How to Convert a Prospect into a Sales Qualified Lead (SQL)?

May 19, 2022

How to Convert a Prospect into a Sales Qualified Lead
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Do you or your team think that sales are difficult? Is it hard for you to close bigger deals in less time? Is your sales team constantly missing their targets? 

Did you say, sales is difficult? meme| sales qualified lead

If your sales team faces these problems, I have a simple solution!

Instead of wasting your time on irrelevant leads, filter out the people who already desperately need what you are offering before your sales team starts their work!

Because the more they need the solution the less your team will have to work to convince them. How?

That’s what this article is about, so let’s proceed

There are 2 types of leads, Marketing Qualified Lead (MQL) and Sales Qualified Lead (SQL):

Marketing Qualified Lead (MQL):

When you market to only sales qualified lead

Anyone who is likely to buy. Based on:

1. Website/web pages visited.
2. Broad ads clicked etc.

Example: TeleCRM koi normal logon ko bechne jaun to shayad wo bilkul interested nahin honge but jin logon is ad pe click kia h ya fir humaari website visit kari h wo definitely normal janta see jyada interested honge

TeleCRM Instagram ad - Social media crm | sales qualified lead
Social media CRM

Sales Qualified Leads (SQL)

These are leads who have been qualified and are ready to be worked on by the sales team.

Basically wo leads jinka pata h ki – ye log pakka khareedenge, bas bech paane ke upar depend karta h.

How to filter out Sales Qualified Leads?

It is pretty simple. Ask the right questions to find out

  1. What is the problem that the prospect/lead is trying to solve?
  2. Is your product the right fit for him?
  3. Figure out the level of urgency 

Kyun ki agar usko agle saal tak ye problem solve karni h aur aap ki team abhi usko convince karne ki kosish kar rahi h to abhi aapka time kharab hone wala h

How to implement the sales qualification for your leads?

  1. Having an automated lead qualification survey or form. 
  2. Having a separate team for qualification. 
  3. Setting up an automatic WhatsApp/SMS msg and tracking the people who respond.
Impleming sales qualification | sales qualified lead
WhatsApp conversation with a lead
sales qualified lead captured in teleCRM
Sales qualified lead Automatically captured in CRM

Pro tip: Having a lead qualification form is best because it is quick and efficient. And most importantly it is immediate. Aap ki best leads ko callback ka wait karne ki zaroorat nahi padti.

And the best part is – you can easily integrate a lead qualification survey with Sales CRM and get sales qualified leads in your CRM.

Why should you qualify leads?

Simply make sure that your top sales team does not waste your time on irrelevant or unqualified leads! Fir to bas,

When you don't waste time on unqualified leads. Paisa hi paisa meme | sales qualified lead

Lastly, what to do with the unqualified leads? Should you leave them? Absolutely not!

Just build a sales pipeline to make sure these leads stay in your system and remain warm. So that when they are ready to buy your qualification process can do its magic.

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