Here’s How Call Tracking Works to Increase Lead Conversion

March 8, 2023

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What do you think creates more impact?

‘Hello, how did you come to know about us.’ or ‘Hello, you visited our website minutes back, please let us know if you’re looking for so and so..’

In the second approach, you’ve managed to immediately establish a connection with the customer. A feeling of familiarity (I know you and I have done my homework). This makes the customer feel cared for! Sort of like – I am with an expert, he seems to know what he is doing.

Initiating a call like this sets you on track to win the call & the customer.

This is just one example of how you can use accurate and precise data to delight users and create a premium experience!

Another such key data point is precise call tracking. It means automatically and accurately tracking the duration, timing, and sequence of every call made by your sales team.

Looking at leads from the perspective of accurate call durations can help you understand and get a lot of insights about the leads that are relevant and converting better.

This can help you understand what parts of your marketing and sales efforts are working and you can use those insights to optimize your efforts accordingly.

How call tracking works to transform your sales operations:

1️⃣ Improve your ROI

Every marketer wants to know the answer to one question – how to get better ROI?

Especially if you are a small business owner.

One way to drastically reduce your cost and improve your ROI is – to reduce the number of calls missed by your team. Track what are the sources from where you have the most missed calls and work to reduce that number.

Be it websites, Facebook ads the pay-per-click campaigns. Analyzing this information can help in the better determination of the target audience, tweaking your marketing activities and thus making it easy to close more deal

2️⃣ Spend Money on Marketing Campaigns that Work

If you have multiple campaigns running how do you figure out which one to trim and where to increase your budgets?

You use guesswork or gut feeling!

Or, you can call tracking to analyze leads from different sources based on parameters like quality & duration of a call, lead relevance, etc. And use the results to make a data-driven decision.

The best part is you don’t have to put any additional effort into gathering or structuring all the information and data it’s all available by default in TeleCRM Call tracking CRM.

You just have to use it correctly to make the right analysis and come to the right conclusions.

3️⃣ Optimize during peak call time

Ideally, you want a support team to be available 24×7! but it’s impossible for small businesses to manage that(unless you are Dr. Strange).

Dr Strange doing everything as a telecaller meme | how call tracking works
Dr Strange as a telecaller

So here is an alternate approach that works much better. You can use accurate call tracking to get a better sense of what times are the busiest!
As a result, you can

  1. Optimize your team to be available when it’s busiest and,
  2. You can reduce the number of calls missed.

4️⃣ Check the performance of each landing page

Simply posting content on landing pages and rolling out survey forms is not enough until and unless you track, not just the number of visits or the number of calls made, but also how many calls you’re able to generate.
It’s important to maybe have a different number on each landing page which makes it easier for you to keep track of which one is performing the best.

5️⃣ Manage your Staff Appropriately

You may use call tracking’s ability to record calls to see whether your employees are doing a good job communicating with customers and increasing sales conversions.
This allows you to understand

  • What questions do your customers ask,
  • Where their attention is focused, and
  • What their concerns are

This way you can better qualify leads and figure out how to best spend your efforts or marketing budget.

Also when you monitor effectively using the call tracking feature, it can help you enhance the overall quality of your customer support!

It also allows you to evaluate the efficacy of your call handlers. How do clients react to different salespeople or different sales techniques? Rather than teaching employees skills they already know, you may create targets and advise them on the skills that they need to improve on.

how call recording and tracking works in telecrm | how call tracking works
call recording and tracking in TeleCRM

6️⃣ Better customer experience

As a business owner, you cannot talk to each and every customer personally. But still, you want every customer to receive the best service.

And when you track and record every call that your team is making then you have deeper insights into your customers and prospects.

It also helps you make the necessary changes to your sales and service process!


Businesses should not ignore or underestimate the power of call tracking because who knows it might be the missing puzzle to your marketing resources or budget allocations!

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