9 Best CRM for Real Estate in 2024 and Beyond

April 20, 2024

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Best CRM for Real Estate
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The real estate business is all about connections. Whether it’s about reaching out to new clients or keeping in touch with the old ones, everything matters. But let’s be honest, the old ways of juggling spreadsheets, sticky notes and endless emails just don’t cut it anymore. You just need to pick a good customer relationship management (CRM) software for better and improved operations. In this guide, we have covered the best CRM for real estate along with their features, pricing and added a few tips on choosing the right CRM for your business.

What is real estate CRM?

A real estate CRM is software designed specifically for professionals to help in real estate lead generation and management, customer interactions, sales processes and after-sales service efficiently. Tracking interactions and streamlining sales efforts becomes easier with CRM as it acts as a central repository for all client information.

Why do you need a CRM for your real estate business?

In real estate, staying organised and making each client feel special is key to winning big. To achieve this, you need a CRM software that excels in the following departments:

Lead management

A CRM helps keep track of every person who might want to buy or sell a property through you. It reminds you to follow up, tells you what they’re looking for and ensures you are always on top of your game. This means every lead gets the attention they deserve and you’re not wasting any opportunity of selling, making your real estate lead management process more streamlined.

Client relationship

Your clients want to feel special and not be just another name in your contact list. They want to be given preferences, special privileges, etc. With a CRM, you can remember the finer details – like a preferred locality for their property, the fact that they need a daycare for their child or even their anniversary. It helps you tailor your interactions and show that you genuinely care, building stronger relationships and attracting new customers as happy clients are likelier to recommend you to others.

Streamlined operations

The day-to-day stuff can get tedious sometimes. What if you could automate routine tasks like sending out new listings, appointment reminders or follow-up emails? A CRM takes these time-consuming tasks off your plate, freeing you up to focus on what you do best: closing deals and making your clients happy.


While a CRM cannot predict the future, it comes pretty close by giving you comprehensive data about your sales, best-performing marketing campaigns and where your leads are coming from. This way you can see what’s working and what’s not and adjust your strategy accordingly to ensure higher conversions.

What to look for in real estate CRM

When scouting for a CRM to streamline your business operations, look for these five must-have features.

  1. User-friendliness: You need a CRM that’s easy to navigate because you ought to be spending your time closing deals, not decoding software.

  2. Real estate-ready: It should be built with real estate in mind, understanding the ins and outs of your daily grind.

  3. Mobile access: As a real estate professional, you need to get a CRM that keeps up with your on-the-go lifestyle by providing you with a mobile app.

  4. Automation: The more tasks you can automate, the better your productivity. It needs to handle tasks like follow-ups and scheduling on its own, letting you focus on what matters most — selling properties.

  5. Integration capabilities: It has to work seamlessly with the other tools in your tech stack.

9 best CRM for real estate to give your real estate business a boost in 2024

Now let’s dive into the meat of the article — the top nine real estate CRM solutions that are not just changing how businesses operate but also helping in establishing them as exemplary brands of the real estate industry.

1. Telecrm

TeleCRM (India's best real estate crm software) gets the job done through features like autodialer, lead management etc.

If you work in real estate and need something to make your life easier, Telecrm (India’s best real estate CRM) is what you need. It’s easy to use and gets the job done by helping you manage calls, follow-ups and everything in between.

Designed with small and medium businesses in mind, Telecrm can help handle all your leads without putting a strain on your resources since it’s loaded with useful features. Plus, it works with WhatsApp and integrates with more than 25 third-party tools, making it easier for you to incorporate it into your workflows.

Notable features

  • Autodialer: streamlines calling processes through automatic dialling which improves your conversion rate

  • WhatsApp CRM integration: centralises WhatsApp chats, automates messages and captures leads directly from conversations, making WhatsApp a powerful lead management tool

  • Follow-up reminders: ensures your team never misses a beat with automated reminders for crucial follow-ups, keeping your lead engagement consistent

  • Call recording: offers invaluable insights into customer interactions and team performance, serving as a resource for training and dispute resolution

  • Lead management: from capturing to closing leads, efficiently manage your sales pipeline in a centralised system

  • Customisable workflows: tailor your existing workflows to automate repetitive tasks, allowing your team to concentrate on high-value activities

  • Comprehensive customisations: customise lead fields, statuses, templates and more to make your sales teams more agile

  • Real-time insights and reporting: detailed analytics and custom KPIs help you make informed decisions and optimise your sales strategies


You will get full access to everything Telecrm has to offer without the stress of unexpected or hidden fees. Its straightforward and reasonable pricing lets you pick the perfect plan for your team — whether that’s the basic CRM package, the CRM with WhatsApp chat integration or a tailored option for bigger teams.

Core CRM

  1. Quarterly: ₹849 per user per month

  2. Yearly: ₹599 per user per month

Core CRM + WhatsApp chat sync

  1. Quarterly: ₹1049 per user per month

  2. Yearly: ₹749 per user per month

Custom plan: Best suited for businesses having 50 or more team members.

Final verdict

Telecrm is a great choice for Indian real estate businesses. It’s intuitive and helps you manage leads and calls without any hassle. It’s built for small and medium businesses, making everything from calling to lead management easier.

With features like autodialer and WhatsApp messages, it’s got what you need to stay on top of your game. The pricing is straightforward, so no surprises there. If you’re in real estate and need a CRM that gets the job done, then Telecrm is worth checking out.

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2. Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM is a versatile tool that stands out for its ability to adapt to the varying needs of real estate businesses, big or small

Zoho CRM is a versatile tool that stands out for its ability to adapt to the varying needs of real estate businesses, big or small. Known for its flexibility and comprehensive features, it helps you manage leads, automate workflows and analyse your success with ease.

Notable features

  • Customisable dashboards: keep an eye on your business metrics using dashboards you can tailor to your needs

  • Integration capabilities: works seamlessly with a wide array of Zoho apps and external tools (that you can buy from the Zoho Marketplace), ensuring the optimal functioning of your tech stack

  • Team collaboration anywhere: use Feeds for a live timeline to talk about deals, share ideas or make announcements while staying connected with your team

  • Zia – Zoho’s AI: get smart insights and predictions to help prioritise tasks and leads effectively

  • Invoice and bill management: send customised emails and invoices by quickly generating quotes, invoices and bills right within the application 


  • Standard Plan: At ₹800 per user per month, when billed annually

  • Professional Plan: Priced at ₹1,400 per user per month, when billed annually

  • Enterprise Plan (Most Popular): ₹2,400 per user per month, when billed annually

  • Ultimate Plan: For ₹2,600 per user per month, when billed annually

Final verdict

Zoho CRM is a solid choice for anyone in real estate looking to get organised and grow their business. It’s easy to use, lets you manage deals on the go and keeps your team connected no matter where they are. With plans that cater to different needs and budgets, including a 15-day free trial, Zoho CRM has everything you need to improve your sales and customer relationships.

3. Hubspot

HubSpot CRM is perfect for real estate agents who want a simple way to keep track of their sales and clients

HubSpot CRM is perfect for real estate agents who want a simple way to keep track of their sales and clients. It’s user-friendly and packed with features that help both small teams and big companies manage their work without any fuss. Also, its free plan is quite comprehensive, especially if you’re just starting out.

Notable features

  • Client info management: easily organise your client details and add important real estate info directly into HubSpot CRM

  • Contact segmentation: make your real estate marketing messages more effective by splitting your contacts into groups like buyers, sellers or investors

  • Property info organisation: HubSpot lets you list and update property specifications quickly in one centralised location, providing you with a seamless property management solution

  • Email tracking: knowing when someone opens your email or clicks the CTA helps you understand your client preferences better for improved email engagement

  • Lead management: close more deals with HubSpot’s lead scoring system that shows who’s most likely to buy or sell


  • Free forever CRM

  • Professional customer platform: Starts at $1,080/month billed annually. Includes comprehensive sales, customer service, content, operations and real estate marketing tools.

  • Enterprise customer platform: Begins at $4,000/month billed annually. Designed for large-scale operations.

Final verdict

HubSpot CRM has a diverse set of features for marketing, sales, operations and much more. The free plan is good for those just starting out in the real estate market but the paid options are extremely dynamic and highly suitable for real estate businesses looking to scale their operations.

4. Salesforce CRM

Salesforce is a cloud-based CRM that transforms how real estate businesses manage their clients and close deals

Salesforce is a cloud-based CRM that transforms how real estate businesses manage their clients and close deals. With tools designed to handle any real estate operations, it simplifies lead tracking, enhances client interactions and boosts sales with ease.

Notable features

  • Quick lead capture: Keep all your leads — from sources as diverse as your website, social media, referrals and even in-person visits — organised in one centralised location

  • Smart lead sorting: Automatically sort your leads so they are handled by the right real estate agent improving chances of conversion

  • Keep track of everything: All your chats, emails and meeting notes are kept in one place, so you can refer to every detail about your clients and properties when needed

  • Automate your tasks: Let the CRM handle routine tasks like filling out forms and sending out reminders for open houses

  • One place for all info: Store all your client and property details in a single system and access this info from anywhere, anytime, without misplacing or losing anything


  • Starter suite: $24 per user per month (Billed annually)

  • Professional: $80 per user per month (Billed annually)

  • Enterprise: $165 per user per month (Billed annually)

  • Unlimited: $330 per user per month (Billed annually)

  • Einstein 1 sales: $500 per user per month (Billed annually)

Final verdict

Salesforce is a powerhouse CRM that brings cloud-based efficiency and flexibility to real estate businesses of all sizes. Its wide array of features from lead management to marketing automation and customisable reporting makes it a top choice for those looking to streamline their operations and boost sales.

5. Pipedrive

Pipedrive shines as a CRM designed for those who want to focus purely on sales without getting bogged down by overly complex features

Pipedrive shines as a CRM designed for those who want to focus purely on sales without getting bogged down by overly complex features. It’s especially handy for real estate professionals looking to streamline their deal tracking and boost their closing rates. With its clean interface and visually clear pipeline management, Pipedrive makes following up on every lead and managing deals a simple and straightforward process.

Notable features

  • Visual sales pipelines for properties: Track different real estate portfolios like properties, buyers or investors in separate visual pipelines 

  • Conversation histories: Keep and organise a detailed record of client interactions across calls, emails and WhatsApp messages 

  • Full funnel visibility: Having a clear view of every stage in your sales funnel lets you know exactly when to take the next step with each contact and move them smoothly through the real estate sales process

  • Property information management: Organise all your property details within Pipedrive for quick and easy access whenever needed


  • Essential plan: Get started with the basics for $12 per user per month (billed annually).

  • Advanced plan: Access more sophisticated features for $24 per user per month (billed annually).

  • Professional plan (Most popular): This is the most popular plan, priced at $49 per user per month (billed annually).

  • Power plan (Best value): The most comprehensive and value-for-money plan for large teams and costs $59 per user per month (billed annually).

  • Enterprise: This plan is ideal for enterprises as it includes all the features Pipedrive has to offer. You have to pay $79 per seat per month (billed annually).

Final verdict

For real estate agents and brokers who prioritise sales above all, Pipedrive offers a user-friendly platform that keeps you focused on what matters: closing deals. Its visual representation of your sales pipeline and timely activity reminders help keep everything on track, while the mobile app ensures you can always have an eye on your pipeline.

6. Freshworks

Freshworks brings AI to the forefront of real estate sales, offering a CRM solution, simplifies tracking and managing leads.

Freshworks brings AI to the forefront of real estate sales, offering a CRM solution that not only simplifies tracking and managing leads but also provides predictive insights to prioritise efforts. It’s ideal for real estate professionals who want to leverage technology to enhance client interactions and streamline their sales pipeline.

Notable features

  • AI-based lead scoring: Automatically ranks leads based on their engagement and potential to convert, allowing you to prioritise the most promising prospects

  • 360-degree customer view: Get a complete overview of each client, including communication history, preferences and activity, all in one place

  • Automated workflows: Reduce manual tasks and save time for other important activities by automating follow-ups, lead assignments and more 

  • Customisable sales pipeline: Customise the stages of your pipeline to fit your real estate sales process, making it easier to track progress and manage deals

  • Real-time insights and reporting: Make informed decisions with detailed analytics on sales performance, lead sources and campaign effectiveness


  • Growth plan: ₹749 per user per month, billed annually

  • Pro plan: ₹3239 per user per month, billed annually.

  • Enterprise plan: ₹4899 per user per month, billed annually.

Final verdict

Freshworks is a powerful CRM that brings AI into the mix, giving real estate professionals an edge in managing and closing deals. Its comprehensive set of features, from AI-based lead scoring to customisable sales pipelines and smart email tracking, ensures you can efficiently nurture leads and make data-driven decisions.

With scalable pricing plans and a user-friendly mobile app, Freshworks is an excellent choice for real estate agents looking to modernise their sales approach and achieve better results.

7. Bitrix24

Bitrix24 is made for real estate agencies that need one place to handle everything

Bitrix24 is made for real estate agencies that need one place to handle everything — interacting with the team, managing tasks and keeping track of deals and clients. It’s simple to use and helps you get organised, communicate better and sell more properties.

Notable features

  • Lead management: Automatically create leads from website visits, emails and phone calls, including missed ones. Bitrix24 also helps you identify which channels give you the best ROI and which aren’t worth your time.

  • Email marketing: Send personal or bulk emails right from the CRM, consolidating all interactions with a client in one place.

  • Customisable sales pipeline: Tailor your sales pipeline according to your real estate sales process, making it easier to track deal progress.

  • Detailed reporting: Get answers to key business questions with Bitrix24’s reporting tools. Track client sources, profit generators, future earnings, agent performance and more to understand your business better.

  • Document management: Store, edit and share real estate documents, such as contracts, eviction notices and the like and property photos securely. And automate document workflows to prepare and approve necessary paperwork within deadlines.


  • Free plan: Start with the basics at no cost, ideal for small teams.

  • Basic plan: ₹1,590 per organisation per month when billed annually

  • Standard plan: ₹3,990 per organisation per month when billed annually

  • Professional plan: ₹7,990 per organisation per month when billed annually

  • Enterprise plan: ₹15,990 per organisation per month when billed annually

Final verdict

Bitrix24 is a robust platform that offers more than just CRM capabilities; it’s a complete suite for managing every aspect of your real estate business. From internal communication and task management to lead capture and marketing, Bitrix24 covers all bases.

Its scalable pricing plans make it accessible for teams of any size and the free plan is the right ally for those new to CRM software. For real estate professionals looking for an all-in-one solution, Bitrix24 is definitely worth the money.

8. Salesmate

Salesmate is a CRM software tailored for real estate professionals seeking to combine simplicity with powerful sales automation features.

Salesmate is a CRM software tailored for real estate professionals seeking to combine simplicity with powerful sales automation features. It’s designed to help you nurture leads, manage client interactions and close deals faster by providing the right tools at the right time. With its user-friendly interface and mobile accessibility, Salesmate keeps you connected to your business wherever you are.

Notable features

  • Automated follow-ups: Automate follow-ups to make sure every lead gets a personal nudge through an email, text or call.

  • Sales pipeline and activity tracking: Create custom pipelines for clients and manage your deals with the simple drag-and-drop feature all while keeping track of all your other business operations.

  • Lead management: Automatically gather leads from popular listing sites and your website, putting them all in one location for easier tracking. 

  • Mobile CRM: With Salesmate’s mobile app, whether you are in the office or on the road, you have everything of need to sell anywhere.


  • Basic: $23 per user per month

  • Pro: $39 per user per month

  • Business (most popular): $63 per user per month

  • Enterprise: Custom plan

Final verdict

Salesmate offers a perfect blend of simplicity and functionality for a real estate agent looking to level up their sales game. With its automation capabilities, hassle-free mobile access and personalised communication tools, you can always stay connected with your clients.

9. Leadsquared

LeadSquared is built specifically for the fast-paced real estate industry, offering a CRM that excels in turning leads into customers

LeadSquared is built specifically for the fast-paced real estate industry. Offering a CRM that excels in turning leads into customers through efficient tracking and automation. It’s designed to help real estate professionals manage their workflows, automate their marketing efforts and close more sales with less effort.

Notable features

  • End-to-end automation: From capturing leads to finalising sales, automate every step to keep buyers engaged and sell properties faster

  • Lead management is simple: Instantly respond to inquiries, automatically sort leads for outreach and keep your sales process smooth

  • Smart lead segmentation: Organise potential buyers by property interest, location, budget and more to make your communication effective

  • Quick responses: Set automatic replies for any inquiry you receive from leads or customers on email, WhatsApp, texts or all three of those channels


  • Lite: ₹1250 per user per month when billed annually

  • Pro: ₹2500 per user per month when billed annually

  • Super: ₹5000 per user per month when billed annually

Final verdict

LeadSquared’s strong automation capabilities, targeted marketing and analytics, will empower your teams to focus on what they do best — selling properties. Whether you’re a small team or a large agency, its marketing automation-based real estate CRM is a good option for your real estate business.

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Selecting the right CRM for your real estate business is crucial. It helps in streamlining operations, managing leads and customers and closing more deals effectively. 

Here are some key takeaways from our exploration of the top CRM software.

  • Automation is key: The best CRM helps you save valuable time by automating tasks from lead capture to follow-up.

  • Integration matters: Look for a CRM that seamlessly integrates with your existing tools and platforms.

  • Mobile access: You should be able to manage your business on the go, so a mobile-friendly CRM is a must.

  • Customisation and flexibility: Choose a CRM that can be customised to accommodate your specific business needs.

  • Data-driven insights: CRMs with strong analytics and reporting features drive data-led decision-making that accelerates the growth of your business.

While every real estate CRM software mentioned in this blog offers unique benefits, Telecrm deserves a special mention as it’s built especially for Indian real estate businesses. Its intuitive interface when combined with powerful features like autodialer, WhatsApp integration and comprehensive customisation options, makes it particularly well-suited to the needs of the current real estate market.

Telecrm not only reduces the workload of an agent but is also competitively priced, making it an excellent choice for small and medium-sized businesses looking for a feature-packed yet affordable CRM.

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