Best Sales CRM Software for Ambitious Teams

March 8, 2023

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Best Sales CRM Software
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If you are here, it means you’re on business. Either there’s a problem that you wanna solve or you are stuck and want to grow.
Either way, why do you need a Sales CRM?

Sure, it can help you communicate better with your customers, but why does it matter so much?

What do you stand to lose as a business owner if you don’t have the right CRM?

Let’s look at Ranjeet’s example:

Case Study – Ranjeet, Founder Arshi GPS

Ranjeet is the founder of Arshi GPS and he lost 3 deals purely due to missed follow-ups.

You might say: It’s just three deals! But your competitors don’t just steal three deals they steal three customers and all the future revenue from those three customers. Plus, you also lose on all the leads that these customers might refer to you in the future. This builds up your reputation as a non-serious business.

Ranjeet here has a 4 member calling team. What if you are working with a bigger team? Ranjeet is on a linear growth curve. What if you wanna grow fast and need to scale? You can’t do that unless these basic systems are sorted.

That’s where the right Sales CRM can give you the wings that your business needs to fly.

There are 2 ways to grow your business

  1. Solve the problems that stand in the way of your business’s growth
    Here the right CRM can be the tool for solving those problems
  2. Implement the initiatives, needed for your business to grow
    Here the right CRM can give you the necessary capabilities needed for implementing those growth initiatives.

What are the problems that your sales CRM needs to solve

Taking care of the basics

Lead capture from all sources in one place

Because manually managing leads from 15 platforms is a waste of time that can be used to grow your business.
Effortlessly get leads from everywhere in one place, contact leads faster, and close more deals.

Follow-up reminders

Follow-up reminders

Because missed follow-ups = lost deals.
Never miss a follow-up, Become their first and only choice.
Your business cannot grow without the best effort from every team member



Because you need need to know if your people are doing their job and who is doing the best.
Access your entire team’s performance from anywhere.

Caller tracking

Caller tracking

Because of important data that nobody wants to log in or enter manually.
You can automatically log calls and durations in CRM.

Caller campaign progress tracking

Because after assigning tasks, you have to make sure that team members are on track.
Check percentage completion progress and detailed breakdown of any calling list.

Report charts

Report charts

Because as a business owner, you need to know what’s happening at any point in time.
Get hour-by-hour calls, time, and sales closed reports.
You can’t close a deal without knowing what the prospect wants

Call recording

call recording

Because without tracking you can’t know if they are actually working or just pretending.
With Telecrm every conversation is recorded, and you can access it from anywhere at any time.

Call logs capture

Because if your team members don’t have all the information, it leads to miscommunication.
See exactly how many interactions any lead has had with the entire team.

Website visit capture

Because with website visit data you can predict and sell better.
Track every interaction of any lead on your website.

WhatsApp incoming/outgoing messages logging in CRM

Because the entire thing needs to be on the same page.
Capture WhatsApp leads and conversations with the entire team on one dashboard.

Omni-channel communication with leads – to contact your leads where they are.

FB Lead/Insta Google lead capture

FB Lead/Insta google lead capture

Because your leads come from multiple sources and you need to take care of them immediately, no matter where they come from.
Instantly connect with leads from multiple platforms, and close more deals.

1-click WhatsApp/SMS/Email

1-click WhatsApp/SMS/Email in sales crm

Because you need to reach your customers where they are.
Reach them where they are, without requiring any cumbersome integrations.


Because telesales is the easiest way to get direct and live access to your prospects. You just focus on convincing your prospects. Let Telecrm take care of everything else including call tracking, recording, logging, and reporting.

Data and permission management: When your data is secure, you can focus on growth.

Hierarchy management

Because to secure your data you need to limit who can access it.
Define what leads sales reps and managers have access to so that your data never gets leaked.

Permission management

Because limiting what people can do limits the danger of data leakage.
Define who can download or bulk modify leads, secure your data, and run your business with ease and peace of mind.

Add leads from anywhere and keep them in one place.

Single lead: Add Manually, Phone Contacts

Because if you get a lead from a referral you will forget by the time you reach your computer.
With Telecrm you can just drop a call and it will automatically capture the lead from call logs.

Bulk: Upload Excel Sheet

bulk upload excel data in sales crm

Because multiple Excel sheets drive you nuts, Telecrm gives you peace of mind.
Upload all your Excel sheets to Telecrm, remove duplicates in bulk, and easily manage all your leads and data.

Using Sales CRM for growth initiatives

Repetitive tasks are not the best use of your team members’ time.



Because manual calling means confusion and time wastage.
With the autodialer feature in Telecrm, your team saves time in typing numbers and spends in closing the deal.

Automatic welcome messages to new leads on WhatsApp

Automatic welcome messages to new leads on WhatsApp

Because your leads don’t want to wait.
Instantly send them options with automatic WhatsApp messages.

Automatic Scheduling

Because your prospects are busy and they’ll forget you soon.
Automatically send timely updates to leads on WhatsApp, and stay on top of their mind.

Automatically engage your customers even when you are sleeping.

WhatsApp chatbot

Because your leads need answers. They don’t care that you’re sleeping.


Because to close deals you need to regularly send updates to your prospects.
Create a WhatsApp message sequence and watch it generate and close leads for you.

WhatsApp drip marketing

Because every WhatsApp message is checked and nobody reads emails.
Easily set up and send WhatsApp drip campaigns and turn leads into deals with automation.

Effective teamwork is the fastest route to business growth

Track your entire team’s work on a single dashboard

Because if you have to compile 15 reports to check what your team is doing you just won’t.
Know exactly what any team member is doing on a single screen no matter where you are.

Lead transfer

Because your customers hate to repeat themselves.
And now they don’t have to because, with Telecrm, any lead with its entire history can be transferred to another team member with just one click.

WhatsApp notifications for leads

WhatsApp notifications for leads in sales crm

Because contacting leads fast means closing more deals.
Send WhatsApp alerts to sales reps for new leads, contact leads faster, and close more deals.

Hierarchy Management

Because you deserve a CRM that adapts exactly to your workflow.
Map your organization structure directly in the CRM so that you can work on CRM without making any organizational changes.

Permission Management

Because only you have the right to decide who can do what.
Assign roles to people and manage exactly what data they can access and what activities they can perform.

Seamless lead distribution and transfer

Because manually distributing leads from 15 places is not your work.
Automatically capture leads in one place, auto distribute to sales reps so that they can contact them immediately and convince better.

Innovative marketing and growth hacks.

WhatsApp Bulk Marketing

WhatsApp Bulk Marketing in sales crm

Because SMS does not pass DND and nobody reads emails, WhatsApp marketing gets results.
Send WhatsApp marketing blasts to your leads, capture interested leads’ replies, automatically distribute and start calling campaigns on those leads.

Provide the Best-in-class support for your customers.

WhatsApp API support team

Because all the customers constantly check WhatsApp, WhatsApp customer service is a premium experience.
Get all customer queries on a single API number, run your entire support team on WhatsApp, and provide a premium experience to your users

Why is it important to choose the right sales CRM

Sales CRM for employees

  • The right sales CRM can automate the repetitive tasks for your sales reps and telecallers. For example, lead capture
  • When people don’t have to do shitty repetitive tasks, they can focus on important things.
  • Increases overall job satisfaction and the likelihood that they will actually stick with the company.
  • This increases overall productivity, reduces their hassles, leads to fewer mistakes, and builds more trust among telecallers and between telecallers and managers.

Sales CRM for businesses

The right sales CRM has enormous benefits for businesses:

  1. It gives business owners the ability to exactly track what is happening in their business at any point in time. How much are they growing? Where are they stuck? And what are the areas that they need to focus on to improve their growth?
  2. With all the data being tracked accurately comes sites that can unlock great future growth. For example:
    1. Who are our major customers? And how to focus more on that specific group?
    2. Who are the happiest customers? And how can I replicate that experience for the rest of my customers?
    3. What are the common concerns of customers who are unhappy? What systems can be put in place to address those concerns for current and future customers?
      Insights like these can be critical when it comes to developing the understanding required to unlock hidden growth potential
  3. With all the data being tracked it gives the business owners the ability to answer the one critical question – How much money are we going to make next month, next quarter, and next year? This sort of accurate data-backed forecasting can be enormously helpful in making the right business decisions

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Sales CRM for customers

  • Faster first contact: CRM with its alerts makes sure that sales reps contact leads fast. This means your prospects who are stuck with questions get their answers faster.
  • Better overall experience: Since all the past history and data is logged in the CRM the customers and prospects don’t have to repeat themselves again and again, which leads to less frustration and a better overall experience of interacting with a business.
  • Less frustration: Sales CRM with its reminders ensures that sales reps don’t mess up follow-ups which means customers get on-time service as they are promised.
  • Fewer mistakes: From sales teams means a better overall experience for both leads and existing customers


There is no such thing as the best sales CRM, the real question you need to answer is what are the problems that you need to solve, and what is the CRM that helps you solve those problems easily without having to go through hell in customizing the CRM?

In this article, we have covered how you can optimize your current workflow, or how you can implement new initiatives to grow your business rapidly. Plus, we covered in great detail: what are the problems that time the way, and the features that you need in order to tackle those effectively. Telecrm is designed to be the one CRM that takes care of all these problems in one place. You can try for free without any commitments. And you can get started right away! Isn’t that a good enough reason to start using Telecrm today?

Still not convinced?

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What are the best sales CRMs?

1. TeleCRM
2. HubSpot
3. Salesforce
4. Zoho CRM
5. Pipedrive
6. Monday CRM
7. Creatio
8. Salesmate
9. InfoFlo
10. Capsule

What are the critical features of a CRM?

1. Lead Pipeline Management: To know exactly how many leads you have at what stages and what you need to do to meet your sales target.
2. Calls & Sales Reports: To always know and keep track of exactly what your sales reps are doing.
3. Auto Lead Capture & Assignment: So that you don’t have to spend your time managing leads from 15 different platforms.
4. Scheduling & Drip Marketing: So that you can regularly engage your leads and keep them warm without putting in any effort of work.
5. Customizations: Fields, Dashboard & Roles: So that you can build the CRM as per your workflow & requirements.
6. Website Integration: To get a 360° view of exactly who your prospects are and what are they looking for from you.
7. WhatsApp API & Chatbot integration: To enable you to leverage the power of WhatsApp marketing and beat your competitors.
8. 1-Click SMS/WhatsApp/Email: To give you the power to engage your prospects and leads where they are instead of depending on just one channel of communication.
9. Autodialer: So that your team can make more calls and close more deals instead of focusing on manual typing and dialling numbers
10. Call Reminders: So that your team never misses a follow-up call because in sales missed follow-ups mean lost deals.
11. Auto Call Tracking & Recording: Your team can focus on calling leads and closing them while all the data is automatically captured and logged in the CRM to give you an exact view of how much work each team member is doing.

How to select the best sales CRM?

Here are the critical factors when considering implementing a new sales CRM software in your business.
1. Ease of Use: Can your team actually use the CRM in question? It can be the cheapest solution with all the features but if your team can’t use it, it’s pointless.
2. Support: How fast will you get the support that you need when you or your team members get stuck?
3. Pricing: Is it simple? Can you understand? Are there hidden charges? Are they giving you an offer that is too good to be true just to get you in so that they can charge you later on?
4. Updates: How frequently do they send updates? Because every software breaks but the critical question is there a team working full time to fix it when it does?
5. Customizability: Is the solution customizable according to your needs? Because as you grow your needs may change slightly. Can the CRM in question accommodate those changes? Or does the growth of your business depend completely on their development schedule?

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