Use TeleCRM the Simplest Cloud-Based CRM Software

Use TeleCRM the Simplest Cloud-Based CRM Software

to safely store all your calling operations data and access it from anywhere..

Why use TeleCRM - cloud-based CRM?

Because excel sheets get lost or are stolen/copied by team members. Whereas TeleCRM ensures easy & secure access, only for the right people.

Safety of google encryption

Safety of google encryption

TeleCRM keeps all your data safe and secure. With an option to log in with your Google account or email/password.

Complete control on who can access

Complete control on who can access

You decide everything

When to share & when to revoke access ✅
Who to share access with ✅
Access levels - admin/manager/caller ✅
And when to invite/delete any user ✅

Multi-layer access management

Multi-layer access management

🔑 Admin: can access all the data
👤 Manager: can only access data of people under him
📞 Telecaller: can only access his own data

Ability to check stats from anywhere

Ability to check stats from anywhere

Check reports and leaderboard anytime from desktop or app

No need to manage leads data in files and folders

No need to manage leads data in files and folders

Upload and keep all your leads' data safe and secure in a single dashboard on TeleCRM

Unbeatable price, unlimited value

Unbeatable price, unlimited value

With features like real-time reporting, leaderboard, accurate call tracking, call recording, etc TeleCRM gives you unlimited value at an unbeatable price

Once you are confident that it's the right choice for you, you can go for the quarterly or annual payment and get attractive discounts.

Ready to give TeleCRM's Cloud-Based CRM a try?



Cloud based CRM stands for customer relationship management software. In cloud-based CRM all the data is stored in safe and secure cloud server. It allows access from anywhere and limits the risk of data loss/theft.

Normal exccel based CRMs are only minor automations in excel sheets that do not offer the wide range of functionalities like reminders, reports and leaderboard that are easily available on the right cloud-based CRM.

Just book a demo and the sales team will call you an answer any questions that you have before you can proceed with the trial!

Reasons to use Cloud-Based CRM

Never have to worry about data loss or theft

Because you have complete control of adding/removing users and deciding what level and data they can access. Hence you can rest assured that there is no risk of any massive data loss or theft.

Upload and distribute leads from anywhere

Since it's a cloud-based CRM you can log in from anywhere and upload & distribute leads to your team members.

See, manage, and control your team on the go

You can check the working status and reports for every team member from your mobile device itself.

The entire team works in sync - so there is no chance of a mistake or error.

Plus you get real-time updates of all activities in the app on your mobile device.


About Cloud-Based CRM

"We are making entire calling team of 15 members remote thanks to the accurate tracking and reporting of TeleCRM."

Harsh Vora
Jewelry insurance Provider, IFFCO- Tokio

"TeleCRM saves me 60k/mo in terms of time that I used to spend every day in managing my calling team. Now I just look at the reports on Saturday evening and have a call with my calling team on Monday morning."

Aayush Singh Sengar
Founder, tutor101