7 Must-Have Real Estate Marketing Tools in 2024

March 30, 2024

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$40.94 trillion is the expected valuation of the Indian real estate market in 2024. It is growing at a staggering rate and with internet access reaching the nook and corner of the country, everyone with a smartphone can look up properties online. 

What does this mean for your business? The time is ripe to gear up with a capable real estate marketing tool to expand your business further.

Whether you’re looking to capture leads, manage customer relationships or simply stand out in a crowded marketplace through innovative strategies, the right tool can lift your business’s marketing strategies to new heights.

To save you the trouble of scouring the internet for the ideal tool, we have put together a list of 7 must-have marketing tools for your real estate business. We’ll be discussing these tools in detail — their unique features, pricing and overall effectiveness in this blog. Let’s dive right in.

What is a real estate marketing tool?

A real estate marketing tool helps you promote your property listings, manage client interactions and streamline your sales process efficiently. In an industry where timing and presentation are everything, these tools ensure that the right people see your business at the right time.

From sophisticated software that tracks potential buyers to platforms that make your listings shine, these tools are designed to maximise your marketing efforts.

What should you be looking for in a real estate marketing tool?

When scouting for real estate marketing tools, focus on:

  • Ease of use: The tool should be intuitive and straightforward without the need for extensive training

  • Features: Look for features that match your specific needs

  • Pricing: Consider the tool’s cost versus the value it brings

  • Integration: It should seamlessly integrate with other tools you use

  • Customer support: Reliable support is crucial for troubleshooting

7 best real estate marketing tools you should use

There are plenty of real estate marketing tools in the market. Some help with real estate lead generation and management, others with sending bulk text and WhatsApp messages or email marketing. Yet others provide you with features like tele-calling, automated listing and social media posting.

Remember the key is to get a tool that solves all your marketing hurdles and automates most repetitive or manual tasks, thereby helping you boost your property sales in the long term.

1. Telecrm

Telecrm (India’s best CRM for real estate) is a cloud-based marketing automation tool that will help you boost your real estate marketing efforts. It offers a suite of features that can effectively cater to all your business needs, with a focus on WhatsApp and tele-calling.

Additionally, you get comprehensive lead management features, integration capabilities from more than 25 platforms and mobile accessibility. All of this at an affordable price.

Key features

Telecrm’s feature set is designed to cover every aspect of your real estate business:

  • WhatsApp CRM: Elevate WhatsApp from a simple messaging app to a formidable sales tool. Capture leads automatically, engage in personalised messaging, utilise chatbot support for quick responses, schedule messages and conduct bulk messaging campaigns.

  • Autodialer: Increase your call volume and enhance the efficiency of deal closures with the autodialer feature, eliminating the need to dial numbers manually.

  • Automatic call recording: Record calls for quality assurance, training or resolving any issues, ensuring a high standard of service. (Only available on Samsung smartphones.)

  • Follow-up reminders: Automate your follow-up process, ensuring you never miss an opportunity to reconnect with potential buyers or sellers.

  • Click-to-call: Initiate calls from the web app by simply clicking on the call button and the number will be dialled automatically from your smartphone, reducing manual dialling efforts.

  • Leaderboard and custom reports: Gain insights into your team’s performance with Telecrm’s leaderboard feature and customise reports to focus on the metrics that matter most, enabling data-driven decisions to boost your sales and real estate marketing strategy.

  • Automatic lead distribution: Distribute leads automatically based on predefined parameters, ensuring leads are quickly assigned to the right team member for follow-up.

  • Excel upload: Import data seamlessly, making it easy to migrate leads and client information into Telecrm.

  • Integrations: Connect with over 25 platforms such as WooCommerce, JustDial and IndiaMart, enabling central data management.

Mobile accessibility: Your sales office on the go

Telecrm’s mobile CRM capabilities ensure you’re always connected, whether you are in your office or out in the field. The Mobile CRM feature allows you to access critical information, connect sales reps with leads, schedule follow-ups and view performance reports from your mobile device.

No matter where you are, the Mobile CRM not only helps enhance the overall responsiveness and agility of your team but also gives you the accessibility to make informed decisions or adjustments to your strategies by generating comprehensive reports directly from your mobile device.


Enjoy all the features of Telecrm without worrying about hidden costs. With its clear, affordable pricing structure, you can choose what works best for your team — be it the core CRM, core CRM + WhatsApp chat sync or a custom plan for larger teams.

Core CRM

  1. Quarterly: ₹849/per user/per month

  2. Yearly: ₹599/per user/per month

Core CRM + WhatsApp chat sync

  1. Quarterly: ₹1049/per user/per month

  2. Yearly: ₹749/per user/per month

Custom plan: Best suited for businesses having 50 or more team members.

Customer Review

“The Best CRM, Sales & WhatsApp automation! I have been using it for a year now and have recommended it to all my clients! And yes, the support is top-notch and instant; competitors are losing their market share to Telecrm. Kudos to the team!”

– Monish Valecha

Rating: 4.6 on Google Reviews

Overall verdict

Telecrm is one of the best real estate marketing tools you will find in the market that’s also rated highly among the lead generation tools. Its features, including real estate lead management, automated follow-ups, efficient communication through calling and WhatsApp messaging, along with integrations from more than 25+ platforms, make it a powerful tool for increasing visibility, engaging potential clients and ultimately closing more deals.

2. Leadsquared

LeadSquared CRM is a dynamic real estate marketing tool that's perfectly adapted to meet the complex demands of the real estate market. 

LeadSquared CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is a dynamic real estate marketing tool that’s perfectly adapted to meet the complex demands of the real estate market. 

Known for its ability to streamline sales operations and enhance lead management, LeadSquared stands as a vital asset for real estate businesses aiming to ramp up their sales efforts and keep pace with the evolving market.

Key features 

  • Lead capture and management: Automatically capture leads from all your marketing channels into one centralised system. LeadSquared ensures that every potential buyer or seller is tracked and managed effectively, from initial contact to deal closure.

  • Automated lead nurturing: Keep your prospects engaged with automated email and SMS campaigns tailored to their interests and behaviours. This keeps your listings top of mind and moves leads closer to a purchase decision.

  • Customisable sales processes: LeadSquared adapts to match the specific requirements. Whether dealing with residential, commercial or rental properties, you can customise the CRM according to your use cases to streamline your sales cycle.

  • Insightful analytics and reporting: LeadSquared’s advanced analytics and reporting tools help you stay informed. Understand where your leads are coming from, which marketing efforts are most effective and how your sales team is performing.

  • Efficient team collaboration: Enhance team productivity with tools designed for collaboration. With LeadSquared, you can assign tasks, track progress and ensure everyone is aligned on their goals and activities.


Leadsquared has a clear and simple pricing structure:

  1. Lite: ₹1250/per user/per month (billed annually)

  2. Pro: ₹2500/per user/per month (billed annually)

  3. Super: ₹5000/per user/per month (billed annually)

  4. Ultimate: This is a customisable plan for enterprise-level organisations that want to scale and optimise according to their team size.

Customer Review

Serves the purpose this app is designed for. Have been using it for the last four years and have been able to absolutely close more deals than before. Team performance and productivity have been a top notch ever since they started using the LeadSquared app. Highly recommend to whosoever wants to scale their sales. Huge shoutout to the LeadSquared team.”

Arbaz Jawed

Rating: 4.7/5 on Google Play

Overall verdict

LeadSquared is more than just a CRM; it’s a comprehensive platform designed to support the multifaceted nature of real estate sales. From lead capture and management to closing deals faster and more efficiently, LeadSquared provides you with the tools you need to succeed in a competitive market.

3. Pipedrive

Pipedrive is engineered to boost the efficiency and productivity of your real estate business with its dynamic sales management tool.

Pipedrive is engineered to boost the efficiency and productivity of your real estate business with its dynamic sales management tool. This CRM platform stands out for its user-friendly interface and powerful features designed to streamline your sales pipeline and drive deals to closure faster.

Key features

  • Detailed sales pipeline management: Pipedrive shines with its visual sales pipeline, offering a clear overview of the stages of your sales. You can customise these stages according to your real estate sales processes, from initial contact to closing of the deal.

  • Activity and goal tracking: Manage tasks and appointments easily by setting goals for your team and tracking progress. Stay on top of your activities with Pipedrive’s comprehensive tracking system.

  • Email integration and tracking: Integrate your email with Pipedrive to send and receive messages directly within the CRM. This level of centralisation helps you get an idea of the interest level of your prospects, allowing you to tailor your follow-up communication strategies effectively.

  • Automation of mundane tasks: Automate repetitive tasks with Pipedrive’s automation feature. From sending follow-up emails to updating deal statuses, automation saves precious time that you can redirect towards more strategic activities.

  • Enhanced lead management: Capture leads directly with Pipedrive’s web forms and chatbot features. Automatically qualify and distribute leads to the right team members based on custom rules, ensuring fast and effective follow-up.


Pipedrive offers five different types of pricing plans for their users:

  1. Essential: $11.90 per user per month when billed monthly

  2. Advanced: $24.90 per user per month when billed monthly

  3. Professional: $49.90 per user per month when billed monthly

  4. Power: $59.90 per user per month when billed monthly

  5. Enterprise: $74.90 per user per month when billed monthly

The yearly billed models cost a bit cheaper:

  1. Essential: $9.90 per user per month 

  2. Advanced:$19.90 per user per month 

  3. Professional: $39.90 per user per month 

  4. Power: $49.90 per user per month 

  5. Enterprise: $59.90 per user per month 

Customer Review

Very good overall. Be better if you could click into a person, do whatever, and return to where you were in the People list without having to scroll all the way down each time. Great you can log phone calls, updated to the main Pipedrive. Great to be able to update almost everything through a phone app. Could do with a simple business card scanner to help with adding contacts.”

Jonathan H.

Rating: 3.8/5 on Google Play

Overall verdict

Pipedrive is an indispensable tool for real estate professionals looking to optimise their sales process and drive pipeline growth. Its user-friendly interface, powerful sales management and automation features make it a top choice if you’re looking to enhance your operational efficiency and clock higher sales.

4. ClickUp

ClickUp is not just another task management tool; it's a versatile platform designed to consolidate all your real estate business operations under one roof.

ClickUp is not just another task management tool; it’s a versatile platform designed to consolidate all your real estate business operations under one roof. 

Known for its flexibility and comprehensive feature set, ClickUp enables real estate professionals to manage projects, collaborate with teams and track every detail of their sales process with precision.

Key features

  • Customisable task management: With ClickUp, you can tailor task management to fit the specific needs of your real estate operations. Create custom views, statuses and workflows to reflect different stages of your sales and marketing efforts, property listings, client onboarding and more.

  • Real-time collaboration and communication: Enhance teamwork with ClickUp’s built-in communication tools, allowing for real-time updates, comments and document sharing.

  • Integrated calendar and scheduling: ClickUp’s calendar feature makes it easy to schedule viewings, meetings and follow-ups. Integrate with Google Calendar or other scheduling tools to have all your appointments in one place, ensuring you never miss an important engagement.

  • Time tracking for accountability: Monitor how much time is spent on various tasks and projects with ClickUp’s time tracking feature. 


ClickUp offers three different types of pricing structures. 

  1. When billed monthly –

  • Free Forever Plan

  • Unlimited: $10 per user per month

  • Business: $19 per user per month

  1. When billed yearly –

  • Free Forever Plan

  • Unlimited: $7 per user per month

  • Business: $12 per user per month

For the Enterprise plan, reach out to the ClickUp team to get a quotation according to your business’s size and needs.

Customer Review

Based on the initial experience, I’m giving it 4 stars. A good, intuitive UI with dark mode. Desktop app is better to create tasks, and this one help us keep track of the project and our to do list. Still better than other project management apps. At the same time, time tracking is terrible on the desktop app. I wish if there was a separate time tracking app, something like Toggl. I had no idea how lists and folders worked. But once I read the support articles, everything went great.”

– Naseef Kottakkal

Rating: 3.7/5 on Google Play

Overall verdict

ClickUp is a real game-changer for anyone in real estate looking to keep things tight and moving smoothly. You can tweak it to fit exactly what you need, whether it’s tracking sales, getting your team to work better together or making sure no meeting or property viewing gets missed. And with its time tracking feature, you’ll know exactly where your precious time is being spent. The pricing’s pretty straightforward, too, with options that fit whether you’re flying solo or running a bigger operation. 

5. MailChimp

MailChimp stands out in the digital marketing tools space as a versatile email marketing platform.

MailChimp stands out in the digital marketing tools space as a versatile email marketing platform. It is especially beneficial for real estate professionals looking to connect with their audience through personalised and targeted email campaigns.

The user-friendly interface, combined with powerful automation and analytics features, makes MailChimp an indispensable tool for real estate marketing strategies.

Key features

  • Simplified email campaign management: MailChimp enables real estate agents and marketers to easily design, send and track email campaigns. Whether it’s about showcasing new listings, sharing market insights or sending out newsletters, MailChimp’s drag-and-drop email builder and a wide array of templates make crafting professional-looking emails simpler.

  • Advanced segmentation for personalised messaging: With MailChimp, you can segment your audience based on their preferences, behaviours or past interactions with your content. 

  • Automation to streamline communication: With MailChimp’s automation tools, set up automated welcome emails for new subscribers, birthday messages or follow-up emails based on recipient actions.

  • Insightful analytics for data-driven decisions: MailChimp provides detailed reports and analytics on the performance of your email campaigns, including open rates, click-through rates and conversions.

  • Integration with CRM and other tools: Integrate MailChimp seamlessly with your CRM system and other marketing tools, ensuring a smooth flow of data across platforms and allowing you to maintain updated subscriber lists and trigger targeted campaigns based on specific criteria.


MailChimp’s pricing model depends upon the number of contacts you want to reach.

The basic plan starts with 500 contacts and for that, you’ll be charged:

  1. Free: ₹0

  2. Essentials: ₹385 per month for 12 months

  3. Standard: ₹575 per month for 12 months

  4. Premium: ₹11,500 per month for 12 months

Customer Review

Really blown away by the features this software offers! It’s done so much for my small mom & pop company over this past month that I’ve used it. I get a little bit confused by some wording choices and structure, BUT I’m terrible with technology and get frustrated easily. I can say that everything I needed from the software has proven to be incredibly successful, plus other neat things it offers that I use. Highly recommend it!”

– Misti Tadlock

Rating: 4.1/5 on Play Store

Overall verdict

MailChimp revolutionises how real estate professionals approach email marketing, offering a comprehensive set of tools to create, send and analyse email campaigns effectively. Its emphasis on ease of use, personalisation and automation makes it a powerful ally in building relationships with clients and driving sales.

6. Bitrix24

Bitrix24 has a wide range of features tailored to streamline and enhance the operational efficiency of real estate businesses. 

Bitrix24 has a wide range of features tailored to streamline and enhance the operational efficiency of real estate businesses. 

With tools for CRM, property management systems, communication and collaboration all under one roof, Bitrix24 simplifies managing every aspect of your real estate operations, from lead management to closing high-value deals.

Key features

  • Unified CRM system: Bitrix24’s CRM is designed to manage all your real estate leads, contacts and transactions in one place. Track interactions, manage deals through customisable pipelines and automate routine tasks to focus more on engaging clients and closing sales.

  • Efficient project management: Organise and track all your real estate projects with Bitrix24’s project management tools. Create tasks, set deadlines and assign responsibilities to ensure every project progresses on schedule.

  • Streamlined communication channels: Bitrix24 facilitates communication within your team and with clients through a suite of tools, including chat, video calls and group discussions. Bitrix24 ensures you can communicate effectively, no matter where you are.

  • Collaboration made easy: Share documents, schedule meetings and collaborate on files in real time, ensuring every stakeholder is on the same page.

  • Insightful analytics and reporting: Gain valuable insights into your business operations with Bitrix24’s comprehensive reporting tools, from sales performance and marketing campaign effectiveness to project completion rates.


Bitrix24 like others have a similar pricing structure.

Billed monthly:

  • Basic: ₹1,990 for 5 users

  • Standard: ₹4,990 for 50 users

  • Professional: ₹9,990 for 100 users

  • Enterprise: ₹19,990 for 250 users

Billed yearly:

  • Basic: ₹1,590 for 5 users

  • Standard: ₹3,990 for 50 users

  • Professional: ₹7,990 for 100 users

  • Enterprise: ₹15,990 for 250 users

Customer Review

I love more than what I dislike about Bitrix. I wish there was 2-way sms in the CRM contact. Also, as others mention, the app could be better but I am glad they even have an app that is front facing of the web version. Would I recommend it, yes but be a bit tech savvy and have time to set everything up. After you have stuff set up the way you want, it’s great, fantastic even.”

– Eric Brown

Rating: 3.8/5 on Play Store

Overall verdict

Bitrix24 really packs a punch for real estate pros who want everything in one place. From keeping track of all your leads and deals directly from your CRM, managing projects from start to finish to chatting and video calling with your team and clients — you can do it all with this application. Plus, sharing files with stakeholders is easy. 

Bitrix24 app even has built-in analytics that give you the complete lowdown on how your business is doing so you can keep tweaking things to get even better results. 

All in all, Bitrix24 is a solid choice if you’re looking to streamline your workflow, boost team productivity and close more deals.

7. AnarockCRM

AnarockCRM emerges as a real estate marketing tool meticulously crafted for the real estate sector

AnarockCRM emerges as a real estate marketing tool meticulously crafted for the real estate sector, aiming to transform the way real estate businesses manage their operations, from lead capture to closure of deals.

Its comprehensive suite of features is designed to cater specifically to the needs of real estate professionals, offering tools that enhance efficiency, improve client engagement and drive sales.

Key features

  • Real estate-specific CRM features: AnarockCRM offers a CRM system that’s a good fit for real estate needs. You can track property listings, manage client inquiries and handle transactions all in one place.

  • Automated communication for engaging prospects: Keep your prospects engaged with automated email and SMS campaigns tailored to their interests and behaviours. Set up automated workflows to send personalised property recommendations, market updates or appointment reminders.

  • Collaboration tools to enhance team productivity: Facilitate better collaboration within your team with AnarockCRM’s built-in communication and task management tools, share information, assign tasks and track progress on deals and projects.

  • Customisation to fit your business needs: Set up AnarockCRM to match your specific business requirements. Customise fields, pipelines and workflows to reflect your real estate operations accurately.

  • Integration with real estate platforms and tools: Seamlessly integrate AnarockCRM with a wide range of real estate platforms and business tools, from property listing sites to marketing and communication platforms.


The AnarockCRM has two types of pricing

  1. On Anarock Servers
  2. On Self Servers

both of them start at 1200 onwards. However, they have different setups and licence costs depending on team size. Refer to the table below for a better understanding:

Note: These costs also vary depending on whether you get Anarock on their servers or your own servers.

Customer Review

“App has good updated features and also the team connected with me personally to solve issues, which I really appreciate.”

– Harshita Shekhawat

Rating: 4.1/5 on Play Store.

Overall verdict

AnarockCRM really nails it for those in the real estate game. It’s built just for this industry, helping you manage everything from the first hello to sealing the deal. It’s packed with features that make your day-to-day smoother, like automating those emails and texts to keep prospects hooked, making teamwork a breeze and letting you tweak things so they fit your business just right. Plus, hooking it up with other real estate tools you use is simple. 

Bottom line: AnarockCRM is a solid pick if you’re looking to boost efficiency, amp up client engagement and get more sales across the line in real estate.

Pro Tip: Read out the 15 best real estate calling scripts article, if you are not happy with the results your sales team calling efforts are generating right now.

Wrapping up

As the Indian real estate industry continues to grow and evolve, embracing the right marketing tools is essential for real estate professionals looking to stay ahead. These tools streamline operations and enable effective engagement with potential clients, ensuring your listings get the attention they deserve in a crowded marketplace.

Here are the primary takeaways from our exploration of the top real estate marketing tools for 2024:

  • Automation and efficiency: Tools like TeleCRM (Real estate CRM) and LeadSquared automate repetitive tasks, freeing up time for more strategic activities that can lead to higher sales conversion rates

  • Customisation and integration: Platforms such as Pipedrive and ClickUp offer customisation options and seamless integration with other tools, ensuring a smooth workflow tailored to your business’s unique needs

  • Data-driven decisions: With advanced analytics features in AnarockCRM, MailChimp and Bitrix24, real estate professionals can make informed decisions, optimising their marketing strategies for better outcomes

As the market grows, staying updated with the latest tools and technologies will be key to achieving continued success in this competitive industry.

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