that it can be sent to educational institutions and teachers to make them aware of the new product and get them to attend the appointment session. Once the call ends it should be followed by the mail after a few hours – send them a Google reminder so it is automatically added to the prospect’s schedule.

Situation 7 – Handle objection when the customer says I don’t believe in this.

Let’s say you have to call the prospect to promote digital marketing. When you call, you get to know that the person is not at all in favour of adopting a new marketing method and still working with traditional market techniques.

Agent - Hello Mr. Verma! My name is Sam and I am calling from ABC ltd.
Prospect - Yes, what is in regards to?

You - Our company is mainly known for providing digital marketing services to businesses.
Prospect - No, thank you! I don't believe in all these things, social media or Facebook. I don’t think it's even useful.

You - Mr. Verma, I know exactly where you are coming from. If I was in your shoes, I would watch every single rupee I spend on marketing. Because in small business, every penny counts. Right?
What I have found from other business owners is that at first, they did not quite understand how this all thing works.
Prospect - Yes true, these modern changes are difficult to implement.

You - But, have you had any experience where sometimes people come to your store? Visit your business. You ask them, how did you find the store? Customers say, through the internet.
Imagine, what would it be when you intentionally and strategically optimize it through the internet to bring you more customers. Your one decision may give your business a new direction.
When you face a customer who is not ready to bring the change in business, this script can be an added advantage to reveal long-term benefits and give sustainability.

First, you can use this script when you face objections such as price comparisons with other competitors, and second when prospects want high discounts on your products. Last but not least, it is possible that the prospect is not 100% sure of the market standards then you can use this script to fill that gap.

Don’t just jump and start sharing your product benefits. Try to create a situation to make him realize why your product is necessary for his business to boost revenue.

Situation 8 – When a customer is angry due to a bad experience related to a product or service

Image source: Call Centre Helper

A copywriter service provider is calling a business owner to offer his service. Let’s see how he handles the call.

Prospect - I have had a bad experience with that copywriter.
You - Mr. Prospect, I am sorry to hear that. Would you mind sharing with me just a little bit, what frustrates you the most?

Prospect - Everything was overcharged and I was not getting my work on time. I have to keep chasing them over again and over again. I don't like that.
Agent - I understand that but you don’t need another copywriter now, do you

Prospect - Yeah, I do. I have no one to write newsletters and emails. I manage on my own and I don’t have time for all this.
You - Yeah, couldn't you find someone within your team?

Prospect - My team has no experience in copywriting work and their writings aren’t that remarkable. I need someone who can fulfill the job and generate leads for my business.
You - I don't know if this is going to make a difference or not but let’s suppose we could establish a clear scope of work that I could guarantee to meet a deadline every single day. If I miss the deadline, you would deduct 10% of my fee. Would you not be interested in anything like that?

Prospect - Yeah, I would. of course!

It is important to greet customers properly and sympathize with their conditions. The key to handling this objection is to identify his issues first and then prevent them from happening again. Make your prospect comfortable in this situation.

You can take the help of this script in situations where; a higher price is charged than usual when the services are not delivered on time.

Situation 9 – Customer is irritated due to repetitive calls from sales agents.

Every telecaller has to face these issues in their job role. Let’s learn how you can handle this situation in a very respectable and polite manner to leave a positive impression.

Caller - Hello (customer name), I am calling from (company name).
Prospect - How many times have I told you to not call here, don't you understand

Caller - I am sorry to bother you (customer name). I have called you to congratulate you on your new business establishment.

Try to make some room first by saying some unexpected things. Focus on developing some relations and building trust. Do not try to pitch.

You can take the help of this script when prospects say not interested, or while chasing dormant customers.

In this situation, you have to deal with patience. Make him comfortable and never pitch your products and services to such prospects unless he shows some interest.

Pro Tip: Get a call management software it will provide you with a central dashboard and lead info so you know which lead has been connected with when and what’s the next step.

Situation 10 – When a prospect says, I don’t have time to meet with you

When you are calling prospects like CEOs and directors to get their appointment they say, I have no time. Most amateur salespeople will say, oh okay, I am flexible and arrange my time to accommodate yours. This is not required. Let’s see how you can practice.

Agent - Good morning/afternoon, (your name) calling from (company name). 
Prospect - What is in regard to?

Agent - Sir/Ma’am, we are a facility management company. Share your do’s and mention that you are seeking an appointment.
Prospect - I am busy and I do not have time for a meeting.

You - Mr.Prospect, I understand you are too busy to meet with me because I am busy also. Maybe you are saying this because you are not sure if I can provide enough value during our appointment for you to take time away from your busy schedule.
Prospect - Yeah, that’s exactly what I am thinking.

It is not necessary that customers will show their positive side on the first call. Hence, it’s on you how and when you are pressing their pain points. Try to respect his time and your time too. This shows you are not hungry or desperate being a professional.
The same script or dialogues can be used in various situations but should be revised based on the prospect’s response. However, you need to make sure to be optimistic when dealing with prospects.

Situation 11 – Seek a referral

Agent – Give a warm greeting to the customer. We are celebrating the 10th anniversary of our company. (Customer name), we would like to convey our gratitude and appreciation for trusting our services.
Customer – okay, congratulations.

Agent – I hope you have been enjoying our services all these years. Please feel free to discuss if there is anything we can do for you.

Customer – No

Agent – On this day, I would like to ask a small favour from you (Customer name). Can you please suggest someone from your friends and family who you think can benefit from our services?

Customer – I am not sure, I will have to see.

Agent – Sure, no problem. I will be sending you a referral code in your email that you can share with your circle to earn rewards and credits.

Seeking a referral from your loyal customer is always fruitful for getting a new lead. Also, it builds more trust and relationships.

Don’t let your customer feel that you are hunting and desperate for a new lead. Keep the conversation casual.

Situation 12 – How to drive results from your follow-up call

Agent - Greetings first.

Prospect - What do you want today, we told you to wait for our call back.

Agent - Mr. Prospect, I have been waiting for your call but I assume sparing some time on call could be a little difficult for you. That is why I am calling you after 2 weeks to check if I can get 2 minutes of yours.

Prospect - I have been consistently busy with my work. Yes, tell me what is it?

Agent- I have done some research and I want to pass on some great ideas for your business to add value.
(In these 2 minutes, you have to ask a couple of questions related to his business which can help you to know his interest)

When you make follow-up calls, never sound like a salesperson or desperate. Act like you are here to solve a prospect’s problem.

You can use this script when customers say not interested when they are busy and not in the mood to hear your sales pitch. It can be used for both cold prospects and regular customers to pitch new products and services.

Such calls can turn out to be result-driven. Never indicate to your prospect or customer that it’s a follow-up call.

Situation 13 – Out of the blues situation

When a customer asks something and you don’t know its answer.

Customer - Do you know how to replace or amend some information from the websites?
Agent - Of Course, please allow me some time to check in our system.

Customer - Sure, no problem.
Agent - Unfortunately, I am not able to find a resolution to your concern in our system. I request you to please give me a little more time to research and check with my team. As soon as I gather some intel, I will call you back asap.

So many times you will get such queries that can be out of your domain or either belong to another department. In that case, you can take the help of this script.

Never say no directly. It can be disappointing for a customer. Try if you can find out the answer to his question. If not, tell him that you will find the information and call him back, even if you don’t know the answer still it is recommended to call and inform him.

Situation 14 – Handle complaints

Complaints and grievances may sound dangerous but it is the best part of the industry to handle and resolve. How can you excel in problem-solving, let’s take the help of the below script where customers received the damaged goods.

How to Handle complaints

Customer - You think I am a fool here spending lots of money with your website.
You- Please accept my sincere apologies for the inconvenience caused to you (customer name). Can I please ask you to elaborate on your concern so I can help you with its resolution?

Customer - I placed an order and I received it today but when I checked the item, it was not the one I ordered.
You- Could I please keep you on hold while I check all your details?

Customer - Go on.
You - Mr. Prospect, I am sorry to keep you waiting. Our courier company accidentally delivered the wrong item to your doorstep. Rest assured, I request you to go on your order transaction history and simply select the option, return. Meanwhile, I will check out with the courier company to deliver your product today. 
In the future, we will ensure to not repeat such mistakes. I hope I am able to resolve your concern.
Is there anything else I can help you with?

Customer - That's it!
You - politely end the call.

This script can mostly be used in complaints-related situations. Order is incorrect, received damaged product, late order delivery, coupons are not valid, etc.

It is necessary to do research within your system first and then provide its resolution. This script can be helpful for customer service executives in the e-commerce business.

Situation 15 – Art of closing the call

Three things can be gained from a sales conversation;
Yes – When you successfully close the deal.
No – When a prospect says no.
A lesson – Some will say yes, some will say no but what is important? Someone next is waiting for you.

Why use scripts?

  1. Eliminate errors.
  2. Balance consistency and confidence.
  3. Effective customer support.

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